Direct to the target!



September 2011







Why do you open this site ?


It has no links with the advertising to sell or to attract, and even less to retain one Being in its fold...


... .. nor with any religious or esoteric circle of influence ...


.... and even less with a « New Age » which is too young for the old man that I am, if I count my bones for more than sixty years on the Earth of the Men.


Ah !... You are a seeker of truth !


Do not tell stories .... These Beings do hardly exist... Some texts of old Zen Masters of thousand years ago already regretted it... So, nowadays, it is sheer imagination to envisage it with the cerebral which becomes more and more complicated.


For the little story, I have called them these « pushers of walls ... these carriers of courage ... »… Look at « my call »...


Oh! .... A lot of people came. But of serious seekers to understand and to free themselves from their prison that they had made themselves, it is another story ....


Ah !... You want the Awakening… the Illumination…. The Satori… the Nirvana !


But these are words invented by men to send you into a space that they have predetermined in order to make function their system and to use the Force that you are because they need you as fuel.


Examine the expressions of « liberation » proposed by these « spiritual » of all kinds. Each one proposes an obviousness from his space of obviousness that he has previously built up and made accepted by the « collective ».


Each one has his definition and his certainty that he spreads through practices, teachings.


The result is at the end: sleepiness of the spirit.


So… Why do you open this site ?... REALLY !


Quite simply to find fuel and reinforcement to your pride ... which is your pretentiousness to find « happiness » that you estimate you are entitled to have.


You are so pretentious of your perceptions, of your desires and of your attractions of all kinds! ... You believe to be so « special » ... and so important!


So you want to be accompanied in this game and to have a good reason to enjoy yourself in your sensations with a good 'spiritual' support.


Do you know that pride is the very condition of the state of human. Being stamped « human » means at the same time « to be recognized as proud. »


And yes!... The main motor of the functioning of the research of the Man is the pride.


Without this pride, there would be nobody in the search of happiness because in the new lucidity, the very name of unhappiness would not exist.


In the « spiritual world », it is hidden under the developments of compassion and of love for the others ... with big smiles that open the lips to the ears so that one does no longer dare to tell them that their eyes are cold and their words empty of sense because « everybody » who is so good and so nice is going to hit you to tell such stupidities not recognizing the Universal Compassion as their motor of action.


My eye !...


You are only in the search of the love for « you »… a will of recognition ... a very hidden pleasure which really keeps your ovaries and testicles.


But it is really necessary to start from one end if you want to unroll the ball of thread of the Life and open your Book of Your Life.


Also, we must also know to put the plough before the bullocks so that they become bulls.


Then stop to take you seriously or to whine about your lot.


Also, if these few lines can help you to understand yourself, go in their movement ... Maybe you will find their meaning.


Or put everything in the dustbin, which in my opinion would be the wisest attitude in order not to make you explode in your daily life under the pressure of the implosion of the benchmarks that have led your life until now and that at the same time have led you to this site ...


Unless that you think that it is your « guardian angel », or that it is your « inner child » which have guided you towards me.


So, if it is that, I tell you without beating about the bush: take to your heels and run as fast as you can until the very name of "Direct Way" passes over you like water on a pane…. I would not want to make you cracking up and that you do not know to which way to turn... You could then need "shrinks" to put you back in rails coherent for the social world in which you swim.


You see how I take care of you as a loving grandfather who sails now in the stream of his 60 years all broken by taking blows on the kidneys as soon as he tells a distressing truth.


So, here is my best advice of old grandfather : go quickly to the brothel or to the café ... It is less dangerous than the Direct Way.


Drugs of all kinds are wonderful supports to be reinsured about the future of this World and of humanity ....


And remember, in my advice of grandfather, that « spiritual » drugs are the best and the most sophisticated .... And then, like everyone, he believes in it and asks to believe in it, otherwise he would no longer know who he really is, you are sure to find accompanying people full of experiences, sometimes of thousand-year-old.


What’s more, the inconvenience which will result from all your abuses will be reimbursed by the Health Insurances ... because I really think that you are in the European color with assistances of all kinds ...


Well, you are still there !


Maybe you feel that the energetic mechanics that the Direct Way is, is a condenser, an accelerator of the development of Consciousness. So you want to save time even if it means having a few hairs burnt.


But deep down, what do you really want?


To accelerate the mass of energy or to modify its vibration?


Because this mechanics that is the Direct Way works on this two notions.


To understand them, we must return to Einstein and his formula


E= m c2


Energy = mass by the speed squared.


It is always a perfect definition of the Reality of the working of the Universe.


There is the mass in your cells.


There is the speed that I call the « vibration » in your Consciousness.


In Direct Way :


- The mass is released from the cells by the practices.


- The vibration is modified by the alignments of the spirit that are on the one hand my explanations and comments and on the other hand through the openings of memories.


For the release of mass from the cells, everything is fine. Everybody works correctly at this level and is very happy with the new Force that they feel in them and which gives them a vigour in their daily life.


For the modification of the vibration, it means of the Consciousness which will decide the action, it is another story !


For most of the people who have come to me, they have said « Thanks a lot... I have no demand for the rest » when their energetic power has sufficiently increased by the release of the mass and that they have found and stabilized a form of « happiness » that suits them well.


In other words, they have remained almost as idiots, but have become more powerful.


For the others, there are three levels of understanding:


* Those who forget that the openings of memory give only information about another possibility of making « working » the mass.


They take the reactions and the sensations of their body during the contact with the information like an energetic reality. It is only a memory !


Then they forget to put into practice in their daily life what they have seen and perceived. They expect a transformation by itself without effort for them.



Ultimately these are only lazy persons… a little bit more pretentious than the first ones « Thanks a lot » because they have understood more things about the working of the Being and of the Universe : they can then very well speak about it and teach it !


* Those who are stuck when the vibration they will have to put into action in their daily life will go against their main dreams which are linked to their energetic structure.


Those ones forget that the energetic structure is made by the Grid in order to manipulate the sensations and to direct the choice of the consciousness.



They caress their dreams and sensations.


Those ones are more dangerous than the « lazy ones » for the liberation of the persons who would like to listen to them because they will teach their own hopes of life and of satisfaction like aim of the action.


* Finally, there are those who have understood that it is not only about to increase the mass but to change the vibrations in order to go back in Time and in Space ... and who are not afraid of being opposed to themselves clearly !...


Because those ones have understood that the true enemy is themselves with their structure and all the reflexes that are connected to it for the defense of their dreams.


But those ones are very rare.



-Heee !.... Listen to this old grouch !... The bastard of the century, it is him !... Us, we are very well like that !...

What lesson he wants to give us this one !... We can consider the life differently that what he says, really !... The

freedom of action and of expression, he knows !


And yes !.... I will not be again in agreement with you with what I hear so often… For two reasons : one for the Life and the other for the Death.


* For the life.


It does not belong to us.


The opening of the ordinary and deep memories reveal that we have come for a particular action with the aim to improve the conditions of humanity.


This is what you do, you say ...


No ... You apply a movement which is yours, which is related to your pretentiousness ... you do not follow the movement of the Universe and you do not served It.


You do not respect your commitment.


You are thieves of Life.



* For the Death.


The Voyage in Death is dangerous. You can be arrested at any moment by the energetic flows that you will encounter. Those ones are the same as you encounter in your everyday life. The energy is only no more condensed in the materialization.


If you are not capable to control these flows with a body that gives you the possibility of improving your Consciousness, while you have all the filters of your « knowledge » which make a buffer zone and delay the penetration of the energy in you, you will be caught by their corresponding outside the matter ... because it is the same game.


In other words, if you are not able to control your dreams with a body, while these ones are the result of your energetic structure which is established by the Grid, you will be captured by the energy which has made this dream when you are in direct contact with it at the time of the crossing of the immateriel Bam ...


Also, Direct Way is firstly a training to the life, to secondly prepare you to your death because it is very important that you will be able to control your next incarnation…taking into account the shit which does not cease to grow in this World of the Men.


But maybe that you feel very good in this World, which I do not argue and I let you the whole responsibility.


As for me, I show how to live for also knowing how to leave.


Firstly to give you the possibilities to come back with optimum conditions ... if you want to come back ...


.... Or even to go further and to put an end with the wheel of reincarnations.


In this site, there are the « trainings » to the Life.


It is the « external » side of the Direct Way which can be brought to the knowledge of « everybody ».


I would say that this side is estimated as sufficient by the majority of those who came to me or who called me.


We can even make of it a simple philosophy of life with a good recovery of energetic mass from the cells of the body.


The brain can control « the whole » in this step and everything is reassuring.


For « leaving » and controlling your « voyage » in the death, you have to go to the « internal » side of the Direct Way.


Then there is a very active participation of the body and of the Primordial Intelligence which is integrated to the cells. This will lead gradually the reasoned intelligence included in the matter Bam which would like to play its little game all alone.


In short, it is a training to recover energy and to transform it as fuel for the voyage.


I have several times given these information and these knowledges in the frame of individual and collective meetings.


But let’s be honest !


I do not think that these people have understood the impact of what I have explained.


Just by looking at how they continue to live and the choices they make in their daily life, I am rather sure that I have sent this information to the sea for the small fishes.


In order not « to return », you must have a very particular possibility of the body to integrate and to live a very deep Knowledge which are the « Secrets Teachings » of the Direct Way.


This « so particular possibility » is the fruit of a very rigorous training in the daily life according to the « knowledges » encountered in the previous stages that I have just talked about.


I just gave for the first time these Teachings in July 2011.


I did it by video. Thus the « trace » can not be modified and you will receive what I have really said ... if one day your body-consciousness is ready to swallow that really bleeding foodstuff! ... and to digest it ... because it is to enter in direct contact with the reality of the Creation of the Universe, without the protective filters, and to dance with this Fury until the exhaustion of your matter.


It is not for small chicks and small rabbits ! ...


That is why it is called « secret » ... Dangerous, explosive ... A Knowledge to make an awful mess of all the combinations of the Man to try to hide to himself these realities ...


....Well! a thing to make say that the « Direct Way » should be banned.


I have well given it to you my advice of old grandfather really caring of your comfort and of the keeping of your dream of « happiness » ! : Do not touch !.... it burns !


But now the « chain » of possibilities of Liberation is given in its entirety ... a chain that is adapted to the energetic state of the present man.


Not a remake of what could be considered in the passed centuries and millennia... because man is not the same in his energetic system ... and yes ! ... and all the old techniques are now obsolete.


Phew !!!!.... I have finished my job !


So I can leave.


What’s more my body is all broken ... One does not move so deep in the Universe without receiving the attacks of the Grid in return which wants to defend the energetic structures that it has installed to handle the man according to its own system of vibration..



Thanks for your help to all of you … and without exception.



The Vagabond who goes back home.