This practice is the normal continuity of the previous one, the bronze man one. It is the same Force in activity. For It, there exists only the «secret» side of its presence, because it is the natural state of life. On the other hand, for the analytical and reasoning brain, there is also an external and internal estimation. We will thus approach these three principles.


* External: To perceive your gaps and problems, this is good. « To act » in accordance with this knowledge, this is perfect. This action brings about the acceleration of the energy developed by the bronze man one. It has opened a wider, more harmonious space of breathing. Now it wants to use it. There is then a natural development of curiosity and of imagination. These energetic tools that the human has in his body are put into activity by this extension of the bronze man one, which is the bronze man two.


The person has then no longer the desire to be only a reaction to the provocative energetic systems of the environment. She understands her gaps and attractions. However, she does not want to reduce her life to these dimensions of action and of reaction. She wants to go beyond. It is a very strong physical attraction towards « something else ». Her imagination, her curiosity are naturally developed. She looks at each event, not only for her comprehension, but for the space which opens and for that which can be created again. She is no longer only observing herself, but she looks at «the new» of each situation. She becomes curious and imaginative! This is the naturally obvious external action of this practice.


* Internal: the natural support of this new imagination and curiosity which develops in the person is the action. At this stage she has understood that only action permits to modify the space, therefore to escape the old conditionings by creating new conditions of life. It is an extraordinary perception of the body, which feels and understands that there is no use in « tearing apart » its environment. There is only « enlarging » the space. This enlargement is a vibratory enrichment which has repercussions on the energetic system, which is able to exercise its potentialities more widely.


To help this action, the energy of this bronze man will favour the opening of the deep memories which are in every single cell of the body. A complementary determining piece of information will come running « through the body » into the analytical brain, which can be « tempted » by the novelty and develop an enthusiasm for this new approach to life. The state of the energetic structure of the person will determine the development and the orientation of this new enthusiasm. Also, it is important to have a good knowledge of this structure and of ones « plan of life » to know how to orientate this novelty. It is always an enormous mistake to reduce that what is always particular to a general behaviour.


So the person will always further open her curiosity and her action. She will begin to come into the art of the dance in accordance with her destiny and her intimacy with Heaven without realizing it. She will be in a natural process. Everything will begin to be more obvious and without effort.


* Secret: this is the same Force in continuation, which works at its own Work. Therefore nothing « special ». Here it suffices to still have confidence and to enter more and more intimately with the entire information provided through the events. Then to act. In fact, this action is the natural movement of this Force of Life which understands Itself and acts consequently. Only the analytical brain is opposed to this natural action of this Force, because it does not manage to channel it in its own patterns. This is the greatness of this Force: to be strong! Its power is such that it frightens the reasoning brain, which wants to control everything. It is at the same time your very fast possibility for your liberation. But you will have to act! Here is where the main problem is situated. I have already explained to you that the « second foot », the one directed by the Grid, commands the reflex movements of the body and of the mind. This intervention of the Grid can get into difficulties through the respect of these « spontaneous desires of action » which are flung into conscious reflex by this Force of life. If you do not put up resistance to this deep surge that you do not understand, but that you feel to be real, then the transformation will be fast and the old reflexes will no longer have room in the movement.



Such is the action of the second bronze man.








1. The Dance FLOOR


The look of God is always there, omnipresent.


If the Grid succeeds in installing a veil between your look and the look of God, you will be able to believe that you can settle a personal world around you, which will obey your own wishes. You will create this space. It will bring you satisfaction. But it will be temporary and the deep contentment of your existence will slip away from you. Then you will seek other things, elsewhere, in another direction. You will seek to install another space of life, another field of adventure to act. It is then that you will go to the shrink, the organized religions, the gurus, the Great Instructors of the World, and also towards the Direct Way. It will thus be the suffering of missing life, of wasting it needlessly, of losing it, which will make you look for another form of existence.


But the Look of God is always here, omnipresent!!!!!


So I will ask you a thought-provoking question: What is this « LOOK »? Surprising question, is it not? Because to find an answer you must ask yourself the question: “but WHO looks?”. It is here where your reflexes become interesting and very revealing of the space that you have constituted and accepted around you. “WHO” is this GOD for you? What is your reflex answer? Well where are those little boxes of references, of which I have already talked to you about in “the challenge 1 of life”?


I will not enter once again into all the small spaces created by the Grid. I will go back to this in the fundamental teaching “the challenge 2 of life”. You are on the Direct Way, are you not? So we go straight to the centre of the target.




This reserve of energy that you have in every single cell of your body, this knowledge of the entire universe that you have in each of them, as modern science has already shown, this intuitive intelligence that all the “spiritual ways” of the world try to develop, what is it for you? So no need to go to seek far away, at the far end of the world, deep down in a cave, or in interstellar universes! It is in every single cell of your body that you can find what you are looking for!


This Strength of Life in every single cell of your body is the one of Creation itself. This energetic matter that is called “Universal Love” which has created you, has given ALL of it to you. Total commitment! This has made some people say that God has created the human being identical to himself. But this remark is still avoiding the ENORMOUS reality of yourself. YOU ARE THIS LOOK. YOU ARE THIS COMPREHENSION OF LIFE. YOU ARE THIS ENTHUSIASM FOR ACTION. YOU ARE THIS PERFECTION IN ACTION ON EARTH.


So, you NATURALLY know what to do, what to decide, what to create on this Earth, which space of life is necessary and indispensable so that this perfection that you ARE can make you blossom, that is to say, Creation Itself!




But the human being has ceased to be NATURAL. The Grid has passed around here! It has settled a filter, a cloud between you and YOU. It has equipped you with a reasoning and analytical brain supported by a reptilian brain madly in love with the five fundamental securities. It has given you the possibility to have your own intelligence, your OWN LOOK on the world and the organization of your life. It is fascinating to believe that you have the possibility to direct everything, to organize everything, to handle everything, is it not? Except that there is a big problem at the end of the race… when you realize that you have got the wrong race and you “come back home” empty handed. It is the « tear » of a few moments before the death of the body. At this very moment, the filter can no longer hold and the mask of the Grid is removed. The intuitive intelligence is in action again. What disillusion! What deception ! What lying ! But the time of action has passed. When the messengers of Death tap you on your shoulder, « it is your turn now », there is nobody who can help you then. Too late!


Thus, after having been agitated in a profusion of conditions, in numerous actions, do you not have the impression to have missed the only essential action, the one which goes straight to the point and which frees from all fears, doubts and vain illusions?


When you are at this point of rupture with your old space of life, you are near your liberation. But you are also near the precipice which swallows all hopes. Do you not understand? Will you seek to find this View of Creation in you again, this Look of God in you… Will you want to be YOU?... Or once again you will ask other people to direct your life, to organize it according to what THEY consider best for you… because you have accepted that THEY know better than you.


So, either you go straight to the point: finding your original perfection again, this look on you and the world, without any worries and concerns for the old references that you now know manipulate… or you fall back into the precipice, which will once again swallow you in the security of its “certainties”. Because this is the key word: CERTAINTIES. If it is that what you need, what your entire body and spirit long for, you will slide again on the slippery slope of the analytical and reasoning brain settled by the Grid. You will have started off again for another ride on the merry-go-round! But then it is not certain that you will have enough vitality to restart once more when you will have realized the trap into which you have fallen again! But security is so attractive, is it not? All your upbringing system is based on this notion. You will fall back into it except if, very simply, a “curious” intelligence, an intelligence which “comes from nowhere”, like a kind of spontaneous intuition… does not come to whisper to you that if those old « certainties » would tell the Truth, Paradise on Earth would have already been installed since a long time ago. It is a « small breath »! Are you going to listen to it or follow it?... Or will you go back to the big voice of « reason », which tells you that you are a bit mad and that you must believe « all the elders » who have shown a safe, certain and secured Way for your Liberation.


So if you want to take the risk of the without-security Way, to know nothing more except what you will discover at every moment and rely on it to take your next step, you could then find this Look again and this comprehension, which free from all doubts and anguish of being destroyed. Why? Because this “small breath”, is this Intelligence itself, this Look itself, which might make an opening through the veil of the Grid. A few seconds suffice! But now you know, feel that there exists another dimension of life than the one which surrounds you or that is proposed to you. It suffices to breathe onto these little embers of intelligence which have just made this opening. The rest will follow and will develop by itself as events go by, which you will look at with this fresh and new spirit at each moment. You let this Intelligence develop very NATURALLY in the event. You then come into the great Art of behaviour and of action according to the NATURAL movement of Creation, which is no longer disrupted by the “imaginations” of the Grid.


Thus you will be NATURALLY lead to turn the look onto your space of life, because this is what is immediately here. No need to judge, to assess with the old reference points. This look, which does not judge and assesses NOTHING, possesses its own Intelligence, its own Comprehension. It will tell you, make you feel through the body ALL what is there and your possibilities of action. Follow this comprehension through the body naturally, and from observation to observation, the space will be modified by itself. Why? Because you are part of this space! It will then modify naturally by incorporating the new data and vibrations that you give. So, useless to be at war against your space. The war will come quick enough by itself! Why? You are not alone in this space. The others exist also. The modifications of look, behaviour, radiance that you bring will perhaps not be pleasing to them. They will react! If you are serene and stable in your own comprehension, the conflict will not be destructive for you, even if it is uncomfortable. You accept this awkwardness, which you hope will not last, because you have no desire to go back to the old system. Revise on this subject what I have already told you about the liberating behaviour in the text “what the Direct Way is”.


But the humour of the situation and of the karmic system is that you will also be annoyed by the reactions of the old systems of references that you have let settle into you. Revise what I have told you in “the challenge 1 of life”. There are two centres of decisions in you. There are two chess players on the chessboard that you are. This second player called the Grid will not be happy. Understand it! Have some compassion for it! The poor thing! For such a long time it has been winning on the chessboard of your life and is nourished by your action! Poor Grid! You still do not sufficiently realize its “suffering”. Later, you will understand better: it does not know how to make energy! It has to live! So, it steals: Normal, no? It steals it through your movement when you use the means that it has created. And now you have the “shameful” pretentiousness of using some other means of action and behaviour. So you become a killer! Of IT!..... But « IT », is all Its Life. It does not know anything else than “Itself”. Besides, it is very simple!: Outside itself “nothing” exists. So you are all the same not going to go into this “no-existing”! You are mad, completely lost, totally unreasonable. Fortunately It is here (THEY are here) to pull you back into line. They have to live! They are going to starve! Understand them very well with all the comprehension of your heart… and continue to follow your movement that you know is right. Only truth frees and to stay in a lie will never give you the necessary and indispensable dancefloor for the movement of this perfection that you ARE.


Such is the reconstitution of the dancefloor according to the NATUREL movement of Creation.


You can then use the practice of the bronze men 1&2 as a support to “assist” your Original Look.