To be here and not there



When you have perceived in your flesh what the Lord of Heaven is, this tiger, this tigress, this lion, this lioness, you have at last understood what «to be there or not to be there» means.

You can gesticulate with the theories, the sentences, but finally, all that are only words. There is not any matter. The only real comprehension to be there and not to be there is when you are a Lord of Heaven. Otherwise, it is impossible to physically perceive and to physically understand what this door which bangs, Heaven side, Earth side, is. Here, you understand what is:



« Moving everything without moving everything »


That everything is there, without having the need to be displaced. A step on the right is the same thing that a step to the left, a step on top is the same thing that a step underneath. All is there. It is only a question of possibility of perception of: All is there.


What I have often expressed in saying: « When you will pass through the experience of the illumination, you will observe that it has always been there, within easy reach. Around you. Before you. Next to you. It has always been there. So why do you not perceive it? Why do you not enter quietly in this illuminated space, which carries well its name because everything is lightened. It is a true firework of spots. There is nothing to hide. All is there. All is seen. All is instantaneously understood. The lights are wide on». And the one who passes through this experience understands that the word « illuminated » is perfect to define this experiment, which is a physical experience.


It is the body that perceives.

It is in the body and through the body that everything is understood.


« To be there and not to be there » is comprehensible only by the one who knows, at last, how the body is important, who knows how the body possesses the happiness of the world, who knows that happiness is biological, that peace is biological, that the joy of the heart is biological. Him, he knows the door which opens in one direction, the door which bangs in the other direction.

And him, he knows how to be in the world, without being there. He also knows how to be in the Heaven, without being, also, really there.


Then it grows in the body a fulfillment of action. You do not feel separated of anything: neither of Heaven nor of Earth. Never mind for the short-lived complainers. The Earth does not work always very well. Besides, it is for that that we came on Earth, to try to make it work well and to heal it.

Even if the most often, the Earth does not work well at all and that there is an injury for the Heaven, finally, this very-injury is always external. If you go just a little further, the Earth, so perverted it be, cannot wound the Heaven.

The Lord of Heaven, the one who has this possibility to perceive and to understand «to be there and not to be there» has no more difficulties for his own life. He asks himself only one question:


How to make, in life, with the others, which means to find?