Cape 3 


Metallic cape.



The cape number three allows getting through a big step because one will not work anymore with the apparent Tan Tien on the secret Tan Tien, but with the pastille of vitality. Thus, there is already the need to know it and to master it.


The cape number three is very powerful and very metallic. By using all the warlike force of the energy of the secret Tan Tien, the most secret energy of the Earth, one does with the cape number three the same work that with the cape number two, except that the capacity of work and the power are much higher. It is for that I invite to use the cape number two to start to enter the caverns of your spirit, in the mechanism of the past, to go back in the time and to use the flame to burn. If one immediately approached this action with the cape number three and that the person has already developed a very great energetic power, there could be a physical, even psychological important shock. So, it is always necessary to be cautious and I am always very cautious. I always invite to get through the stages one after the other and to control that a stage has well been digested and that the new space is well integrated before approaching another stage.


Thus, I will make the cape number three with you.


1. We start from the secret Tan Tien, but there, with the pastille of vitality. You take again conscience of the pastille of vitality with the technique that you know. One does not make the cape number three in the continuity of the cape number two because there are modifications inside you.



I recall the making of this pastille to you. You start from the apparent Tan Tien. You put in percussion the secret Tan Tien. You make go out a snake by the top of the secret Tan Tien, you lead it in your belly. You do it several times and you enrich all the ventral space and there is the constitution of this sphere, which has already been perceived with your bronze man three and four. You enrich the sphere until that becomes almost uncomfortable. Then, you release the energy of the sphere by the top. This energy is diffused inside the whole of the body. That creates a light, a lucidity in your body, an enormous space of life. In this space of life in your belly, you perceive this small very particular diamond which shines enormously.

It is the pastille of vitality.


By a light contact of the pastille of vitality on the left side of the sacrum, you indicate the desired place of reception of energy. You touch then the secret Tan Tien by small strokes. It diffuses on the left side. When that diffuses well, you make turn this energy clockwise. That makes a very powerful metallic disc. You make the proportion that you want. When the disc is ready, you ascend it in the back with an inhalation and you make it descend in the front with an exhalation. It is the mobility in two times which you know already. It is a true cuirass which settles very quickly, in several movements. In several returns you are very well protected and dressed. It is an enormous protection. Look at the difference between the two sides.

You make the right side in the same way. The easiest and safer is to touch the right side with your pastille of vitality, then, you make small shocks with it on secret the Tan Tien which diffuses. You make turn this energy until there is a metallic disc that you also make ascend by an inhalation in the back and descend in the front by an exhalation until you obtain a protection about identical to the left side.

Afterwards, you homogenize. For the moment be satisfied with an « about » because it is necessary that the preliminary is fast. You will need much time for the depth of the practice and its use.


Later, from the beginning you will make diffuse the secret Tan Tien on the two sides at the same time. It will suffice to touch the left side and right side with the pastille of vitality then you go from the secret Tan Tien, on the two sides at the same time, and you go up together on the two sides.

It is what we will do now.

You touch on the left and on the right with the pastille of vitality. The two discs are there. You give some small complementary movements, some small complementary strokes from the pastille on the secret Tan Tien to diffuse even more and each disc becomes more compact, stronger. You make turn the two discs.

Your simple will is enough. You do not need even more to start up the pastille of vitality to do it and you ascend the whole in the back and you descend it in the belly. It is a very powerful dressing.


Now you make ascend the two discs on the neck and the head, you go down by the front. You make a complete dressing.


For the capes one, two and three I have not given you the complete technique because one needs also a dressing of the shoulders, arms and legs etc But it is secondary for the moment. It is interesting for the one who seeks only one protection. In teaching that I give you now, protection is the first stage but it is not the final destination. There, it is the body of the cape which counts, it is not the dressing of the arms and the legs. On the other hand, if you want to go on a boxing ring or a tatami of karate, or in a very conflict environment, you will make the totality of the cape and the complete dressing of the shoulders, of the arms.


2. Now, you will call your inner child, always with the same methods. If you are deeply evolved, or advanced, it could be that you do not have any more an inner child because it is an emanation of your own energy to keep the bond with the Heaven. If the distance with the Heaven is already narrowed and that you are now in navigation at sight with it, you do not need any more guide, and the inner child disappears naturally. Whatever the case, you ask to go back in time, at the creation of an emotional tree whose development has led your life without you realizing that. You stay a good moment with the perception of these forces, which have directed you in full unconsciousness of you, your system of action, of mobilization, of feelings etc, so that you would be a little intimate with what occurred, that you see well how the poison acted while running in you. Have a minimum of information on the process set up, even if it is not a question to make a filing, a book, a documentary of it. One is there so that the car functions correctly, not to become mechanical engineers. At least, not on this level now.


When it is done, it is clear. Do not pay attention to the emotional that can occur: tears, pantings, cardiac acceleration. It is normal and without danger. You call upon the flame. All the commentaries on the flame concerning the cape number two are of topicality. Then, you ask to the flame to burn by the roots.


3. You cease. You can be very hot. Normal. You let yourself relax in this peace, this silence that you already know. There, you do not have really anything anymore to make. And perhaps you will understand a little bit how all can be decided starting from this silence. Only this silence loves. All that is decided outside it, it is like stories for children, more or less disguised illusions, more or less esthetic, fine, well decorated feelings.


You can concretize still a little the cape while going up in the back, the nape of the neck, the head then in the front. You recover well in a complete state of tranquillity, in order to perceive well all this protection, which continues to exist beyond the practice and with which you will go in your ordinary life. The capes are protections against your spirit, against your own phantasms, your own dashes, your own orientations. It is a protection of your spirit against yourself, it means against attractions that your spirit could have to follow and be let soak with certain invitations of the karmic space in which you are.

As always, you finish by a thank you.








Main dream



When I ask « what do you await of your life… What do you want to make of your life, which direction you give to it, which enthusiasm you have »… people do not know what to answer or give superficial psychiatrist-emotional information.


If one goes very deep in the knowledge of the energetic fabric, one realizes that each energetic structure has a main dream, a fundamental dream, a major goal to reach.

It is as if there was a stamp printed on the computer files which indicates the dream that you want to carry out. In other words, all the energetic system which will enliven the life of the person, by the events, the meetings… will be drained towards this secret code: « here is the dream that I want to carry out ». This secret code is very important because it is very effective by the fact of its secrecy.


If we take an example:

A man meets a lady and tells her that he would like to make a piece of the way of life with her. The first movement of the lady is to refuse. But, after having thought, she accepts and they move in together. After 3 to 5 years, they are obliged to notice that it is the failure although one as the other has truly made all the efforts to make a success of this encounter, this coupling, this meeting. When these people come to see me, I check that inside their energetic system, there was an initial coding which is, for the woman, the refusal. That, it is the secret code printed on the energetic file which is called: « Mr. Mrs. ».All the energy, all the energetic mobilization, all the efforts made in the relation of mister and madam, in this energetic file, will be drained by this secret code. That cannot function because the « no » is initial. In addition to the fact that it does not work, the energy which arrives in this energetic file develops even more the power of the no and makes return to the memory of the woman that « in any case, I knew it, that could not function. I knew it from the first moment ». It is deeply perverse because there still, the obviousness of the conclusion is registered in the space of the obviousness. Exactly like in mathematics. There is an obvious conclusion which reinforces the initial obviousness.

In fact, it is a perverse circle which self-feeds on itself and which excludes any dynamism, any enthusiasm, any development which would be other than the initial coding, the coding of this ban.


In this example, it is between mister and madam, it is a relatively localized energy in a computer file. But, when it is about the main dream, it is a code on the totality of the energetic system, it is a code which is superimposed on the initial code of generosity for the life, of momentum, of kindness, of softness. There, one has put a label over this initial code of the Creation: « Here is the dream that I want to carry out! ». All that will be produced in the life, by all the emotional events, will be drained in this dream so that this dream finds a realization.


So, by the work in the Direct Way, you will gradually transform the coding printed on your computer file, you will slacken it and this relaxation will quietly dilute it.

And one day, this coding directly related to the establishment of your dream on the Earth, in a reptilian space, will leave the place to the initial coding.


It is on this dream that one comes across permanently. The person does not want to leave her dream because it is printed in all the cells of her body. The Grid makes this potentiality moving in all the cells, which want this realization. The Grid is very strong to put them in activation, except that it should not be forgotten that they have like owner the Perfection and not the Grid. One can stop the music of the tenant to find again the silence of the owner. It is all the work of the Direct Way.


Each one has a fundamental dream. It is for this that everybody lives from dream to dream, attacking themselves if the dreams are not satisfying, licking themselves if the dreams are a little or very satisfying.