Aids for oneself 1.





In use of this secret Tan-Tien and of its snakes, we will approach in priority the aids to oneself.


One reconstitutes this sphere, the starting point of the perception of the pastille of vitality. One sends the tennis ball on the four bearing points of the belt, the pressure against the belt, the sending of the tennis ball on the perineum, then the constitution of the bowl.

Sending of the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien. Nourishment of the apparent Tan-Tien by the four snakes while passing by the loop.

Then with this very enriched apparent Tan-Tien, one reinforces the lower bowl and from there, one constitutes the higher half-sphere by sending of this apparent Tan-Tien on the zone of the plexus, and of the diaphragm. Then constitution of the sphere like previously.


From there, the ideal is always to come into contact with the pastille of vitality. Therefore, you diffuse this sphere in high part of the body. All is lighting inside you. The pastille of vitality is obvious. You see it, you make it move. It likes! This pastille, it is the vitality, it is tonic, like a burning horse, it is movement. It is a small reddening ember which puts fire, toning up everywhere, full with generosity.

Always take intimacy with it in moving it in your body. Make it moving on the right, on the left, everywhere. Always take a few minutes with it, as if you made a meeting and that you played. Take your time.


Now, we will work to make the snakes going out of the secret Tan-Tien, to make them come by the loop, in the belly then from the belly make them going up in the central axis to the heart, to be able to work this zone, to widen the space with all this generosity. The heart is not only one mechanical organ. It is the generosity for the life and one says very usually to somebody: « Do you have heart? ».


With the pastille of vitality, you turn a little around the secret Tan-Tien. It is much finer and flexible to make go out the snake of the quality and the size that one wants rather than to make a percussion. You turn and the head leaves. You release. You do not take care any more of the secret Tan-Tien or of the pastille of vitality. You quietly lead the snake by the loop. You go up in the back, until the fontanel then you go down to the Tan-Tien.

Now, that is done quickly. But when the snake arrives in the Tan-Tien, you do not release it. It will not be diluted. You carry it out, with your intention, so that it goes up in the central axis starting from your belly. You can do better: to descend it until the perineum then from there, it is introduced into the main structure, in the central axis to go up. You feel it well in the channel and you lead it with your intention, which is a hand holding it firmly. You lead it to the heart. There, while controlling the situation, so that it does not go elsewhere, not higher, you let it go on each side, in fact, it is undoubled. When it is there, it can only radiate on the circuits of the wheel of the heart. It cannot escape. You are quiet with its movement. You let it make, act, penetrate but it is circumscribed at a room of your house and cannot go elsewhere. You look at it making, how it turns, is rolled up in each breast, goes towards the doors of the Heaven, awake them and so on. It works a lot. If you are distressed, if you have many emotional problems, you will realize that there is a fantastic work which is done. Let the emotion go out. It was already there, it is not the snake which provokes it. It allows the release of the imprisoned emotion. However all what is in prison ends up rotting. There is only the truth which releases. Therefore, you let do.


You can, also, perceive that it also goes on the back bearing point of the heart, in your back, between the two scapulas. It is a very sensitive emotional point. All the deepest, the most underground and the oldest wounds come to crystallize there. When somebody is blocked on the back bearing point of the heart, it is old, well structured. It is always more difficult to unblock. The snake of the secret Tan-Tien has this capacity to go to open this very secret door of the back bearing point, to give air to this cellar where one has locked his deepest disappointments, its wounds the deepest and so on. One let do.

When the whole is well working, when you feel that the snake divided in two functions well in the chest, you bring back a second to reinforce the first. Same procedure. You realize that the second is even more vigorous, fattier than the first. You bring it, in the same manner, in the main axis by the loop. There, you realize very well that the loop and the main axis are not the same circulation. The loop is a loop which is done in the back and the belly and the main axis are in the middle of all that. It is from it that all will be directed. You have a very physical perception of your energetic organization. It is like that that you are.

You make go up this second snake at the level of the heart. You control well until the heart and it divides in two on each side. As long as it is not divided in two, you controls strongly because it could still escape to you and go up higher. It must go in the field that you have decided: the wheel of the heart. Once it is divided in two, you can relax. There is no more any danger. You realize that it is much stronger, much more tonic. This second snake of energy reinforces the work of the first, goes where the first has not be able to make open, burst. There can have very important movements in your body, pressures, compressions, pains. It is really necessary to look at that with much attention.


You let the work to be done. That extends to the chest. You can also have this very clear perception of the wheel. Make it rotate clockwise, quietly. The energy of the snake nourishes all the rays of the wheel. That pushes on the ribs as if one wanted to make burst your rib cage to give you space to breathe. It is very interesting to see how the wheel nourished by the secret Tan-Tien takes an extension at the level of its rays. It is as if its rays lengthened. Besides, it is thus that happens. Its rays lengthen and push, starting from the central axis, the wheel towards the outside. They increase the periphery of the wheel. All is much more luminous.


If you want still to increase this space, and that it is possible according to your energetic system and of your physical reaction, you make come another snake in the same manner. That goes relatively quickly. Always the same control. When it is in this wheel, already well reinforced, that made an enormous volume. The wheel turns almost all alone. If, you call at this time your inner child, it is happy and comes naturally on this wheel, as on a horse-gear. You are taking a freedom of the heart, a liberty of action, of decision in your life by doing this work. The heart, it is the king. It is it which gives the orders to all the energetic system. If the heart does not know what to do, if one is this large cow which looks at passing the trains, that you would be man or woman, one could as well say an ox, the heart is not in motivation, of mobility. It is necessary to be a small goat of mountain which jumps on all the rocks.


The secret Tan-Tien releases the heart, gives it the desire and the force to act. The inner child is radiant. A lot of heat inside you. You have cheerfulness, a natural enthusiasm that you have not made. It is there, and comes very naturally. This enthusiasm belongs to the matter of the Heaven, the matter of Dignity. When this matter is moving, this enthusiasm is made more dynamic. It is a natural mobilization. There are no efforts to make. It is always as that that occurs. What do that when somebody lacks of enthusiasm, one knows very well that the Force of Dignity inside him is not in mobilization.

Look at what occurs on you. That is enough.

With a very precise work, if there is really an indispensable utility for you, you can go to four snakes, but not more.


Afterwards, one proceeds in the same way at the throat and the head.

One makes go up, quite simply, starting from the heart. It is a flower which settles from this snake of the central axis. From the heart, one passes directly to the throat. It is the same thing which occurs, except that one does not need to bring back other snakes because the energetic pressure is already important with three or even four snakes and that is largely enough. From the throat, which takes also all its dimension in the same way, and with the inner child which follows, so happy of this new discovery of your body, you can also go to the head and all the flower is remade there.


On the other hand, you can start a practice while going directly to the throat. There, it is the same mechanism as at the level of the heart. You can make it if you have a very particular problem to the throat, a difficulty of communication with yourself and with the others being translated on the medical level by anginas with repetition, scrapings of the throat, in fact difficulties on all the respiratory system and particularly the larynx. You can have tonsillitis, a problem with the thyroid and so on.

The tonsils are very important on the energetic level because it is them which drain the beam of the punishment. In other words, when there are energetic impulses which come from the outside, but also that you could set up from the interior, by yourself, it means that you can be punished by somebody from outside, an event, but you can also punish yourself by estimating that you have not done correctly, they are the tonsils that drain this form of energy and of punishment inside your body and which make that this is not diffused everywhere and does not put the bazaar and the disturbance. Without the tonsils, you do not have any more this possibility of draining and of circumscribing the beam of the punishment, this flow. It is difficult afterwards because you have a facility to feel you punished by the events. You will say easily that it is not fair. If something arrives, an incident of outside different from what you would have hoped for, if it is not favorable, although it is like that, it is not worthwhile to consider it and to personalize it under the form of punishment which is applied to you and which you must more or less undergo and accept.

You can also create the mechanism from you, it means that if you have been super good brought up by all these cultural systems, that one have super good made function in you the second energetic law which is the culpability for lack of recognition or acceptance by the recognition, you can also punish yourself very easily. Without the tonsils, this energy of punishment circulates very freely, develops in the body which can create enormously of problems. In any case, it creates a constant devalorization because one always has the impression that one must go in the life as in a combat, it means to go out of the security of home to go in the insecurity of outside. Therefore, the tonsils are very important.


The thyroid emits a certain number of radiation and of energy inside the body to regularize the process of the communication with the others, with oneself. With the result that when somebody has an incident with the thyroid, it always has a problem of communication which is not the consequence of the dysfunction of thyroid but is the cause of it.


The work of the snakes and of the secret Tan-Tien is very important on all the system of the throat, the communication with oneself and the others. Already with the only pastille of vitality, one can work directly on the tonsils and the thyroid when one has all these respiratory and thyroidal problems, white anginas with repetition and so on. This work can be considerably improved with this technique of the secret Tan-Tien and its snakes. It is however necessary to work with softness because it is the passage of the breath and the person can feel choked, strangled by a hand. One needs a lot of softness.


On the head too. You can send the snakes but there, they are very light. The best is to never function directly starting from the secret Tan-Tien because they would be too strong for the head. It is better to start from the heart. The snakes which arrive at the heart are very powerful, they can do a very large work. In extreme cases, one takes only part of this force arrived at the throat, to go to the head. Pay great attention to that.


When you have worked with all these snakes, it is not question of leaving them inside the wheels. You must make them go down again in the apparent Tan-Tien that they will enrich.

The exercise is done from the heart. It is similar if it was made from the head or the throat. With your intention, you bring back the snakes on the center of the wheel, here where there is the energetic point of diffusion from the central axis. For the heart, it is the front bearing point. You perceive them, you feel them very clearly. It is when they are there that you must, again, pay great attention to make them descend in the belly, in your apparent Tan-Tien. You make several passages with your entire look, you check your feelings in yourself. You take again all the zone of the heart and you make all pass again. You must be as the farmer’s wife who milks a cow, returning continuously on the udder. You make all the energy of the secret Tan-Tien which is there going out again. You do not let it circulate all alone. You bring it back.

There, you feel force, power, color which settles in the belly.


If you have made the wheels of the throat and the head, the process starts with the head. You make descend to the throat. Then from the throat you go in the heart. Then from the heart, you go down to the apparent Tan-Tien. It should very well be understood, at this level, that the energy of the secret Tan-Tien is energy of work. It is not energy of maintenance and self-working. These are horses, very strong, that you bring out of the stable to make them do the work then you make them return to the stable. They are not seeds only you put in the furrows and that you let push all alone. Not at this level.

When you feel that all is returned, it is aerial, light in your body. Everywhere where the force of the secret Tan-Tien has passed, it has opened the doors, opened the windows, enlarged the space and permitted the circulation. It is light.


You always finish by making the loop.

Overall aspiration in the back, overall exhalation in front. Always, you must do it.






 Fundamental law


Creation of the energetic object.



The second law in fundamental energy is the creation of the energetic object which one assimilates too easily to the creation of an emotional object.

In fact, starting from the origin which is always energetic, thus from the creation of the energetic object, it is always a question of space, it means of place, of environment in which this « energetic object » will move. It will take the coloring of the space in which it will move.


Space is a movement. This movement is a vibratory state born from an intention. It has a particular coloring which defines it.


You came on Earth, you have been created from the Heaven with an intention. In each one of your particles there is your original coding which makes that when this vibration is moving you are the Heaven.


In the current space of the humanity separated of the Heaven, there exists the emotional. This emotional makes that the energetic object « is coloured » with this vibration and becomes an emotional object. It is for that which that becomes so complicated.


It is thus that all the emotional systems are made on themselves. And inside this bubble of the humanity which was already closed compared to Creation, there are lots of small bubbles which self-closed on themselves and it is the war of the small bubbles inside the large bubble of humanity.

It is in that there will be a very important psychological and emotional repercussion since you will be recognized by a system according to your capacity to live and make the emotion and to implement the vibratory system which has created you as emotional being.

For example, a family has a method to generate its emotional system. It will be said spontaneously that one is of this family. This family thus will recognize one of its members.


But, if all of a sudden there is something in you which says that it is not right, which feels that there is another thing, that from time to time you feel that it goes out of the memories of your body, of your heart another possibility to live, from this moment you stand back to assess the general system of vibration. One will say to you that you are not any more of this family, that you give it up. It is thus that the mechanism of the recognition intervenes. You are recognized because you make function the vibratory system which has created you as an emotional object and you will be made feel guilty when one will say to you that you give up your family, that you are not any more a member of it.


Not to be recognized anymore is relatively acceptable for your energetic system… but the reproach « to give up » his brothers are on the other hand with much difficulty bearable. Why?

When you open your deep memories, you perceive that you came in the world to take part. If all of a sudden an intern structure of the humanity, which is called the family, the couple or something else of more general says to you that you do not like it anymore, you feel as a stab in the back because your initial engagement is to love the men and to take part in their life.

When one makes you this reproach you feel self-guilty, because it is oneself which we make feel guilty. It is never the outside which makes feel guilty because it does not have this energetic capacity.


Then, how can set up « this retreat » at the emotional handling. Which is the mechanism in action?

You are an emotional object built by your education system, recognized by your family and the group when you will yourself make more dynamic again, to revitalize the vibratory system which has made you. When you are revitalizing this vibration, you revitalize also the intention which has set up this emotional vibratory system. It is because you make more dynamic again this untrue original intention that it makes an enormous click in all your cells because in all your cells there is the initial coding of the Creation which reacts to this lie!!!!!! … it particularly stronger that the lie is enormous!!!!!


And there, all of a sudden it is the spiritual shock:


you feel that you came for another intention that that

and that all « that » is an enormous lie…

that does not have to be preserved!!!!


Then « everything changes »!!! You question all!!!!!! You want to understand!!!!!!!!!


In other words what was done spontaneously before this « spiritual shock » and that you found normal, all of a sudden now you question yourself on the fact of knowing if it is normal to act like that!

Thus you question yourself on the intention and you will thus begin your personal adventure by saying you that there is « may be » other thing which exists.


You are then in retreat from the event. You receive it but you do not return it immediately any more. These are the others which perceive that you make this retreat and who come to make you the reproach of it. You, you take only a distance to understand. You are not rejecting them. You are only moving back yourself to understand something.

Here is what is the first possibility of perceiving that there is a difference between the intention which has given birth to the vibratory system in which you are and the first intention which is registered by the Creation in each particle of your body.


It is the spiritual shock, the spiritual experiment, which is determining but which often does not occur because one nevertheless needs somebody who is already quite advanced « to feel » that he does not exist on Earth « to live that ».


For the others what occurs?

They have also all their chances to stop with this continual ritournello of the creation of the emotional object by the vibratory system in which they are by looking at the effects of this vibration, it means the effect of the action. At a given moment, you think that it is not pretty, that it is oppressive for you as for the others, that this engages you to make actions towards the others, towards yourself, that you do not find them very generous and you do not like yourself in it.

For these people it will be much more difficult because they have not readjusted the starting shock to be able to see the original commitment, the original intention of the Creation in each particle.


There, it is by the end,

it is by the effects that they begin their research.


There, the being will be obliged to make the opposite way: he will pass by the facts which are not appropriate to him, he will see why all that was constituted thus, he will go up in opposite direction through the object which he is himself, through the emotional object which he is in his body and his spirit.

From the outside which he does not like, he will go up quietly towards the maker of this outside which is himself and the others, and he will raise the question to know how he has been made thus, why that functions thus. He will go up in the vibratory system and will understand this working.


There, all of a sudden he will perceive the matter of the life before it was put in mobilization by the emotional vibration he will begin his first steps of adult conscious of his existence and of the “forces” applied to the World.