Defeat ?


August 2010

Confirmed in September 2011

Open letter to all of you.


My friends,

I think I can call you thus, because I know that you love me.

For thirty two years I have awakened in your body this Force capable of modifying your life, but I observe how very difficult it is for you to keep it activated in everyday events.

I understand you very well.

It is only a question of primordial concern.

This Intelligence which is innate to Creation allows the crossing of all the boxes i.e. prisons built by mankind and not to be conditioned by it anymore. Then life becomes an adventure at every moment.

This is the consequence of its action. That is why you love it and why you long for it.

But it is also possible to be happy and free by quite simply being with it.

This is the difference between you and me.

I use every event of daily life to release and strengthen this Intelligence present in every cell of the body. I am only interested in its Presence and this attention is a passion. It then organizes my daily life, simply through radiation and penetration. Thus I do not worry about my future.

You, you use this Intelligence to understand better what you are, what you have been… and to organize your daily life better … You want to master eveything.


But it is the same thing, you will tell me !... Since the result can be the same.

No !

It is not the same focus of awareness and the energy will strengthen whatever your main concern is aligned to.

When one is captivated by the consequences produced by this Intelligence in everyday life, the energy goes into sensations, discoveries, new knowledge, a return to the past… and gives all this life and power …

This is so fascinating ! ... And one turns the turbo on, directs the spotlight on it all. In this brand-new pleasure, one is certain to be on a path of Liberation.

But one is not alone in the Universe. With each liberating discovery, there is a reverse action of the flow of constraint. So a counter-attack will occur when it is least expected ! Insufficiently reinforced, because one has only used it, this Intelligence will succumb and one will be pushed into surprisingly bad habits, which one will not understand afterwards, because a semblance of peace will have returned.

And so on, it will be the same old story until the end of Time… strengthening and weakening… until the moment when perhaps one will understand that to follow ones realizations, emotions and sensations like a stallion excited by a mare in heat does not lead to being free of them, but to « managing » them.

This Presence in itself would suffice for Everything, in order to organize life according to the natural movement of Creation and all these discussions about « Dignity » and « what to choose ? » would no longer be needed.

I understand you perfectly and I do not blame you. The whole system of attention to oneself, to get out of your « problems » is focused nowadays on analysis and on « additional information ».

But this is where I now intervene !

My question is : am I allowed to continue to activate this Force that you have in every cell of your body ?… while you use it in a way which is detrimental to your future ?

You harm yourselves in this way… because my practices for the body and the spirit release a large amount of energy from the cells and if one do not love this Force in itself for its own sake but only for the effects that it produces, a huge development of pride and interest in ones own sensations will develop… the two Forces that alienate mankind into chains.

This is no help for Liberation… On the contrary !... for one will become mad with pride and excited by ones impulses… with the certainty of being right !... and eventually one will steal everything !

Therefore I say to you : Danger !...Explosive !

Because to love this Intelligence for Its own sake, is to love avoiding all the tricks that mankind has invented. It means to love to let illusions and beliefs die at every moment. It means to love to have a new and fresh spirit with every breath. It means to love to make fun of ones spontaneous sensations and attractions when the storm has passed… It means to love to forget that one is existing for oneself and even to be « special ». It means to love to give up this very human impulse to enjoy oneself and to give up this certainty that one must live « ones sensations » as normal nourishment and for resulting happiness …

But it is simultaneously in contradiction with Creation if you renounce enjoyment, for its first impulse is the pleasure to exist… This is one of the great mysteries of Creation.

Only this Intelligence is capable of resolving this apparent incoherence.

Then the entire Art that I am showing you, this Art of behaviour and of action is the enjoyment of this Intelligence in itself.

Then this Intelligence acts, but this does not interest me.

On the other hand, the consequences are of enormous interest to you !

Thus you do not stay simple, quiet and discreet. You do not wait for this Intelligence to arrange your life. You run after your sensations, visions, comprehensions… and you rush to put them into action, with the consequences that you know.

But from what in fact does one ultimately want to be released ?

This is an interesting question ! You always want to be released from a prison. But is everyday life a prison ?

This is where the View intervenes. Is it profound or superficial ? This will depend on the nourishment that one has provided this Primordial Intelligence with, through the attention one has given to It in everyday life events.

Thus the choices that you make will always depend on your View. And this is why I do not blame you. You live your life and make decisions according to the condition of your View!

This is also why I cannot « really » trust you with respect to the future of this Force within you.

Therefore I am now going to close the theatre of the Direct Way (View) as it is now and the curtain falls on my scene.

My action on this Earth of human beings will follow its own path and I do not know what it will be. I prefer to be forgotten than to nourrish the stupidity of mankind through my practices, which release this very particular energy in the cells.

But if some people are attracted by this Intelligence, which can solve all the problems of the world and put an end to these incessant fights, to the point that it becomes their only nourishment and their only reason for living on this Earth of human beings, they will just have to follow my trace… This site shows it. It is magical.


Finally, for those who are only curious, I have but one single message : do not touch the Direct View !.... It is too strong for the human brain as it is now !...



So my friends, now our bodies separate and I return to myself.


The One whose only friend is the Direct View.