Lords of Heaven



To go straight to the point, to go straight to the heart, I would say that the Lords of Heaven are tigers, tigresses, lions, lionesses. They are not small tomcats, small she-cats. Why?


These beings have perceived the essence of Creation, they have gone beyond the movement. They have entered very deeply beyond this ocean of love, of this universal love which is advocated by so many spiritual masters as the last realization and which is very simply the first bedroom, the first space of creation.


Those who have gone beyond have come into gentleness. They have even entered beyond the gentleness, to the very heart of the gentleness, which is




This is why I often say: gentle tenderness or tender gentleness. But, this is still dialectic ease, because there is an external, internal and secret side for everything. The external side of the gentleness is very simply the gentleness. And the gentleness is the mother of love and not the reverse, love is born from this gentleness. The inner side of the gentleness is the tenderness. It is through this tenderness that we can really reach the intelligence, the benevolence of the Source, its gaping wound, the secret side.


How has the Source let its blood flow so that from this blood something else could be born? Only tenderness has the ability to perceive this gaping wound, to perceive this so deep benevolence, this so loving intelligence of the Source so that beings could be created. Important and essential, because in this dimension, we realize that we cannot put an end to the suffering and that it is not even desirable. We are not speaking of the suffering at the level of BAM, at the level of the Earth; we are speaking of the wound, the gaping wound at the level of the Source. The Source injures itself to allow humanity to exist.


Tenderness is the intelligence of this wound.


Whoever arrives at this dimension, with his body, and not only with an intellectual comprehension, and who has the physical perception of the tenderness and of the birth of the tenderness, which is the expression of this blood of the Source that has made itself flow so that Creation can exist, has ceased to be a small cat, has ceased to be the one who understands everything, who explains everything, who accepts everything. There is another dimension in the body; there is this vibration of the Source, which lives in the body. It is a surge for life. It is a song for life, a song which never ends, that one cannot stop. It is a respiration, an impulse. It is a state of being. It is all what you can express with the words: an energetic material. It is something strong which vibrates and which can no longer exist in another way, which can no longer act in another way. You even no longer speak of a situation where you could love in some other way, where you could no longer love in some other way. It is beyond all that. There is a body which lives in vibration with this gaping wound of the Source, this gaping wound of the Creation and which understands this very Creation, which understands its intelligence, which understands the order of the universe and that this order is so inscribed in the fibers of the body that all the body works according to this very order and that it is no longer possible, at this very moment, to do otherwise, to live in some other way, to breathe in some other way, to look in some other way, to act in some other way. And this very action is such a powerful force on Earth that it can, even, frighten. This is why they are called tigers and tigresses, lionesses and lions, those who are afraid of nothing and whose roar stops the stupidity of the human. Faced with this vibration, faced with this action, faced with this enthusiasm, the rest are quiet. When the lion roars, the small creatures run away.


Yet, whoever is this Lord of Heaven, this King in Heaven, this Prince, this Princess, does not realize his power, because it is so natural, and so obvious. He only realizes it because of the attention of the others to him, by the way in which the others speak, explain themselves, and behave with him. So, he can understand that there is something not very ordinary about him. He is no longer someone very ordinary. Yet, on the contrary, he perceives himself as very ordinary. He feels very normal, because this in fact is absolutely right. He has very simply regained his original state, which is no longer disturbed by the entire emotional small monkey, which is always there, which makes its noise, but is like a child who plays. It is not because the child plays and that it makes a little noise that this will prevent the adults from continuing their work, their walk and their activities. It is exactly that! The relative and the absolute are always mixed, as much on the outside: oneself and the others, as on the inside: namely with regard to oneself. But, there is the voice of the lion, the voice of the lioness, the voice of the tiger, the voice of the tigress.


It is this very respiration which makes the silence.


From this very silence, action is naturally born. It is spontaneous. You do not even know if action is born somewhere, if it has a starting point. It is very simply there, at a given time and it is absolutely perfect, because it has no past, it no longer has the search for a future. This is what is called to be present in the present. But these are still words: to be here and now, because you cannot force yourself to be here and now. You cannot make a rule of it, an attitude, a state of mind. You realize very simply that at a given moment, you are there, quite very simply, but that you have not even tried to be there. You are quite simply there when this way of Heaven is there, this breath, this respiration, this vibration which passes naturally through the body, which puts the totality of the cells into vibration, you could even say that the totality of the cells vibrates with this very respiration, this very knowledge, this very intelligence, this very perception, this very gentleness, this very tenderness. But it is a tenderness which is severe and even rough sometimes. It is neither honey nor jam. It is an enormous power which burns as much towards the outside as to the inside. And, you must not take this burning from the outside as a cleaning: it is in this very dimension that the Lord of Heaven has the ability to see, really, inside the body, that which is


The flame of love.


This gentle burn. A gentle burn is impossible to understand for the reasoning brain, for the analytical brain. However, it is like this. Whoever has the ability, has this greatness to live this in his body, will instantaneously know what I am explaining: the gentle burn of the vivid flame of love. This is what no longer makes you bend down. You can no longer be broken. You have this look which penetrates, this immediate lucidity, this absolutely natural action, yet in a body and in a space where the relative also exists and where it moves. But it is not a problem: you have come from somewhere and have passed through somewhere. So, the body reacts to some vibratory systems more or less strong, in accordance with what it has lived. But where is the problem? You have to exist somewhere. Those who are Lords of Heaven know very well that they must exist somewhere and they have this almost double life, a door which swings from one dimension to another dimension. They are present as well in Heaven as on Earth, because at a given moment, there is the state of the Heaven, while at another moment there is the state of the Earth, because the Earth must be taken care of. You are always what you are doing and when the Lord of Heaven takes care of the Earth, he is the Earth, but he is not stuck in it. He is not attached to the Earth. He is also Heaven and when he passes to the other side of the door, he is Heaven, he looks after Heaven and is Heaven. Then, we no longer really know if he is of the Earth or of Heaven, because it is a door which swings, with great suppleness, with very flexible spaces on each side. You pass from one to the other, almost with each respiration.


If you look in a very clear manner, you realize that when you breathe in, the door swings in the direction of Heaven and when you breathe out, the door swings in the direction of the Earth, that is to say, the action. If you pay attention, you realize that your respiration has not two but four stages. It is not breathing in and breathing out, it is breathing in, then stopping. At a given moment, you have the desire to breathe out, and you breathe out. And there, at the end of the breathing out, there is a stop again. Then, at a given moment you have the desire to breathe in again. These two stops are absolutely essential, because they are two moments which are without action. It is an assessment. With the breathing in, you go to Heaven. At a given moment, you are in full consciousness, in the silence, in Heaven. You have nothing else to do. You are in this very silence. But from this silence, the right action is born. And, very naturally, there is the breathing out; this is the action, the movement. At the end of the movement, there is the silence, again. There is the assessment of the movement. The assessment of the movement is made on Earth. It is in this way that you go lightly up to Heaven again, with these four stages. And with each respiration, this is what it is.


It is no small thing when you give a treatment and you blow on somebody, or when you have a lover and you pass on the breath. The breath is the very power of the Source. It is Heaven which blows on the Earth so that Creation can become possible. This is the exhaling. It is the sound YAM. It is the sound of the Source which blows itself, which extrudes a part of itself so that it can make an independent action, that is to say, can permit the creation of BAM, of this universal love. And the tenderness, which is the inner side of the gentleness, is YAM, this very Breath. It is no small thing to breathe like this. It is really no small thing!

You cannot be Lord of Heaven if you have not physically touched this sound YAM, this breath, which is the first movement of the Source to extrude, by leaving it, a part of it, which will permit things to be created.


When you are in this dimension, when you are in this perception and you have that which vibrates in your body, you have ceased to be at war with yourself, you have ceased to be at war with the others, you have ceased to have rules for yourself and you have ceased to give rules to the others. But, you are such a power of breath, of action, that it pushes everything, that it provokes everything. And it is so natural, normal, for this Lord of Heaven, that he does not realize it. He no longer knows that one can live otherwise. He only realizes his extraordinary state through the attention of the others, through the remark of the others, and by the fruit that he brings to the Earth. If he has taken a body, it is to induce a fruit on Earth.



His work on Earth will be his expression of love.