Cape 2


Cape in two times.



This cape is very powerful in its action and its applications. But, it requires the mastery of the secret Tan Tien, the presence of the inner child and, thirdly, the flame of life. So, it is usable only after the fourth bronze man.


It is often neglected because one takes it as an intermediate practice. But it is very important because it is the first time in your life that you will be able to perceive in full conscience the emotional system integrated at your organism.


It is the first time that you will be able to enter your emotional caverns and to meet the essential forces, which act on you. It is a mechanism of use of your energetic system to benefit from its nourishment that you develop while acting and while reacting in a certain manner.


Thus, it is the first time that you can enter the caverns of your spirit. Then you can go back in the time of this life. You will have the help of the inner child whom you will ask to bring you to the essential periods of your life. When you perceive all the movement and the organization of this force, which runs in you and produces its destroying effects, you have the possibility, with the flame, to destroy all its system. You will destroy the roots of the tree, the original matter, which has been the first impulse put on your energetic system, it means the coding. When you destroyed the roots of the tree, the whole tree will disappear very naturally because there is no more need to care of the trunk and the large branches or of the middle branches, of the small ones and of the twigs. All that the tree has developed and built starting from the initial coding, from the initial impulse, will be destroyed.


You are withdrawn from a colossal work: the work of the logger or the cleaner who will have initially to clean the sheets of the tree, the twigs, to cut the small branches, to prune the middle branches to arrive, perhaps, one day at the root. Perhaps one day at the root… But look at what occurs in the forest when one has cut the trunk of a tree, even just above the soil, there is something which continues to grow, which comes again since the roots are always there. On the other hand, if in fact the roots are attacked, the rest will go away from itself, will be destroyed. It is that the action of the second cape. It is this cape which allows you to enter your energetic system and gives you the possibility of action and of feedback in time. It is very important and it is abnormally neglected because few people have realized which the importance of this practice is truly.


We will make this practice together.


1. You begin with the secret Tan Tien. You mobilize it according to the usual method. You make diffuse its energy on each side of the sacrum by sending the apparent Tan Tien to crash the sacrum like a ball of tennis against a wall. It is the technique of the cape number one with percussion. You start with the left side until you perceive that the secret Tan Tien diffuses on the left side. That goes rather quickly.


You ascend this energy in a total inhalation on the left side of your back, to the shoulder. You descend it in exhalation. You go up again while breathing in and you go down again in breathing out. It is a cape in two times.

Same thing on the right. You continue this respiratory mechanism: breathe in: to go up, breathe out: to go down on the right side until you have an energetic envelopment more or less similar to the one of the left side. That goes more quickly on the second side because there is always a transfer of energy which goes from one side to the other.

Now, you make the two ascents and the two descents at the same time, until you homogenize this cape, which is much stronger, much more tonic than the first.


If you miss of diffusion of the secret Tan Tien, you throw the apparent Tan Tien to run into each side of the sacrum. In this technique, the apparent Tan Tien has also the possibility of being divided into two and of taping at the same time on the two sides.


When you feel well wrapped, very solid very strong, you make the ascent of the back to the nape of the neck, continue in the back of the head and descend on the front. Thus, the hood is set up. So, you have an inhalation and exhalation a little longer.


It is a much finer cape than the cape number one. It is less padded, less marrowy, much more tonic. There is dynamism in this cape and, at the same time, an important regularization of your mental system. It is besides rather astonishing to observe the cohabitation of this mental tranquillity and this energetic dynamism. You feel like a small cuirass around you or a metallic dressing. There, you take your time and your comfort. You have a very clear perception of your organs, as much those of the body than those of the brain. But, it is not the aim or the main destination of this cape. So, reserve this particular destination, except grave disease, of course, for the cape number one.


2. When this cape is well installed, you call your inner child. You know the techniques of approach: you can quite simply make the request and he comes; you can also be very precise and rapid by making this undulation of the body like an S which starts from the bottom and goes up to your head. There, the inner child is automatically in front of you, slightly higher than your eyes. You say to him: come. He will settle under the cape, automatically at the level of the heart. Already, he knows what you want of him: he is alert and attentive. You ask him to bring you in the past of this life, at one moment, that he will decide, where it occurred an incident which produced an emotional tree. From its roots a structure was built, which has induced a manner of leading your life.

He will bring you towards these priorities. You let him do. It is him which decides. He knows your past; you, you have forgotten it. If you did not forget it, you do not realize how certain facts have produced a fantastic emotional form. This inner child can bring you to facts apparently harmless, that you have completely forgotten, and you will realize how they have deployed a force and an enormous emotional mobilization inside you. Thus, you come truly in what is called the caverns of your spirit. You let him do and you are not afraid. You can cry, you can have much emotions but you stay without fear, without worry. For the first time of your life, you can go directly, in full conscience, with the totality of the body, and see what goes wrong in you. It is not any more feeling. It is not virtual.


Then, you let the emotion overflow. Stay inside. Reinforce your cape. Throw the apparent Tan Tien on the two sides of your basin so that the secret Tan Tien diffuses even more, even stronger. Make your total cape. Go up and go down. Go up and go down. And nourish all that.

Inside this fantastic protection you will be able, at last, to touch some of your main problems, those which import now. We are in the present, that is to say in a possibility of action. Then, physically that hurts, emotionally that hurts, psychologically that hurts. But go and see. Notice how this poison has run in you, has disturbed and perverted completely your manner of making and of organizing your life. Look at how all that has run in your veins and has produced its effects. But do not flee. Before going to destroy and decide the destruction, it is necessary that you know perfectly what you destroy and that you understand finally how that has led your conditioning. It is necessary that you understand finally that when you felt so free, you were, in fact, only a small handled sheet. Look at that with what you are. And that can hurt physically. Wounds in the front heart, wounds in the rear heart. At the throat. All the main energetic centers will take a shock. They have been polluted for such a long time by that! The cleaning-up is painful. It is like a member immobilized during such a long time!


3. Now, it is necessary to destroy that, it is necessary to destroy at the root. You will call the flame. You will make a fantastic compression of your apparent Tan Tien and it goes up an enormous flame inside you. It is the effort of your life. You will not start again 25 times the operation! You are not there like a small pussy cat, which touches this tree, this bark just a little with the end of the fingers with saying that perhaps one day you will come with a good axe, a good fire. No. The axe, the flame, it is now. You force and you let burn.


You realize that this destroys the tree, this also destroys the roots of the tree. You let burn. It is not comfortable, perhaps you will cry, but never mind. You can even shout. No problem. It is truly a surgical operation. These are the roots that one attacks. After, the branches and the sheets will be destroyed by themselves because of the absence of energetic nourishment. You will still feel this presence of this tree, during a certain time, even a long time, but in fact, you will feel its absent presence. As when a limb is cut and that it is still felt. It has made its print. It is as when you make a print in the sand, there is no more the foot, there is not even more radiation of the foot on the sand but the print remains a little and you see it and feel it. But it does not make any more its action. There, you will perceive that you are free in your movement. Except that you will always have a little, the impression that you are not completely released because you will have the feeling of a presence. But it will be only the presence of the print. And as in the sand or the earth, this print will disappear gradually because the sand will inflate with the water, like the earth, and all will disappear. You let burn.


I speak to you at the same time, so that you do not pay an overflowing attention on all what this energetic force has produced. We are not here to make psychological filing or psychological knowledge. We are here to cut the disturbing forces at the root. We are not here to make a catalog of all the operations that this tree

has led you to make. In other words, we are not here to know until where you have been handled, how much you have been strongly unhappy etc. We are here to make so that you can, now, be happy and free. Do not confuse the psychological method and the Direct Way. The Direct Way is the freedom, even if there are many things that we have not really understood nor how they arrived and all what they could produce. We do not make a catalog.

It is necessary to be a very great being of the Heaven to make a catalog, a road map. Thus, do not waste your time to seek your road map. Do not try to have explanations by the mechanic of how the engine of your car is manufactured. Let the mechanic make the repair and, you, drive your car and make your trip. It is in this intention that you work, here, and that you grow. It is in this intention that I speak to you a lot to avoid that all your brain stops the process as when one stops a car while saying: « Stop, there is a pretty lake by there, and I would like to know how this flower has grown etc. etc. » One does not stop the car, one continues. You grow.


You understand, it is an act of destruction. One is not there to take these trees, these roots, these flowers, and to put them in a museum or under a window to examine them later or to make them admire. One is there to destroy the roots.


In other words, one is destroying drums inside you and certain vibrations will no longer be able to crash nor to create their sounds. You can take the explanations and the visual, emotional form that you want. In any case, whatever the form of explanation, it is not entirely right because an explanation is always linear, horizontal, flat. All that occurs here is of a spatial order. It is in all the directions. That comes from underneath, from top, from one side, from elsewhere, from inside, etc. One is destroying the roots of a spatial construction, which has locked you up in a kind of emotional mechanism, which has locked your energetic system up.


4. You cease. You let the flame take again a less vigorous dimension, take again its place in your belly, in your heart, and in your body. You also let the inner child rest on your heart. You relax.

There is something of very strong that has changed inside you. There is light, cheerfulness. There is also tiredness. You do not know too what you have done, you do not know too what that will produce in the future, in your everyday life, but there, you know that you have done something. You let the event indicate to you how the transformation was done because you will be astonished of the way in which your attitude will be different with the event. You will notice quite simply.


This work is not to do everyday because it is deeply tiring. I could say that you can make a four days cure on the same energetic network. It is your inner child, who decides. But afterwards, you take at least three weeks of tranquillity.

You can make regularly the second cape only for protection, tranquillity, regularization of your energetic system. Limit its application to go back in the time to go in the caverns of the spirit at short, but intense periods.


5. There too, you finish by thanking all these forces, all those who have helped you to understand, to perceive, to hold, to feel this practice. You thank, of course, your inner child. You thank also all the beings of the universe who have enabled you to perceive your flame and who help you to reinforce it permanently.

When you do this work in the evening, because this cape is very tiring, it is good to alternate in the morning with the practice of the fourth bronze man with the transfer in the space and the sending of all your generosity, of your knowledge, to the other beings of the space. Thus you benefit from their thanks and that continuously comes to increase the power of your flame, that you can use in the evening. Pay attention when you make this alternation of the two practices because if you make the practice of sending in the space all your generosity and your knowledge to the others, it is mainly for the others. It is the main intention knowing well that the return will be useful to you, exactly as when you do a work you know that you will be paid and also that you need this money. But there is no generosity and no return if the work is not well done, it means if the intention, which carries the work, is not there. So, it is the intention to really help the others which counts in first, knowing well that you will receive a payment for that and that you need it. In all frankness. Do not be the falsely modest. Do not fall into this sin of false modesty which says: « I do that only for the others, the return does not interest me. That comes as that wants and one gives me what one wants! ». No. Be in the reality of the things. You do an excessively powerful work for the other beings of the universe, you put all your heart for them because progressively of all that you can make, you end up liking them always a little more. But the return is also normal and it belongs to the rules of the game. Be clean and clear with all that. It is not to be a business man. Do not make the hypocrite. It is in full conscience that the gift of you is accomplished, and in full conscience that you also recover the fruit of the work. You must be the one who makes the race, but who also agrees to receive the medal. It is not easy because you are in a social system, which always wants that you give up the fruit of your activity to it to the reason for a form of nobility of soul.

The medal is for you. You need it to increase your knowledge of yourself and of your space of circulation. You need it to go in the caverns of your spirit and see what is handling you in it. It is in full conscience that you make the practice of this bronze man and this transfer in the space. It is in full conscience that you can explain to the others, those to whom you transmit something, that you also need their affection and their help for an enormous work and that your forces alone are not sufficient. Thus, you return in a natural mechanism of humility. Dare to say: « I also need you ». Be frank. Be always honest. Do never be a hypocrite who says that he does something but that the reward does not interest him, while looking very well at what one is putting in his bowl, like the so-called blind beggars who hold out their caps and who look at what you put inside. Be very frank, very firm. You are at work. One is not playing at this unhealthy little game, completely virtual: we like each other, give without counting and that does not do anything if something is received or not. Be clear. There, you really need clearness. You really need help, you really need a fantastic flame. If you are a beginner, you do not have yet a sufficient perception for the beauty of the life, you do not have yet a sufficient triangulation with the Heaven because the Heaven does not yet really recognized you like his son or his daughter because you are always crawling in all your more or less unhealthy resistances. What you are making, with this second cape, is to go frankly in the cavern of your spirit to go to see all what crawls in it and all what is unhealthy. For that, you need nourishment and do not hesitate to ask, please. Be very clear.


In my multiple teachings with very different people, I have been brought to present many alternatives. One should not stick to certain details. Such as for example, for the cape number two, one can also use the apparent Tan Tien, which crashes the secret Tan Tien directly, either by a constant pressure, or like a ball of tennis against a wall. Finally the teachings have always been related to the quality of mastery of my interlocutors. Then, more you will master your secret Tan Tien, more you can go towards the heat, that is to say the danger because the danger, the really enormous force is the secret Tan Tien. And, I always pay attention that one does not make an emission of energy from the secret Tan Tien that one could not master.

Thus, in the means that I propose, I am often very below the possibilities of complete working of the secret Tan Tien. More you control a practice, more you can go in a stronger, more intimate, more direct handling of the secret Tan Tien. For the cape number two, it is true that you could also crash directly on the secret Tan Tien with the intention to diffuse the energy left or right side. And it was very simple to do. It suffices initially that you throw the apparent Tan Tien against the left side of the sacrum, you indicate that it is where you want that arrives, it is by there that you want that diffuses. Then, you work directly on the secret Tan Tien, which will diffuse at the place where you wanted that it is.

In a general way, all the practices that I formulate are all slightly transformable according to the interlocutors and of their mastery in the handling of the secret Tan Tien. For me, the handling term is not at all pejorative. That wants to say to touch with the hand, to know to knead with the hand, to play with the hand. It is that to be master of something.







The force to do oneself harm



There exists inside your energetic system a very particular structure which is nourished by the suffering. It is what one calls the force to do oneself harm. It is a structure directly related to the grid which has like interest to make you dynamize the energy IN VIOLENCE in order to recover the fruit of this excitation.


There is always an owner of the means and it is as if it had a patent of discovered of his invention. Each time one uses this invention, one owes a little money to the one who has invented it. It is the same process except that it is not a little money that one owes, it is the totality of ITS energetic system that one owes him. When one enters in the comprehension of the Heaven, one observes that the origin of anything is the gentleness. Only gentleness washes of the suffering. But this suffering came by this system from separation that one will call the grid, which makes its personal little game BUT which lacks force because it is not connected to the generator of energy.

Then it is necessary that people use ITS means so that it recovers the energy developed by the movement. If one uses the means of dignity, of the gentleness, of the kindness, of the love, it is the Heaven which will recover the totality of the dynamization of the action. It will not make the benefit or the interest of this separating structure of the grid. Then, the grid has set up personal means to lead the person to nourish it. It is it which has constituted this structure, this energetic mechanism of the pleasure to do oneself harm, inside the general energetic structure.


Like example, one will take a technique of spiritual preparation which does harm a lot: the technique of zazen. There are many olds which uses analgesics drugs before the practice to be able to remain in position. One notices that there is a very important energetic dynamization. There are many things which occur inside the body. Effectively, one is dynamizing the energy. It is a reality.


Suffering has the capacity to dynamize the energy as well as gentleness and kindness.


If you look well at all the religious systems, you notice that one is based on the suffering as dynamization. The penitence of the monks, the very difficult behaviour of position… Idem in techniques of martial arts with spiritual “character” where one holds the position during three quarter of an hour without moving. Effectively, it happens something.


It is very simple, takes any person and puts her, the head against a wall, the hands behind the back, during half an hour. It will burst a fantastic emotional compared to all that she has undergone. So further you put a dunce's cap on her or a little ridiculous hat, that will still increase the pressure. If you want to still add something, you make her drop the trousers on the knees putting the buttocks at the air. If you want to still add you can let people pass behind her to laugh. From that, it will go out something. It is clear.


After, where this something leads you? Where this energy will lead you? You know that during your childhood you perceived this or that, that you understand finally why you were printed and directed, that you have clashes in your life because of this or that. But once you have all this knowledge are you happier? You know why you are unhappy, it is all. But you are not happier because you have not touched the matter of the life.


There is a whole analytical system, a reasoning system which has engaged and garnered in its memories millenniums of suffering as means to arrive at God. Now, that I can propose a means without suffering, it is not “interesting”. One is less attracted by this mechanism, which really frees, and which is of the dimension of the gentleness, of the kindness and of flexibility. If I said that now it will be necessary to crucify you during 30 minutes each day, to put the feet in the air, and so on or any other difficult situation will be automatically received and accepted by the reptilian brain. It returns a form of aestheticism and of collective recognition to practice in this manner. One recognizes oneself very easily in what one can call the abstinences, penitences. There is a facility to be recognized mutually in the order of the mutilation whereas it is much more difficult for the reptilian brain and the analytical brain to be able to recognize itself in term of gentleness, of kindness, of relaxation, internal as much as external.


This force to do oneself harm is very sly, very perverse. It is necessary to go very deeply in the spirit of the person and to open the collective memory for her so that she realizes, directly, of the perversity of this structure which is inside her and which has conducted her, always, spontaneously to do something difficult for her. She will be interested and captivated by all those which present the effort as basis of the spiritual rise. I could come back very often on the multitude of applications of this force to do oneself harm, this pleasure to do oneself harm. The more the person will advance in the spiritual system in crystallization, it means will give up her spirit of child, the less she has a new and fresh spirit of discovery, from moment to moment.

Pay great attention. Do not lose your spirit of child, do not lose your freshness of spirit. Do not lose this glance with the event, this sheet which is subjected to the wind because the wind is never the same, the sheet is never the same. Do not lose sight of the fact the woman, the man who arrives at home in the evening is not the same one that the one who left the morning. Rediscover him at every moment. Can you have this new spirit, clear on each situation, on each event, on each meeting.

Then, you will never fall into this force to do oneself harm because there will be happiness to be attentive to the other and to discover the always new event. Even if you do not realize from where this happiness comes, you perceive nevertheless that it is in the heart. There is gentleness with you, with the event. It is a form of attention, of intelligence. There is this presence.


As you have tasted this matter of the gentleness and of happiness, when this matter goes away, you realize. When you realize that it goes away because you have entered in a disease of the effort and of suffering then YOU DO NOT GO THERE MORE! You then have this tranquility of heart and this possibility of knowing to say « no». You have the possibility of touching the matter which interests you and for which you are passionate. This attitude to do oneself harm will no longer be working. But it is an enormous attraction for all the reasoning brain to go in it because the reasoning brain believes to control it very well whereas it is controlled by this structure. It believes to control the lie with the life because this lie reduces space, and the space reduced is easier to control and easier to handle. It believes to order its space whereas, it is mastered by the space itself. It believes to master the lie but it is the lie which masters it. The lie is the direct word of the grid.


Pay attention to that.