The energetic structure of your reincarnation is conditioned by the principal attraction that you had at the time of the previous death. One comes back to the commentaries on the karma and the energetic flows. It is the attraction that you have with certain flows, with certain karmic trees which directs your manner of living.

The structure is not rigid. It is an art to circulate, a manner of moving and of acting between the trees which constitute this karmic forest of humanity. With the result that finally, the death is only one artificial stop. It is always the continuity of the Being since the work that you make on your life of now is the one that you would have continued in your life of before if you had not had this bodily interruption.


In these commentaries, what mainly interests me is to draw your attention to what you estimate to have been in your previous lives. If you knew the number of people whom I have met and who saw themselves like Marie mother of Jesus at the foot of the cross, or Buddha, or a Pharaoh, it is impressive. The machine to make copies has well functioned!

What does it occur there? A being is a system of vibration. Moreover, if this being has been important and that others have followed him, his vibratory system has been transformed into an energetic flow. If somebody, in this life of now, has an attraction towards this form of vibration, he will recognize it like his.

Also, it is necessary to relativize what you perceive of your previous lives. When you settle as an absolute being, it is an error. It is this problem which I am raising for you there. It is always necessary to look in relativity.

It is also an error, on the karmic level, to install a system of karmic debt towards a person. There is not any karmic debt at the level of a person because the person whom one believes to recognize is also the recognition of a flow. Was it really this person? It is only one vibratory dimension which exists and which one recognizes.


What I say there will grain many people because each one imagines his little stories. So, I relativize that.


Finally, what is the need of having a vision of your preceding reincarnations? That is used to know your form of interest, of attention, the vibratory form followed as your lives, your evolutions go. That is used finally, to ask the question: « Did I like me in it? Did that satisfy me? »… So that in your daily life OF NOW, you also look at your forms of life like attractions to certain energetic flows and that you re-ask the same question: do I like me in this role? From there, by the choice of your love, of your affection, you make the choice of the energetic flow that you like to make live inside you.


Thus, you have made the choice of the energetic fabric which will carry

your action!


You have only two energetic fabrics: the one of the Dignity which releases from everything and the one of the grid which locks you up in everything. You have the first, a triangulation where nothing is kept for oneself, and the other where it is a relation in duality, from the one to the other, which is always calculated like a business man, a grocer with the purchase price, the selling price, the cost price and the benefit in premium.


I wanted to draw your attention to the relativity of your certainty to have been

this or that.