Aids to oneself 2





Now, we will care about the liver and spleen. The process is the same one. We make the snakes go out of the secret Tan-Tiem with the pastille of vitality.


The liver is very important. It is the general of the armies. It will direct the energetic mobilization on all the other organs. It is under the control of the heart, the King.


Which are the problems in the liver ?

The principal problem is that a King is needed, a king who controls and who orders. If there is no heart, if there are no decision makers with the movement. The general of the armies is with unemployment and it is there with its troops waiting until one gives them the order of action. It is a very big problem because we have a modern civilization which immobilizes more and more. 


That involves, automatically a problem of anger.

You have two types of anger. You have the anger which is born from a reason, from a subject: somebody has badly acted, has made a silly thing and so on. All your energetic system reacts. It is a release of the action, you free the energy.

There is another very perverse anger. It is linked to the immobilization. The general of the armies is there, sitting at his office, awaiting the orders of the king which do not come. He will have this anger linked to the immobilization. It is a very perverse anger because it will not be expressed outside.


With the pastille of vitality, one can work directly on the liver as for the heart, the throat. But with the snakes of the secret Tan-Tiem, it is much stronger, much more powerful.


Why the liver is always in relation to spleen? The spleen is the system of the Earth. It is the base of stability. It is a safety with the existence. It is the mother who distributes nourishment. The spleen is truly the structure mother-Earth. Whereas the liver would be the structure father-Earth.

Mother-Earth distributed the soup from the soup-tureen to all the people around the table, at each one according to its needs. The father-Earth is the one who fills the soup-tureen. If the father is immobilized, there is no soup in the soup-tureen and the mother cannot make the distribution. When the liver blocks, the Earth is impoverished automatically. It is for that that the work is done with both jointly. Generally, one approaches firstly the liver, all the circuit of the liver and of the gall bladder because it is, generally, the origin of the dysfunction: the liver has not received the orders of the King. But it may be that the origin of the dysfunction also comes from the Earth if this person has been deeply attacked in her security system, already in the belly of the mother then in her early childhood, and that she has also been violated later. She does not dare any more to leave the head out of her house because each time she does it, she receives a blow of stick on the nose. So she returns. Indeed, it happens sometimes that the attack is at the beginning on the Earth. But it is much rarer than the attack on the liver. In fact, all the current social system constitutes and makes more and more very powerful tools to attack the mobilization, the personalization of the being. It is not the case for the Earth because one needs truly very precise actions, which are not accepted by the social, moral and cultural system, which are regarded as abnormalities, perversions applied to individuals. For this reason the liver is much more important than the spleen. But if it is the spleen which is attacked, exceptionally, the work is then made on it at first. Knowing well that when you work on the liver, you must automatically work on the heart and especially on your system of the sexuality.


The process is always the same one. If there is a problem with the liver, you will have a difficulty at the level of the plexus. That will hurt, that will distress, that will wedge. One should not force unnecessarily. Perhaps that it is not with the first or the second session that the snake will pass on the liver or the spleen. The plexus can be entirely blocked. Therefore, one goes there gently, with a snake. One does not pass in brutality in the Direct Way. If that does not pass, you let work one moment then you stop. One moment, it is five minutes. One brings back the snake to the apparent Tan-Tiem in the central axis, one dilutes the whole and one makes the loop. 

Now, I put myself in the situation where that passes. 

You bring in the liver a second snake with the secret Tan-Tiem and the pastille of vitality. You have really the impression that your liver dilates and grows bigger. As if your liver breathed. You perceive color. There is blood in there and that turns, that turns. It is normal that if that turns well you have the head which turns a little if you stand up. Pay attention to that. You work gently in the liver. It is not the wheel of the heart which allows a good compression. There, one is calm. At the beginning a snake suffices. Afterwards, one can put a second, perhaps a third, but four it is really the maximum and only when there is really a big problem. 


Then one makes going up part of this energy of the liver to the plexus. It is this energy that one brings to the spleen. One tries to approach the spleen with the energy already impregnated and mobilized with the liver. If the energy is not sufficient, one makes come a third snake that one brings directly in the spleen, by the main axis. But, if one can do this passage between the liver and the spleen, it is much softer, more flexible, friendlier. They are two friendly, complementary organs. It is the father who fills the soup-tureen and the mother who distributes the soup. There is a friendship, complicity between these two organs and it is better when the liver enriches the spleen, it means the father which enriches the mother, the father who couples himself with the mother. The mother recognizes well better what arrives in the soup-tureen and accepts it better than if that came directly from the secret Tan-Tien. But one makes as one can. There are only particular cases. 


When both are well connected, one can make coming a new snake. And when it arrives at the plexus one can distribute it on the right and on the left, side liver side spleen to give a toning up, a new and fresh air. If the things occurred well, it is the third snake. If on the other hand, one needed to nourish again the spleen with a third snake because the system of the liver has already consumed too much, it is the fourth. But, one must perceive well that from the plexus, it is like a balancing-pole on a central axis and that there is weight under the low ribs. There is volume. When I speak about the spleen, it is also all that goes with. It is the energetic system of the spleen. If that occurs well, one thus quietly continues to let work the snakes until the nausea of the heart is calmed, until the headache is calmed, that the head which turns is calmed, that one feels heat and something of pretty and welcoming, comfortable and convivial in the belly. It is as a convivial dining room where the table is well put, people are pretty and welcoming and that smells good. It is this work between the liver and the spleen. This pretty smile inside oneself.


If the heart does not know to make decision, through being confronted to this pretty smile of the dining room, it means the relation between the liver and the spleen, the father-Earth and the mother-Earth, it will perhaps decide to go out of its decisional immobility. One returns to the other. Normally, it is the King who must give his indication to the liver, to the father-Earth which itself nourishes the mother, but if it is not the case, it can be the father and the mother, who show to the King that they are ready and that it is pretty, in giving him in a certain manner the enthusiasm and the desire for leaving his immobility always related to the second energy law, it means the recognition.


Perceive all that happens in you then when it is well, you bring back the snakes by the central axis to the apparent Tan-Tiem. You drain well and you make the loop. When you work on the liver and the spleen, do not amuse you to make pass energy at the level of the heart, of the throat and of the head because this energy passed by the liver and the spleen is medical. It has passed by a large cleaning and has returned in perverted spaces. It is not this type of energy which one brings to the heart. To the heart, one always brings a pure energy at the origin, the purest possible. One initially does not make it trail in nasty businesses. The work liver-spleen is a particular work which has nothing to do with the flower.




Fundamental law


Penetration by interest



The third and last law in fundamental energy is the penetration by interest, by concern.

These three laws in fundamental energy do not have a reason of being and of existing only within the framework of the humanity which has separated itself from the general cosmic space. I repeat it! It is very clear in the case of this energetic penetration by interest because that can only exist in one dual relation, from a person to another person. That does not exist on the level of the Creation which is always in triangulation.


The concern of human is thus to always penetrate the other to be able to play to the maximum with the first energetic law of nourishment by displacement. It will be helped by the second energetic law (the making of the emotional object) to make feel guilty the other if he refuses to do what he asks him.


Then, there is only this constant play between the humans:


                             They must be eaten between them to manage to survive!


 This third law is symptomatic of this need: to be able to penetrate deeply in the other, to lead the other in territories on which he would not go naturally and to make thus that there is an energetic nourishment maximum. This orientation became a practice. Then it became a law incorporated in the energetic system of Humanity.

I have spoken a lot in seminars about this working of the third energetic law while showing which is its interest to help somebody.

If initially this law has not been created to help him, but on the contrary to handle him, to enter inside him, to be able to direct his energetic system, to be nourished of him and to bring him in actions which will still be more nutritive for the one which causes the displacement, nevertheless this law, which is now integrated into the body of the man, it means into the space of Humanity, can also be used for his transformation.


Therefore, this law settled in discredit of the man, in discredit of his greatness, to be able to handle him, to eat him to the maximum, can be used in any spiritual work to invite the other to come to eat very different nourishment which will enable him to discover another dimension of life. 


In the last seminars I drew the attention of people by saying to them not to listen too much to what I explained to them. 

Could they « only » manage to perceive what makes live the one who is speaking to them. Could they touch the intention which makes him live, which makes him speak in front of them like that?


I put the words « interest and concern » together because the word interest could be only taken in term of positive while the concern has already a more negative notion. In fact, the working of the penetration is done in the two directions: as much by the interest that by the concern. It is the meaning of « to pay attention to…».


If you pay attention to all that I have explained you there will have a penetration. You will penetrate in that. And that will penetrate you because the interest and the attention are mutual. 

When you are touched by that you have an internal chemistry which is found nearer to this original vibration, you recognize yourself better and it takes also interest in you, attention to you. And by that, you, you can return in it. 

It is for that which I have said that in the Direct Way one is always two: a couple. When you have one accompanying he takes care of you, with the result that you can return in him. If you like what you find in him, you will pay attention so much to him that that will also enter in you. 

It is to give-to receive, to receive-to give.


In the first organization and the installation of this third energetic law there is not at all the intention to help or transform somebody. There is only the intention to be able to return inside him to be nourished of him. Then, one wants to decrease the gap between the two people in order to lead the other to do what he would not have spontaneously done by himself. Therefore, one has double nourishmentand an excessively close connection which makes that chemistries being so much mixed there is a difficulty in making a rupture, even if the person feels the need of it. 


Here is the essence of the three fundamental laws which govern the totality of the human inside his particular system of separation.


When one is on Earth to help the human, it is with these three laws that one works to lead him to use them for another thing that the alienation of the other.

Therefore, it should well be understood that the knowledge of these three energetic laws is essential for the accompanying. Indeed if the accompanying stays outside these laws by saying that it is made by the reptilian, he will never help anybody because he will not get into the kayak of the other to understand how he acts with the oars and how he could act and row differently. At this time it is always the system of outside where the other shouts on the beginner. But the bridge between the two banks is not made.

The one which would act thus is always on the bank with the others because if he had passed on the other bank he would have understood perfectly all the energetic system which alienates the man, and he would have tried to make a bridge.


You can be certain that the one which is in opposition, in discussion, in reproach regarding humanity, is always on the same bank that humanity, except that he has a perception a little clearer of it. There is a form of knowledge which arrived to him and he makes believe that this form of knowledge is resulting from his presence in another world. But look at his everyday life and you realize that he is in the usual confusion. Otherwise one does not shout. One tries to make a bridge. And thus one continuously uses these three laws in fundamental energy.