Earth orientation


The accompanist



The accompanist carries well her name because it is the one which accompanies. It is somebody wonderful near a man, near a whole social system because she can accompany as much human that an idea. She will help him to fulfill his mission and his function.


The accompanist is not only the structure which is near. It is somebody who with the very clear perception of the role, of the destiny, of the mission of the being or the space that she accompanies and who is very imaginative to find the means to him to fill this contract, this destiny, this mission, this objective.


On the external level, one could say that it is the splendid executive secretary. She has this intelligent role and the possibility of understanding the need immediately, what is necessary and will set it up, will make it function. Therefore, it is the executive secretary which is an indispensability for the boss. He finds the things in the good place at the good moment.

It is rather difficult when I speak about secretary because one could say that there is the secretary and the boss. But, in fundamental reality, the accompanist is not behind the being that she accompanies, she is with him, beside him. It is a partnership. It is not a hierarchy.

What would give the impression of a hierarchy and not of a partnership it is that the accompanist does not have the capacity to create herself a space. She does not have the capacity to create for herself a destiny. She is accompanying of a destiny. She is thus taken as somebody who is in second hand compared to the principal action. One does not see that this principal action could not have been spread without her, and perhaps not even exist because it is her presence at her, which provokes enthusiasm for the action.

The one who is launched out in a race needs an intendance behind. Without the intendance, it cannot be in front of, behind and in the middle. When the intendance is there, he can make the race. It is for that that I speak to you about a partnership.

This assimilation of first and second, of leader and of second, is still a very linear form of analysis of the reptilian system. Finally, if one really looks at, life is space. There is not a front, a behind, a top, a lower part. This spatiality it is all the motivations, all this interaction of the phenomena, which constitute a space in which the things can live. The world is in partnership. When one starts to perceive that, the life starts to become frankly beautiful because ALL has its utility.

The tree, without the Earth around and all that nourishes it, would not exist. The reptilian brain is always with the research of the security and of the chief. He is the maker of social and mental hierarchy. But finally this hierarchy does not exist. It is virtual, an imaginary made up to articulate a space which one wants to control, to direct.

When one perceives that, there is a very clear opening of heart. The accompanist makes it possible to understand it, initially for her then for the one that she accompanies.


The ordinary world says that it is only one good secretary or a good wife. It is as when there is a sailing boat which makes pretty movements on the lake. It is very beautiful. Everyone is admiring the evolutions of the boat. Except that without the lake there is no boat; without water under the boat and without wind there are no arabesques. The lake is the accompanist. The ordinary man sees only the boat. But the trouble is the one who directs the boat can also be an ordinary man and not perceives more, understand that if he can move it is because there is water below, that there is a lake. That causes all these difficulties of comprehension: what is the role of this accompanist, what is her indispensability?


The accompanist has a weakness. She is a structure Earth which essentially, like any structure Earth, is not complete, it means that she does not have the capacity to create her own space. It is for that that she is not a structure of the Heaven because the essence of the Heaven it is the spontaneous and immediate creation of the space and of the enthusiasm which is linked to it. Therefore, she has the obligation to make a coupling. It is here where there is a great difficulty for her because this woman must meet a man who has a destiny.


A destiny is a will of life, a will to undertake, it is to want to do something, to create something.


It is not to be a vegetable. Therefore, the accompanist who would be with a man, as it is too often the case, alas, who with the quite serious work at the office, the TV in the evening with the films and the football game with his beer glass, does not have a destiny. And before she realizes, via a breast cancer that she is wasting her time and is devaluating, because her generosity is ragged, unused and not recognized, it will take time.

When I took the example of the boat on the lake, the lake is happy that the boat moves on it. Without the sail it has the impression to be idiotic and completely useless. She can be let sink easily towards this form of depression or do her work quietly, without passion because she accompanies. She will serve the family, the husband, the linen, the shopping, holidays.

But, quietly, she will be devaluated. She will not understand why she has this unhappiness, this sadness always in underground inside her. She will be in a permanent depression which is not seen because she will do her work with a form of tonicity but she will not have this enthusiasm, this joy, this happiness to do.


Then, it is difficult for the accompanist to find somebody to accompany. It is because it is difficult that she is likely to go to the Heaven. If she cannot accompany a man, a social structure, she can understand that she can be accompanied herself. She can understand that there is a beauty inside her, that she is sprung from the Force of the Heaven and that because the men do not want to go in their destiny because they prefer the foot, the beer and the lie and all the form of security, there is an Heaven inside her which has always, him, the impulse, the request to be accompanied to be able to live on the Earth.

One can thus transform this splendid structure of the Earth into splendid structure of the Heaven because she will be accompanied her, and thus her enthusiasm will reappear. She will be this beautiful sail, which will make arabesques on the lake that she is. It is a pretty progress.

One can bring this accompanist, who essentially seeks to make a couple, to be coupled with herself, with her force of creation. It is her, which can very strongly perceive the companion of light that she has and to make a coupling at all the levels with him and to meet a beauty, a sensual and sexual pleasure to live it, a permanent orgasm.