Evolution of the structures



At the beginning, there is a separation of the original space of perfection. One is in a separating space, that it is wanted or not, that one has wanted this separation or not. You can perceive all that I will say to you through the opening of your profound memories.


This separation, one should not be made a history, guilt of it. In the world of the Earth, that one will call human, there is a separation, which has been programmed by an external intervention. But even if this intervention had not existed, the separation would have been done naturally because it was registered in the energetic potentiality of the being initially created. That one has been artificially separated at the beginning, or not, that one has accepted it, wanted it or not is not important. Now, one is in a separating space and it is this separating space that conducts and prints the phenomenon of the energetic structure.


Why this separation was obligatory?


Because it was induced, in potential, in the structure of the being, in his identity at the beginning. The more he had the possibility of deviating from the Source of Creation, from this perfection, the more he returned from there charged in tonicity, to return to this Source, to this origin, the benefit of his voyage. The more the voyage was far, the more the benefit was important with the return to the Source. Therefore, there was automatically emulation, an encouragement, to go always further, to go increasingly deeper.


The danger is that the one which will go far from its Source, in this separating space, can lose the memory of the way of the return. For the Source, it is not a question to send somebody to lose himself so far that he cannot return any more. The goal was that it can go very far and that it can, also, return.

The difficulty is that this separating space became so powerful that it has known to create its own virtual world, it has known to create its own dimension and it can manage to lock up the totality of the memory and the energetic impulse of the being in its own world. The one that is in this world can experience of it such a pleasure, such an enjoyment, that he has forgotten that there is another world and that he is destined for returning in another dimension, to return to his sure Earth.


Then, it is there that you can understand the difference between the people.

That depends on two factors. The first factor is a being which has been separated or not separated. Whether he is separated or not, it does not matter because in any case one is in a separating space, which induces the system of the structure, of the emotion, of the reaction and so on. One will not return there. But if a being has not been separated at the beginning, has not wanted to be separated, has not been attracted by this phenomenon of separation and has succeeded in escaping from this mechanical action which has been done on the genetics of the human, it always has such a presence of this dignity inside him that he suffocates in the separating space. He wants to play the game because he came there to try to discover what occurs, but at a given time he will say that it is not his game and that he does not feel well and that there is another thing.


Others understand that it is better to go by-there but also like the other side. These one are still travelling in this world of separation. They are seeing how they can manage the cabbage and the goat, how, effectively, they can continue to collaborate in this dimension of separation but by emitting a particular coloring called spirituality.


Then, there are those one completely in the voyage and are fascinated by the discovery of this new world. They are perfectly satisfied with that. For them, it is not question of asking them to bring back the result of their work, of their knowledges to the Source. They work for them. They feel very well and very positive in this space and want to remain there.


What makes your energetic structure? It quite simply follows the evolution of your voyage between the space of non separation and the separating space. According to this voyage, you have a karmic environment which settles around you, who leads, then, your energetic structure, it means your phenomenon of attraction to go in a direction.


Then, do you really need to go until the end of the marsh to be disgusted about it and so that after is readjusted, through this disgust, your memories, the existence and the desire of another dimension?


The Direct Way proposes an acceleration of the process to be transformed without waiting that the total suffering is the fulcrum to jump again towards the Heaven. It permits to return by love, by readjustment of the memory of love, that there is inside all the cells of the body.


It is that the real result of the Direct Way.


The meal of love will be immediately perceived actually and consumed by some people as soon as they have understood.

For some others, it is not so obvious. Publicity should be made.

And for those who want nothing to hear, one could say quite simply that the life will deal with them. In fact, the karmic system will deal with them.


Therefore, one should not be concerned with this supposedly ignominy of the separating space. There is no ignominy in that. It is a reality which has been registered from the beginning and which had, in all manners, to be done.


What interests us is how you can touch again the original matter and love it so much that the original triangulation is made again and that you would be helped continuously in your mobilization by all this force of the Heaven.

Your analytical brain, which listens to me would still record that one is there to escape from this prison. But no. One has come with a body to take part in this prison, to take part in the world. And to bring a transformation to it. One has not come to escape. But to be able to act with effectiveness on all the subtle points which make the prison and to make burst this prison so that the humanity finds back a behaviour of link and of happiness which is the natural original movement. One must understand how the prison works and how one can make it burst. That can be done only if you are in full possession of the forces of the Heaven, it means that you have found your Heaven again. Your reptilian brain is imagining that there are two separate spaces: a space of dignity and a space of unworthiness. A space which is always related to the Creation and a space which is separated from Creation. No, it is not so that that it occurs. There are not two spaces. There is only one single space but in this only space, which side do you nourish? Do you live with its dignified side or with its unworthy side? Which one do you make more dynamic in this single space? Thus there is not escape from this space. There is a manner of breathing, a manner of living, an entirely different communication.


The Direct Way proposes to you to return with a clear and healthy spirit where you are not trapped any more by the whole of reflexes, of emotions, of attractions which have been created by this force of separation. It is quite simply a help to return to your natural movement. Those people who have returned again in this dimension notice that there is nothing special in them. They are very normal, very natural.


They are ordinary people in the ordinary life.


They do not see particular change. It is perceived by the others. He has a behaviour, a completely different attitude. He is in a capacity for work and an enormous energetic mobilization, completely different. Thus the others see well that the person has changed but the one which has returned back home does not have the impression to be changed. It is so natural for him to be thus and he is happy. He does not understand how the others prefer to remain in the making of their misfortunes whereas they are saying that they wait for happiness. Then, one can tell them how to make. With those which want it well. Because there are some others who do absolutely not want to hear speaking about that because they are so comfortable in their system, still to discover all the new easy astutenesses, all the new pleasures that can propose to them this life.


Then, according to all that what you have lived, understand, as much in the dimension of non separated comprehension that in the separated dimension, is integrated into your manner of perceiving, of decoding the environment and of appreciating the karmic environment in which you are, who is automatically a karmic environment of separation. It is that which makes your structure. It is as a network of circulation which is you.


One speaks about the karma, about a collective karma: the karma of humanity, the karma of the species, the karma of the family, that of country and so on. One also speaks of a personal karma, yours. One says: “Now, my personal karma is that”. In fact, the personal karma does not exist. It has never existed. Nobody has a personal karma. There is a collective karma, a collective law of cause and effect of the humanity, of the species, that one can always more refine compared to the country, to the civilization, to the family and so on. In fact, there exists a whole vibratory of cause and effect. It is a reality. Then, what will you accept of that? What will you understand of that? What will you refuse of that?

The karma has this characteristic to function on an unconscious level because one does not perceive the methods, the energetic orientations which push you to go to such or such direction, to take such or such decision. It is not perceived. What one perceives is the result, it means the action. And when the action is there it is said that one has been brought to do that. But what led us to do that? It is, precisely, the impulse of the collective karma, the impulse of the collective environment in which one is.


What you will call your personal karma, your personal impulse, is all that is of collective karma, of collective space, that you have not understand, that you have not decoded, that you have not perceived and which can thus come to act unconsciously on all your system of decision.


Here is how that functions. But you cannot spend your time to want to know everything, to want to understand everything, to want to make an exhaustive analysis of all the collective karmic systems of the collective space, of the environment, of humanity.

Then, it is not a question to want to understand. But when the event acts, it arrives in emotion, in feeling, physically. And this event is not isolated in the nature. It is connected to a whole set of structures, of energetic mobilization. And when you have the possibility of understanding, of mastering the event which is happening there, you are controlling the total structure, without having the need of being occupied by all the remainder.


In fact, what can one make? It is to have its decoders sufficiently strong, sufficiently sensitive, that they are able to understand, to perceive the event which is occurring. It is the first point. The decoder perceives it. The second point is that you have enough heart to say that you do not want that.


Then, all the Direct Way is based on that on these two fulcrums.