Rider of the event




I begin with the end. Putting the plough before the bullocks so that they can become bulls.




The state of rider of the event is the result of the maturing of the human being on earth. It is this mobility that gives him all his freedom. Each event is a space of life, quick, ephemeral, imposing. He lives it completely. The flight of the eagle does not leave any trace… Then another event… More and more.... Until the expansion of the movement of his body. He has shown the Art of Living and dancing on Earth. He has fulfilled his work.


So this is what I will have to tell you, to repeat, again and again …


The rider of the event is a rider, he rides the event. It is no small thing to ride the event. This horse is not a well-behaved plough horse that stays quiet while you are sitting on it. No. The event moves. The event is always in movement. The event is when you dive into the river, into the current. You enter into the current, but two seconds later you are no longer with the same water you dived into. It is a different water that is around your body now. It is wrong to say: “the water is good here”. But which water is good, may I ask? The water that your body is touching, that you are bracing in the course of 10 minutes is never the same.

So, everything is in movement, everything is in circulation. The event is a wild horse which is always trembling, always moving, always ready to take you somewhere. It has a system of vibrations and even some systems of vibrations, although it has a prior vibration which determines the main movement. All that is linked to the karmic forest, in which the event appears. Even more profoundly, the event is, in itself, a karmic forest.

So, how are you circulating inside that? How are you able to slide, to pass between the trees, between the vibrations which provoke your entire emotional system?


Do you understand my question? : You ride the event, you ride a wild horse, which is not broken in, which is always moving. When you are on it, you are not thinking of the other horses remaining at the stable or that you would feel better playing golf or with your friends on the beach, going kayaking and sunbathing your navel, or even caressing the girls bottoms. No! You are on it. You are in the river!


Then, if you have the capacity to look at the event in full consciousness, like reading a text while looking at the gaps, the blanks, you can also perceive outside the river.

You then have this double look, this presence inside you, which is the development of the intuitive intelligence that is in all your particles of the body. You are there, according to what is there. You are not calling out for help. You are not comparing. You are not judging. You are not giving pieces of advice. You are quite obliged to act with the event which is here, with the vibration which is here, and this is what it is, to be the rider of the event.


If you do not have this very double look, you cannot be this rider of the event. If you do not have this very double look, if you have not developed this intelligence inside you, you are like a big cow, a big bullock, a big calf in the event, which lets itself be soaked by radiation. Then, if the radiations are not good, it calls out for help and it has criticism on the environment, on other people, on the social system. If the vibration is good, the calf turns into a big cat, which purrs on its back and spreads its thighs to be stroked on the belly.


This state of rider of the event is a state of being. This state of being is part of what I call the Essence of life, the essential of life. This is very difficult. It is not worth fantasizing. You are saying: « Hey, right, one must take things as they are, being cool. One must not criticize. One must commit oneself in the action; one must let oneself be carried by the movement…. ». It is like this that the analytical brain codes the teaching that I give you. Then it channels the energy that develops inside you towards it.

No, you can turn this teaching as you want with your reasoning brain: you will never be a rider of the event, because it is a state of being, it is a presence in the space, it is a commitment in the space, it is an enthusiasm in the space. It does not come because you have decided it. And, when one sees you acting and doing, one knows very well where you are and who you are.


To ride a wild horse, a rider is needed, he also wild, who is not afraid of the wildness of his horse, who is not afraid of all its movements, of all its impulses, of all its outbursts. He will say: “Go on dear, do what you want. But I, I am here, and finally it is me who directs. And not only in finality, but from now on”. And the wild horse understands this determination very well. All in all, it is pleased with something in this operation of being broken in.

Because the event is a living being! It is alive! The karmic trees move! They like the wind that makes them alive. The karmic law of cause and effect functions in both directions. The karmic forest also loves to be subjugated and to be broken in. Finally, it is a challenge that it throws at you.


It is because it gives itself the challenge of being able to break in the rider so that the rider would be able to break it in. Do you understand? This is the magic of the universe.


With the rider of the event, one enters into the magic of the universe. One is no longer in the learnings of the basic techniques to transform ones state of being and to arrive at a better understanding of life. One is in a state of being that communicates with another state of being. There is a magical transmission from energetic body to energetic body and a fundamental transformation.







Objectives searched.


The MAIN THING is to create a metal fortress around the body in order to obtain two objects:

* a protection of the undesirable movements coming from outside. The waves then are naturally returned to the transmitter (effect of lunar shield) without absorption and internal storage, with all the consequences that it would carry to the consciousness which is then directed by the outside (the process reflex of action - answer).

* in this envelope there will be then possibility of working according to its heart and in the secrecy of this last one. One will go to the discovery of oneself in safety and according to his rhythm. No more need to prove by an action and explanations. That leads to a feeling of returning at home.


We will not speak much about the sense of protection against the movements of the outside. It is a personal business which will be directly felt in the body according to the intensity of the actions of the others. One will notice the effects of this energetic return on the transmitter. Peace will settle in the body and the spirit will find a serene place to rest. Also these perceptions of this safety will be directly proportional to the intensity of the aggressions. You must thus thank those which take the evil to attack you, and that in spite of the infernal return that they undergo.


Then for the details, to see the explanations which will follow.


    1. It is obvious that this practice can be done only when there is the knowledge of the loop. It provides the means of generating and of directing the energy in quantity much larger than that usually available without causing a pressure on the heart. It increases the circulation and the production of the lymphocytes without affecting the blood pressure contrary to the race or of the exercises of Western aerobics, for example.


    2. It is a question of creating zones of storage of energy and of preventing the escapes of energy. One increases the production of endocrine glands, structures the immune system and creates a feeling of good general being.


    3. With the energy produced one goes to work on layers of fascias (layers of permeable fabrics which wraps and protects the essential organs), in starting from the internal layer and going gradually towards outside. The goal is to allow a free exchange of the energetic flux in the body and to make capable of a psychological understanding concerning the events which have been driven back a long time in a limited musculature.


    4. The movements of contraction which will follow, will gather and compress excess fats which will then be transformed into energy and stored like such in the fascias. When the energetic pressure occupies the fascias, the fat cannot be stored any more. Consequently the body is accustomed to transform it directly into energy.


    5. Lastly, you will put in SAFETY the center of your energy body, the TAN TIEN, this small ball of ping pong placed at three fingers under the navel and a few centimeters in interior.

    Then, ALL will start from there. But so that the movement becomes reflex, it is necessary to reassure this small ball of vital energy which has already taken so much blows that it is wary when it is a question of putting the muzzle outside. Thus it is to you in an act of WILL to show that you arrange the house and supervise the environment.

    Because this small ball of energy is the representation and a condensation of another enormous ball which is the Vital Energy. It is the small one which will lead you to the big one. It is as a child whom one has in his arms and on which it is necessary to blow to heat it. There is always an ember ready to return to the Source. It is enough TO WANT. The remainder is done easily because the small ball knows the ways to join the Source, the Big one.


The constitution of the bowl.

    I have already given you this technique.


The constitution of the trunk.

    Now let us pass at what is above the bowl, what I name the trunk. It will be the part of the body between the belt and the nipples.

    We will proceed in the same way, but this time while going up starting from the belt. The process will be faster because the body will have already precise indications to work all alone. Also, work will be made with one strong breathing in which will push towards outside, then retention that one will block with a light pressure, and finally a tonic exhalation which will come in external push against the two preceding intern pushes.


    1. The first stage is on the level of the low ribs, in the areas of the points of orders of the spleen and the liver. Locate the circular zone easily, almost the width of a wire, on which we will push compared to the point of the floating ribs. To become aware into light pushes of the point in front, then back, then the two sides. When this localization is done, that you can help by a control of the hand, start to push on this circular zone in breathing in, retention and breathe out according to the process that I have just pointed out. It is as a metal wire which is constituted.


    Then, pay again your attention to the quite strong belt and push on it with vigour two to three times. Afterwards, while pushing in the same manner, pay your attention to the metal wire that you have constituted. You will notice that the ventral belt widens; it goes up like a cylinder towards the wire and is blocked on it. To breathe strongly in the metal cylinder that has been just set up. To reinforce with external breathing out.

    You have just set up a beginning of trunk while ascending that you will invigorate and check in the same way as for the bowl. While returning in normal breathings you will notice that this cylinder is maintained and makes you a good support as much on the level of the kidneys that of the belly above the navel.


    2. Continue the installation of the metal trunk by setting up a new metal wire on which we will go up to fix ourselves, but this time at the level of the nipples. In front of is the point of ordering of the heart, middle sternum, behind, on the spine and on the sides under the armpits. Same process and you notice that the trunk is prolonged itself under your inhalations, retention and forced exhalations.


    3. At this stage you feel you cast in a metal cylinder, from the pubis to the armpits. Breathe inside, take possession of your internal field, check by the hand of the breath that there are no holes.

    In this trunk, in low part, there is the Tan-Tien. Put it back at the place, camped well in its territory and made it move from right to left, below - above; roll it in your fingers, feel its force and its heat; leave its rays and its heat to reverberate itself on the inner face of the metal trunk which will shine. There will be a white color and of gold with blue-tinted reflections, as a bronze lit by a candle.


    Move, walk and feel you strong.


The constitution of the head and the legs.

Very naturally, if you have constituted the trunk carefully, the metal cylinder wants to be prolonged by the top. One never should let energy work only; it is you who must order. This is why I divide the two stages to oblige you to very precisely make the exercise of the will. At a more advanced stage it will be out of question to leave the energy out of your vigilant control.


    1. The first stage is at the level of the neck, in the areas of the points of ordering of the “opening of the Heaven” that one uses to open the memory of the former lives. To locate the circular zone easily, almost the width of a wire, on which we will push MODERATELY. To become aware with light pushes of the front point (Adam's apple), then back, then the two sides. When this localization is done, that you can help by a control of the hand, start to push on this circular zone in breathing in. It is still as a metal wire which is constituted.

    Then, pay again your attention to the quite strong belt and push on it with strength two to three times. The trunk to the armpits is constituted at the same time.

    Afterwards, while pushing in the same manner pay your attention to the metal wire that you have constituted at the neck. The cylinder goes up towards the wire and is blocked with him. To breathe gently in the neck. Reinforce with very moderate external exhalations.


    2. Continue by the head. Become aware of the nape of the neck, of the three points behind under the skull, the same ones that one starts up to open the former lives, then the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. The presence of the lateral points above the ears will be done automatically, if not help you by a pressure of the fingers.

    Then, by a light and very few pushed, but long breathe in, you will make ascend the cylinder from the neck behind the nape of the neck. You have noticed that I say for the neck and the head SLIGHTLY. The market porter, it is for the bowl and the trunk; now we put a protection around fragile zones which do not withstand a strong pressure which would lead to a heating. It is imperative that there is no heating neck and head. Register well in your brain once for all that if the feet must be warm the head must always be cold. IMPERATIVE!

    Thus you will constitute the protection without increasing the heat of the head. It is also one of the reasons for which one should not let the energy ascend all alone from the shoulders to the neck and to the head, in the proud tread to have made a success of the trunk so well! On the contrary, one calms the game! The energy, always glorious from its successes would like to go on the podium with the applause of the public. Pass you of the applause, it is necessary to go there to small tiny and delicate steps, the lowered head of humility. Know how to be able to gain a race and not to go to seek the medal. That will be used to you at the same time as practice to curb your so tiring desire to be “so much loved!”. Know well that if you put at evil a good once for all the pride, you would advance with great steps on the way of Knowledge. But one wants so much to be recognized! Is not it?


    Then be precise, soft and voluntary. By a breathing in as gentle as you, since you have suddenly become humble and simple! , make ascend the energy of the neck by the back of the skull then carry it towards the middle of the forehead. The remainder will almost be done only: it is a helmet towards the ears which will run from the median zone of the skull. Help this casting by the force of your will if necessary.

   Then, while expiring gently with the force of the will which will replace the muscular force used in the constitution of the bowl and the trunk, reduce this wave of energy by your nostrils, in your mouth and laterally towards the neck.

    Breathe in gently, inspect that the weldings are made and breathe out on them to check them.


    3. IMPERATIVELY, before going further, you will take your time to breathe out from the head to the belly, it means in the Tan-Tien. Take the energy of the head and while helping you with the breath by breathing out, carry it in the Tan-Tien on which you will push strongly with your muscles.

    You will notice that there is an extraordinary solidity which settles from the head to the belly. You will also notice that this descent of energy has just included your shoulders and runs in the elbows; it floods you until the end of the fingers which they too become of metal.

   You solidify the bronze man in its upper part. It is very well, but it is not the essential of this OBLIGATION to breathe thus.

    The reason is a cooling of the head. Only a cold energy must remain there. It is not besides for nothing that “one becomes very red” in the event of serious incident.

    Then, you will cool the head and heat the Tan-Tien. Thus the action for one will be used at the same time to the other while passing by the integral constitution of the upper bronze man. In passing meditate a little on the interest to make the things correctly: all is constituted at the same time whereas one pays attention only to one. It is the simplification of the life directly to “the energetic man” who makes say to the others “as it has chance!” Thank you, but it is not chance, it is work.


    4. Finally, when you have this very vivifying behaviour of the head in the fresh and the belly in the heat, do not forget that you have legs, included buttocks, a crotch and all that goes with, although some would like to forget it. I detail you but be even more precise, because “overall” badly botched should not be done. You will first visualize the buttocks and you will push the belt towards them. The bowl will widen and descend. Become aware that it includes the sexual parts and makes them strong with at the same time a feeling of protection which is translated by a feeling “of membership”.

Prolong on the thighs. Do not forget the crotch and be sensitive to the protection of the sexual zones.

    Pass to the knees. Pay attention to the back of the knees where such an amount of negative energy accumulates. Press above by the presence of this metal sheath which goes down from your thighs. Evacuate this negative energy. Take your time, mass you with the hand if necessary.

    Then, it is the ankle then the foot.


    5. Return to the Tan-Tien, handle it, then condense it in a pearl. It must now be very brilliant. Make turn this pearl in your orbit, untiringly, untiringly..... Untiringly. Its force will invigorate all the zones met. Make pass it in your scapulas, the shoulders, the arms; receive it in your palms, feel the palms heat and even shine. You can perceive the passage of the energy from one hand to another if you bring them, fingers face to face, with a few centimeters without touching. Then, make turn in the arms, the shoulders, the arms, the hands… You will notice thus that there is another energetic circle there; help with its constitution by spreading the scapulas with the feeling that the muscles of the top of the back are tense. You will have also the feeling of the connection of the neck with the arms and if you continue without effort or brutality, you will know that there is a very important relation between the neck and the kidneys.

    Go until where you want; you can send the pearl now where you wish by a push starting from the Tan-Tien, that it is an eye or the toe. But by pity, if you aim at the right eye, that it is not the left which is touched: that would like to say that you are still examining you (well, how I am strong!) instead of living quite simply.

    And then, I do not speak about the satisfaction that you feel; it is obvious, is not it?


    6. You are now entirely constituted by a metal sheath, like an armor which marries the contours of your body. You are strong and solid. Go in the life thus and you will not have any more as much of apprehension. Then it is personal business: the more one puts fireproof this protection, the more one takes confidence in it and the more it is strong and durable; the more also it is constituted quickly, in a few seconds.

    Move, walk and feel you strong. Go thus in the life and you will have great astonishments. For example you will notice that evacuates itself this faculty to be cried over oneself and the laughter will be rather your companion that the tears. Be wary of whiners, they are not solid people. And as to be solid it is necessary to work, made yourself the links. That each thing is clearly put at its place and the cows will be well kept! Very prosaically it will be known where to put his feet.


    Then, it is in this fortress of the bronze man that one will bring his negative emotions and that they will be burned. You will become even stronger about it and if you accept this stage, I must warn you that you will be able to soon do without me. When the Interior Master wakes up there is no more the utility of external state intervention. But there are very difficult weanings, so much so that one refuses to go until the end of the things to remain in a well protected cocoon and under high surveillance. To take its flight and to build by oneself, it is not so obvious that would be said in discussions to the bottom of obscure kitchens with a cigarette to the hand and a coffee cup in the other. The light can become of intensity hard to bear. It could be that you have these clearnesses with this practice. With this bitch of fear will necessarily come. Burn it in the bowl of the fortress of your bronze man and thank it for its presence: it ensures you that you are in the right direction.