Principle and utility.



I call this technique « capes » or « coats » because it is the very physical perception to have a protection on the back as a cape, a coat.


What is the utility, the indispensability of the capes?

It should initially be remembered that each practice is a meeting with oneself, a state of physical and mental tranquillity and beyond, a peace, a silence.

In all the range of the practices, what for are the capes useful? It is completely obvious that there is the necessity to find a state of relaxation where the stress will be eliminated. One cannot do it mentally because the stress is set up by the cerebral system. It is a physical act that must intervene. The cape makes it possible to restore a system of relaxation inside the body. It has even actions beyond because it will make it possible to perceive the state of the organs and to work on those which have difficulties. It also will make it possible to burn in-depth emotional trees, trees of this forest, which are a little too disturbing.


The techniques of the cape are very pleasant because they are done mainly in the evening when it is necessary to eliminate the stress from the day. They are also usable in the day in the event of urgency.


It is also a considerable help to put back decoders of lucidity in action and to invigorate them, clarify, increase their system of information and nourishment. The decoders are excessively important. They are essential in the Direct Way.


Thus, they are not harmless. They are techniques to be made with a lot of attention so that all the energy will be well directed. It is difficult because they are often made in the evening when one is tired and one awaits from the cape to restore us in a state of tranquillity and relaxation allowing us to go quietly to the bed without too many dreams and agitation. So, one takes too often the cape like a method of relaxation to calm down and one does not pay sufficient attention to it. The person will say that indeed that makes her some effect, that relaxes her but that does not go much further. She does not pay enough attention to it. It is as if you drink a very good tea while reading the newspaper and that moreover, at the same time, you are listening to the radio. To make three things at the same time, the attention is very diluted and the energetic system is also diluted at the same time.



Then, please, do them correctly.








The Master structure.



If there was only one practice to know, it would be this one. It is about a transfer of a structure of clarity which is made in close relationship from the Master to the disciple. Understand by this that there is a personage who has a certain power and who tries to transmit it to another living being in whom he has confidence and for whom he ardently wants Liberation.


Only the truth frees. It is therefore a matter of placing in the body of another human a structure that will act on the clarity of its ordinary mind.

But now it is necessary to do without Masters whose existence is more and more problematical. How to do? By obtaining the fruit of their efforts that they have left in a space accessible for the real beggar of truths. Nothing gets lost. It is necessary to set up the structure of comprehension and use it. In this manner one will manage to accede overall and in detail to the Vessel of Knowledge left by predecessors. This practice is therefore the installation of an essential structure of access to knowledge.


The five stages.


1. The constitution of the bronze man. Installing the ventral breathing which will command the whole process.

2. The introduction of the three fundamental powers: the clarity of the thought, the force of the word and the immensity of the space. Help from the inner child with the introduction of their summary in the form of a white luminous ball tinted with red and gold.

3. The connection with these three fundamental forces through the energy points of the forehead, of the throat and of the heart. Use of white, red and blue colours as well as the movements of shooting stars, lightning and clouds. Sounding each one of the forces with the primordial sound AH.

4. Installation of these three forces in the bronze man two by the setting up of the wheels locked against the walls.

5. Acceleration of the structure through breathing on the fire-hearth of the Tan-Tien: narrowing of the surface of reception that condenses the energy of the breath, which becomes a bellows putting the wheels into movement.


Finishing, of course, with thanks.


1. The constitution of the bronze man 2.

Sitting, comfortably for about an hour. The back straight, without stiffness, the chin slightly pulled in towards the throat in order to elongate the nape of the neck without any tensing of this latter. The hands will be where you want.

You do the bronze man two.


2. The introduction of the three fundamental powers: the clarity of the thought, the force of the word and the immensity of the space.

Continue to breathe almost normally, while increasing the inhaling a little more, which pushes inwardly on the walls of the BM. Without too much, like a well-established mechanism, but not concerned.

Look a metre, a metre and a half, in front of you. The eyes closed or half-closed.

Ask your inner child to come, whom we will name INC, this is shorter. It is here, in front of you. It knows that you want to receive the space from where all is born, in three dimensions. Therefore in volume instead of the “flat” perception of the emotional body.

Two possibilities to set up. Do each one and choose the most appropriate for your present state. One is more “family”, the other more “distant”. It will be in accordance with your will of the moment to receive the structure lovingly or logically. The result will be a little different: one will set the heart more in motion and the other one the thought. But both will work at the level of the clarity of the vision of life and of the facts that will come to you.


* the one of the heart, lovingly.

INC is in front of you, standing firmly on its feet a little apart. It is in a good mood and smiling. It stretches its two arms above its head and looks at you straight in the eyes.

Breathe out towards it, the lips slightly open. Almost instantaneously a big white luminous ball, tinted with red and gold comes to place itself between its hands.

Look hard at the ball. It is great, big, in volume. Look very well and you will see that it radiates a light which is its own content. It itself is the light that it radiates. Ball and luminosity are one and the same thing. We will work with this luminosity.

You inhale this luminosity and with it you will complete the constitution of the bronze man until your body is filled with it. There is a well-being, a familiarity, a happiness of existence, a sensation to be part of the same family.

Your inner child has left you with this luminous ball. If you look well, it is sitting a little in the background, smiling, observing you inhaling this luminosity that it has brought to you. It is attentive that the procedure goes correctly.


* the one of the perception, lucidly.

You call your inner child who is in front of you. Instead of looking at you, it brings its eyes to Heaven, above it, as if waiting for something.

Help it by breathing out towards it, the lips slightly open.

It knows what you need and it will make it come. For this it makes a movement with the body, like a vertical S which goes from the feet, flows through the belly, carries the chest towards the front and the head slightly backwards. It is a sinuous movement, very flowing, supple. Follow this movement with the look, starting from the feet. Help yourself with the same movement of the eyes in the sockets. Instantaneously, when you arrive at the head and you follow the movement higher, the luminous ball is there, above the head of the child. It has the same characteristics as the one that I was talking about before. However, it is more distinct from the INC. It is much more a ball “ in itself ”. You perceive it more with your look than with your heart.

You work while inhaling in the same manner as previously to constitute the BM perfectly. The INC is at the back and it will be attentive to the procedure of the work.

If you lose this ball for a moment, redo the S with your eyes in their sockets. It will be there instantaneously. Contrary to the first approach, you will no longer need the INC to redo the contact.

In this approach, you are much more present intellectually. You have a more significant distance to the light and you direct the process more lucidly. It only takes a moment according to the energetic tendencies at work.


Whatever the approach of this ball is, of which the luminosity is “truth in itself “, you breathe in the luminosity to constitute the BM which becomes very luminous from the inside. Your exhaling always serves to reinforce “outside constraints”, but it is just to check that there is no hole in the wall of the BM. Pay attention to not harden the head; it must always stay cold.


The procedure is complete when you feel yourself warm, full, happy and capable of putting up with the problems of life without apprehension.


This is the exterior manner of doing the transfer of this basic force of the Truth in Oneself.

For many people this would already be not so bad, but we will go much further.


3. The connection with these three fundamental forces through the energy points of the forehead, of the throat and of the heart.

Say to the INC : « COME ! ». Say it gently but with authority. It is your life it is about!

It is there immediately. Either beside the luminous ball, or below, according to the preliminary procedure of approach.

Find the words that suit you, for you must ask it to connect you to the three structural forces which are in this white ball: the one of lucid thought, the one of right speech and the one of the space of the heart. To help it, you will loudly sound the sound AH three times, while exhaling. Sounding means a clear, strong, sharp sound. You sound the force which you want to attract in you.


* You start by sounding the lucidity of thought after having asked the INC for the connection. With the first sound AH you see flashes of white light, like shooting stars, which come out of the luminous ball and touch your forehead between the two eyebrows. Take your time to notice this action in you.

With the second AH, very clear, you assert the reception and reinforce it.

With the third AH, which can be less sharp than the other two, you confirm this link between your forehead and this ball.

Then, while continuing to say AH longer, while exhaling, rather guttural, and it is here that you understand the importance of the chin which is brought in towards the throat, this white light penetrates into your skull and will nourish the hub of the cartwheel placed horizontally by the BM2.


* to sound right speech, it is the same process of calling the INC, of the AH, but this time there are luminous red flashes that come out of the ball and come to strike the throat, above of the hollow part under the rings.


* idem for the space of the heart, but it is a luminous dark blue colour which comes to the heart, like clouds.

For the heart you notice that there is a shifting of the reception point. At the beginning you connect with the heart itself. You feel it reinforcing itself, becoming more luminous and then being serene, almost merry. It is when this lightheartedness settles itself that you will see that the heart sends the light received to a point located in the median axis of the breasts, directly on the sternum. This is the point of control of the energetic heart on which you will work next for the rest of the technique.


4. Installation of these three forces in the bronze man through the settling of the wheels locked on the walls.

With each of the stages, you must go as far as the constitution of the luminous wheel before passing on to the next. So the white, the red and the blue.

The wheel is like the wheel of old carts with a big wooden hub. The number of rays is not important for the moment. The more time you have the more rays you put in and the whole will be reinforced. Through the point of control of reception, forehead, throat or heart, you nourish the hub of the corresponding light. This force will fill the rays; they themselves will fill the external circle of the wheel. It is finished when it is strong, well balanced and really solid in the BM with a good welding on the walls.

During the entire work you sustain with the sound AH, while exhaling, long, guttural, making the space on which you work (head, throat or rib cage) vibrate.


The wheel of the head must bring serenity with observation. The whole head can be filled with luminous white, but it is the wheel and its clear perception which is essential. The technique is right when you feel the thought lucid, sharp. It will even be rather cutting if the approach through the S it has been chosen.

The wheel in the throat, bright red, is small but very firm. It holds tight in the throat, wedged onto the walls. It is successful when you feel that the word goes like lightning, without hesitation, with an absolute will not to hurt, whatever the severity of the message is.

The wheel in the rib cage, dark luminous blue, can become enormous, trying to push the walls of the BM towards the outside. If you have chosen the “family” approach, you will feel very warm and in a space in which you can work. This is the space of your action which is in the heart. It does not suffice to have right thought, right speech; you must also have a right space in which you will be able to make use of your will. So this wheel will never be too big, even if it is advisable not to exaggerate its volume.


This is the interior manner to establish the transfer.


You could stop here and you already have a beautiful structure at work. There will be an overall action of this force in your life and you will feel yourself carried from the inside.

However, you can act even more lucidly with the facts of life.


5. Acceleration of the structure through a breathing of the fire-hearth at the Tan-Tien.

With normal breathing, without effort, you can perceive that the constitution of these three wheels is not an imagination. They are there, very present.

So, now we will link them up through sound. You exhale a long, tonic, deep AH. The three wheels connect together through the setting up of a vertical “stick” which passes through the middle of the three hubs. Do the AH for a long time, to stabilize this connection.

You do the reversed breathing. The vertical axis passing through the three hubs of the wheels puts its low part in this “hourglass” figure. Its top part goes beyond the hub of the head and continues towards the fontanel and goes past it to be put into an enormous reserve of white light which is above.

Next, while continuing to breathe like this, lips slightly open, making the basic sound AH vibrate, after a few breaths, the three wheels turn clockwise, carried along by the median axis activated by the fire of the breath in the narrowed belly. They turn steadily, not too fast but very reliably. At the same time this dynamism produces a more intense and luminous radiation of the wheels. The bronze man is soon completely illuminated from the inside by these lights.

Then, the walls of the bronze man themselves become luminous with the action of the wheels becoming more dynamic. The bronze man radiates towards the outside. It also becomes a radiant source of its own light itself, like this white ball was before your INC brought it to you.

Besides, this white ball is always in front of you and your own radiation delights it. It too starts to turn itself clockwise.


So there is this triple action in movement:

* through the condensed breath in a belly reduced in volume, you put the axis of the three wheels which rotate into action.

* this action of the wheels activates the fundamental forces with which they are filled. The BM is lit up from the inside.

* this activating of the radiation of the walls of the BM leads this latter to activate the external fundamental forces that have served in the setting up of the structure.


This is the secret manner of establishing the transfer.


While rotating upon itself, the initial ball of energy will contract, condense itself into a little ball as big as a little pea. It will come to lodge itself in your heart by itself. There will be nothing else to do than to breathe quietly and to stay for a while in this state which will be without real thought.

Without breaking the uprightness of the back, you will move the body a little. This is not imagination. There actually is a real structure in your body. Your look on the world, from now on, is more serene, full of optimism, without otherwise having the desire to run after action. Calmer and more serene!

But it is when you will be confronted with the actions and the movements of other people that you will be surprised with the modification of your behaviour. The time of response to the outside provocation increases considerably and it is in this silence that your freedom is. It is in this silence that you break the mechanism of action-response. This clarity breaks the stereotyped mechanism of the indoctrination, whether it is cultural, emotional, coming from the present or from former lives.

There is nothing magical or esoteric in all this. It is only a new clarity which enlarges your space between two actions, two responses, two thoughts. There exists a silence between these things. Mainly, you do not perceive it, for everything is too quick. But it is in this silence, through this silence, in this space, that you can perceive the immeasurable. It is only there when the “ other things “ have ceased. Then, instead of compelling “ them to cease ” with coercive techniques, you can enlarge the space between them and this is the only real help that you can give to another being: this possibility of enlarging. Then, in this very silence, he will “see”. This sight is the clarity of the mind. Nothing extraordinary in itself. But for this silence to be able to exist by itself and not be imposed, it is necessary that it is looked into and seen by Silence itself. Wisdom is only Wisdom in search of itself. It is in this way that this structure is very exactly the one which exists in the organization of the Universe. In printing it into yourselves you can discover it beyond yourselves. It is then like a unique friend who no longer leaves you.

Thus, knowing how to recognize this structure, knowing how to recognize this silence, you will then know how to take your steps. Not very far! Very simply in the present moment.

But you will also know to choose these. You will no longer stay within spaces which cannot permit your practice of the heart. You will have put an end to the guilt and the relationships with the others will become strong by the vigourous removing of the useless.



Something a little extraordinary can happen when you make the two wheels work with the primordial sound and the acceleration of the Tan-Tien. I will describe:

The belly tries to contract itself more and more with each breath, as well with the exhaling as with the inhaling. The “hourglass figure” tries to become almost a point of narrowing. The belly hollows out enormously. Yet you do not lose the breathing. A sensation of very great power which inflates the trunk is born at the same time. Then you feel the eyes becoming far sharper, like a very penetrating look. You also perceive that you have the possibility to act in the world with your own look. The eyes will become a very effective means. Then you can have the impression that they become red and send out flashes of light.

For the rest of your body, with this spontaneous surge that does not have to impede in considerably narrowing the low belly and the waist, a mixing of the three fundamental colours will take place, to make only one with them: a very dark blue, almost black. Your body will become this colour with red eyes. You will feel an extraordinary power of existence beyond ordinary life inside you. Never have any fear, you risk nothing. This is the expression of the primordial nature of the being on the physical plan, the very Source of the Truth in Itself, this space where the very name of suffering does not exist and there is thus nobody even looking for happiness. This is this space of absolute equanimity much sought after by all truly religious people.

So, if this happens, live it quietly. It will have a considerable impact on the main part of your energetic being. You will be reinforcing it even more.


This is the ultimate manner of the transfer of the structure of knowledge.

But this possibility is rare, very rare.