I establish the process for the men while speaking of testicular breathing. However the women will understand “ovarian breathing”. The principles are the same. If you want to sophisticate, there are a few differences but there are minor and have no interest in the setting of our work which is a preparation for the anterior lifes and an energetic assimilation of the data collected in the visions.


POSITION: Sit down on a chair or on the ground cross-legged. There is no interest to martyrize the knees; take the position which is comfortable for you.

Back straight at the level of the waist, but slightly bent at the level of the shoulders and of the neck to relax the chest and to help the energy to circulate. Chin deep-set.

It is good to have the non-compressed testicles by a tight pair of underpants. Think of underpants of grandfather and wear one, or better, nothing at all. Never naked or you will lose a lot of energy. Comfortable and warm clothes.

The tongue against the palate: we have already seen that the tongue is used as link for the circulation of the energy to close the loop between the front and the rear of the channels.

Hands joined on the knees.




Breathing through the nose.


1.Center your attention onto the scrotum, between the two testicles: sensation of cold.


2. Breathe in slowly and go up the testicles upwards through an effort of the muscles of the belly. Retain the breath for a while and breathe out gently while releasing the muscles. Imagine that the air descends into the testicles and fill them up. Continue the movement until that you feel the cold into the testicles.

In secondary effects, this movement of comings and goings will in the same time make circulate rapidly the pelvic blood and evacuate accumulated toxins.

With habit you will use only the spirit: practically all is localizing in the scrotal bag itself.

Make this breathing until you feel your testicles well charged of cold energy.


3. Then, pull softly in breathing in this sensation of cold scrotum until perineum, while going up your testicles. Close well the perineum at the end of the inhaling, when you are in exhaling. Be concentrated onto this zone in order to not let escape the energy into the legs: it would going back to the earth.

Redo several times this aspiration so that you feel well the essential link between sacrum and perineum.


4. Once this connection done, there is the second also crucial for the exercise: passage to the sacrum.

Always start with the testicular breathing, breathe in, pull the cold from your testicles until the perineum, then bring it to your sacrum. Move the sacrum from front to rear, slightly, to help the passage of energy. Breathe out while maintaining the perineum closed well.

Make come back many times energy to the sacrum, until you feel the cold energy going up a little through the back. This sensation shows that you have succeeded this difficult passage. The continuation will now go by itself.


5. Next stage: medium of the back (the 11th dorsal vertebra). To localize it, pass a string around your waist, at the level of the navel. The point is onto the spine, at the opposite.

Practice in the same way, always while breathing in and always in starting from the testicles. In fact, the term “to pull” is inappropriate; it is “to push” that you should say. Imagine a tube which goes from the testicles, passes through the perineum, the sacrum and goes up through the spine until the nape and even continues until the fontanel. The faucet of drawing is the testicles; it is thus them which supply the tube with energetic liquid and no an aspiration which pulls the liquid towards the top. The liquid goes towards the top because you open the faucet at the bottom. And in the end, in order that the liquid does not get lost when you take your breathing (exhaling) back, you must close the perineum. The process is simple but you should imperatively be watchful that any contribution leaves from the testicles. If these last one seem empty, for some reasons that it is, you must charge them again with inhalations of air. Then take the mechanism from the beginning again.

You can help you in moving from front to rear this part of the back. You will feel the energy coming in this point and you can advance when it tries to go higher up all alone.

Know that it is a zone where you can store energy. Amongst other things, it is in connection with the regulating center of the heart. When you have a pressure at the level of the heart or of the chest, be concentrated onto this point of the back. Almost immediately there will have a disgorging of the heart. You will feel it relieved. At the same time there will have a point of heat which will be made in the back. You can leave the energy there, or even better throw it into your belly. It is a process of unloading of the heart that the cardiac should know: this point of the back is a mini energetic pump which can relieve considerably the one of the heart while obtaining the same result.


6. Next stage at the medium of the back between the shoulders-blades. Each one its point. You will feel it at the inflating which is done when the energy arrives there. Keep it here for a moment because it is a point which will permit you later to make the energy passes through your arms.

Then same process.



7. Next stop behind the head, at the basis of the skull.

It is also a zone permitting to stockpile energy for a later use. It is also a mini energetic pump in relation with the one of the back and of the heart.

Now, be very careful at this stage. ONLY ONE TIME, during the unblocking of the circuit through the rising of the sexual energy, you will have an extraordinary impression of force in this zone. It will be powerful and will give you a real feeling of tonic and merry existence. You will know then what really the force of the sexual energy is and the enormous stability which can stem from its ordered utilization. You will know then that the little loving games leading to energetic discharges are of considerable loss of power and that you can use this power for something else.

This sensation will be only: it can be produced either on the way up (what we are making), or on the way down, what we are producing later.

Then when this sensation occurs, take your time on this point, “enjoy” of the state, observe you. You can take your time because this point permits the stocking of the energy, without any danger.


8. Your next point of stop is the top of the skull.

Continue to make going while breathing in up until the point situated right in the medium of the top of the head, from the testicles and with the closed perineum.

This energy brought here increases the creator power and ameliorates the memory.

You do not go further for this time.


9. In the end, with a little habit, the complete procedure will be made in one soft and long inhalation, once of course that the testicles will be well filled with this cold energy.


10. Then, you go down the sexual energy through the same way in controlling the movement. You do not let the energy coming back alone in the belly: you direct it and you command it!

Pay attention to the nape: it could be that the sensation that I have described is realizing while this descent. Even without this sensation, stop for a while at this zone. You will feel as a cushion which spreads out and enlarges behind your nape. That provides a feeling of well real protection.


Coming back into your belly, you will maintain your hands against while imagining that you attract there the rest of the energy which will have remained in the circuit.

Then you will make the loop several times.


In complement, if you want it, you can make the complete loop without a return back. You will have a new taste in the mouth at the passage of the energy. Be careful then to not let the energy in the circuit and in particular in the head or in the heart. In this case proceed as I tell you it in the end of the following chapter on the reinforcement of the loop through aspiration of the Tan Tien.

For my part I prefer make the cold sexual energy coming back from the head through the back because there is a very sensitive reinforcement of the zones of the neck and the setting up of an energetic protection which is not negligible. It helps considerably against quick attacks coming from the outside. The mechanism of protection is then immediately in place through a re-entry of the chin towards the throat, which naturally tightens the nape without any muscular effort for it. The networks which cross it are thus not compressed and have an immediate operationality, as much in the intellectual decisions that the physical actions.





Essence of life


The rider of the light



The rider of (the) light: A rider is a being who rides a horse and this horse is a horse of light.


In the vocabulary of the Direct Way, what does the light mean, a horse of light? It is a phenomenon of condensation. The original light, the strength, the beauty, the happiness, the generosity, the original love condenses and forms a matter that you use in your ordinary life.


I have often taken the example of a drop of water. In the atmosphere there is hydrogen and oxygen. And already, there is a chemical operation which occurs so that this hydrogen and this oxygen couple together and form water in its principle, in matter in the universe. This water, this water vapour will cool down, that is to say, condense, lose heat.

In the world of this light through the opening of the deep memories, you realize that originally there is no separation between the light, the heat and the love. It is the same matter which radiates under a different beam. So, when it loses heat, the matter changes and the light is transformed.

By cooling down, the water vapour will give a more or less thick fog with the fall of the temperature. If you lower the temperature more, the fog clearly becomes rain. In lowering more, the drizzle is transformed into heavy rain. Even into heavy hail. All that is a phenomenon of condensation that you can follow even further, because the rain and the hail can be transformed again into snow and if you condense again, if you lose more temperature, the snow will give ice.

H2O, this original matter, will take on the external state of the temperature in which it is. So, I should not say that snow is transformed into ice, but that water, reaching a certain temperature, takes on the structure of ice.


The rider of the light rides the light.


What is the light in the reptilian world, in the world of the Grid? It is when you have decondensed matter; you have made the reverse process. Of the ice you have made snow, the snow has become water; the water has taken on the appearance of hail, then of drizzle and so on. In fact, you implement a reverse process of the one that has made and produced that what we are, this body, so rigid and so roughly treated.


Then, the rider of the light is the one who has put into action, inside him, this process of decondensation from that what he is, him. He has perceived that the emotions exist only in a particular vibratory system, that is to say, in a precise space. So a form of emotion exists only within the framework of a temperature.


Said in another way, the worries and problems that we have are always linked to a space. What is more, a space conducts its own definition and builds its own problems. So, in each space there is a degree of temperature. You change the degree of temperature and the space has changed, the problems have changed, the emotions change and so on.


So, the rider of the light has perceived that. And, instead of going and screaming against the space in which he is, he has the capability to decode what is going on and to modify the code, that is to say, to modify the temperature of the space, to modify the vibration of the space and, so, gradually, he decondenses.

He decondenses and he perceives first the result inside him. This is why he first becomes a rider of light: he is of light. Then, when he really is a rider of light, sure of himself, confident in himself, he will be able to be the rider of the light.


So, to ride the event and to transform the event into light.


Compared to the rider of the event, the rider of the light is the successful realization of this first cavalcade. There is no longer personal security for this person. Never mind if he dies. He cannot do anything else than to be this being of light.


This is an excessively powerful level, because when the rider of the light rides the light, there is a firework in Heaven, there is a firework in Creation. This firework is full of stars, which fall onto the heads of human beings. It is a blessing for humans and it is a dance in Heaven. Heaven is pleased, is happy.


If moreover, it can have the coupling between two riders of the light, and it is here where we enter really into the technique of the Great Union; if it can have this coupling between two beings of light, there is an explosion; there is an atomic bomb in Heaven. This is Heaven who shouts with joy and it provokes a fantastic repercussion of blessing on the heads of humans. Here, truly, through this repercussion, there is a very significant transformation of the karmic forest of all the vibratory system of the reptilian.



It is impossible to reach this state without having passed through the one of the rider of the event. I can say that the rider of light is the human state while coupling with the Source. It is excessively rare and this is a real shame, because it is possible. I have shown everything to reach there. But to reach there, you must really love this coupling. You must really love this intention that has made Creation and Creativity to have coupled. For that, you must no longer be interested at all by your own creation, by your own movement.



However, we create a work on Earth,

a perfect work.