Application 3 of the bronze man four


The flame of life



When you are in this quietness, this safety of existing and this comprehension that there is a power in you that can make you master of your life and cease to be a leaf moved by the wind, you become a rock, an ineradicable rock.


This is what you become, because you have descondensed the emotional system in which you were trapped. It is like in a game of squash where one sends the ball back. This is a very dynamic game. The emotional system is like squash. The ball comes from all directions and is sent back in all directions. There is nothing linear, all is entirely spatial, because if you practice real squash, you realize that not only do you have four walls, but you also have a ceiling and a floor onto which you can, also, return the ball. You are in a true caisson, a space of sending back action.


It is when you have left this emotional squash, when you have descondensed the box in which you were that you realize there is a rock inside you.

The descondensation produced by the bronze man four puts a strength into activity again, a will for existence without the search for either fight or submission. It is a strength that comes from inside. The first two applications of the bronze man four have had the aim of putting it back into activity. It is a fury to want to live. One is not furious or angry against the others or against the world. One has this strength to say: ”ah, I want to live!” When this happens naturally, one sees it in the entire attitude of the person, in her manner to come into a room, in her manner of looking, in this flame, in this light in her eyes, in this power in her belly, in this steady and ineradicable side, but which is not synonymous with immobility.

It is a steadiness always in movement. It is a volcano which has burst open and the lava comes out and burns all in its path. It takes possession of the land. When it flows, nothing else can stop it and all what is there is burnt, changed and modified. And very curiously, if you are a bit interested in volcanoes, you know that after the lava flow, the soil is very fertile.


So, to help you, if you come into this state of being of fury for life, there is the third application of the bronze man four that is called the flame of life. You feel it inside you. You have the fury to make it live. This practice allows you to enter into communication with this strength. To have this conscious perception, one leans on the very essence which gives your existence on Earth: your participation with the white energy, the essence of the sound BAM.


You start the first application of the bronze man four again, this transfer, this communication in the space with all the others bubbles. You are sending them this desire to live, this knowledge that is yours and which has allowed you to begin to touch the fire that is inside you. You are telling them that all this exists and that it is not necessary to give oneself up to a destructive carelessness. You are speaking to them and giving them your strength, your will, your knowledge. You are giving them all what you have received, without wanting to keep something for yourself, because you have come to participate. So, participate with them in this way. You can send all this into the universe, to the others, telling them: “Eat and take. I have this nourishment with me, I give it to you, I invite you to my meal”. Go ahead, do like this.


Now, you cease. You remain in this peace, which has settled like after a fully accomplished work, noble and just, dignified. There is no search for nobility, for dignity. The state of being in which one is, here, leads the movement and one cannot do otherwise. It is just, true and simple to do like this. It is clear and fresh. You have not waited for it, you have not worked for this, but thanks will come. And this is enormous. It is absolutely enormous when you have all this strength of attention towards the others, all this full consciousness of your movement, of your action, of the purity of your commitment and of its indestructibility. The body can be killed, but this cannot be killed. You let come, you let happen. You cannot do something else. You cannot prevent the other from coming and thanking you. You are carried in his heart.


When you find the perception of your body again, there is an enormous strength inside you. Now, I would say that you are going to make the effort of your life. All this strength that you feel inside you, you let it explode like a volcano shooting off the lid that still obstructs its chimney. You make an enormous compression in your belly by closing the perineum. You exert yourself and all of a sudden, it is very clear, there is a flame which leaps up inside your belly and which goes through your entire body. An enormous flame. You can feel a fantastic heat, but look, it is here! The flame of life! This is a reality. Relax and be intimate with this flame. You can perceive that it has three floors. The first is at the heart, the second at the throat and the third at the forehead. But it goes further, beyond your fontanel. Even if you do not perceive this possibility straight away, you guess it.


With an abdominal movement, you make it rotate clockwise. And it radiates inside you. It pushes everything away, it burns what is useless. This flame burns what is useless through the fury of living to the full and with dignity. There is no longer any discussion with this flame. It is youthfulness, the fury for life. It is young; the volcano is always young, always renewed, always new.


Firstly you concentrate on yourself so that it burns and destroys all the attractions to your curious emotional systems, which always lead you into prisons, stereotyped sensations, habits. Later, you let it go beyond yourself. It burns what is around you and you are this moving volcano.





The dance floor


If you want to get out of trouble, of this cobweb that ties you up from all sides, you need mobility and an enormous help.


Therefore, if you want to move, you must really already have the intention of moving yourself. But not only the intention, because you are caught a little awkward, somewhat overwhelmed, held in a corner of a house. It is truly the intention of finding your original dignity again. There is no dignity in letting oneself be locked away. It is this intention that will provoke the mobilization of the strength in your cells and put itself into action.


Do not delude yourself, if you do not want to dream your life, you should put it into movement. For that, you need a space, a dance floor. You need a space to circulate, a space to move yourself, a space where you are able to take your steps, to breathe and to stop with this tying up in this cobweb. That is the dance floor. It is the space to circulate.


It does not suffice to only want to, you also need to be able to. Without this intention, you will not go very far. There will be a basic real movement of this liberating energy, but it will cease very quickly. You will continue your practice with imagined potential, which will create physical sensations for you, but in 25 years time you will still be in the usual confusion.


Where is your intention? This is the starting point.

Do not go around in circles. What do you want of your life?

This is what will determine the importance of the vibration and its reality.