The secondary structures


The dancer of the space



The dancer of the space is the most often a male structure with Heaven orientation. It is a relatively evolved being, which has perceived, understood that space is at the origin of all the vibrations and the impulses of humanity.

Space is not only a reception ground, a passive dimension, but it is also a very active dimension which will act and make pressure on the energetic systems of the individual to make him vibrate in a certain manner. This vibration depends on the coding of the space, on its essential vibration because it is necessary to really understand that a space is not created by only one and single vibration, it is also a beam, a plurality of vibrations. But, there is nevertheless a priority vibration which one calls the father vibration or the mother vibration. It is this priority vibration, which gives the tempo, the general tone on which the other systems will adapt.


The dancer of the space is always worried about the space to create, to circulate. He will be worried as much as of the external space, it means the material environment, that the internal space.

But he wants to direct the space in his manner. He does not let circulate as freely as he says it. He opens indeed spaces, he gives spaces of life and hopes of life to people since the hope is a space, but with a coding: it is a space to do this, to do that. Space is already coded. It has a small label. There is not much freedom in all that. In the name of the Heaven, one puts rules, coercions, indications, into practice, which are frankly of the Earth.


It is an energetic structure which is under direct control of the Grid. It is very clever from the Grid to support this type of energetic structure because the person who acts thus really believes that he acts for the good of humanity, for the good of the Creation, the good of God.


It is a structure very difficult to accompany because the person who acts thus does not have the capacity to understand that it is mobilizing means and a space for a benefit which will go to the Grid.

It is a structure which can be rather interesting to accompany because that makes it possible to perceive which the importance of the non intervention is.

For this energetic structure, it is necessary to invite the person to be the minimum interventionist on the definition and the control of the space which he creates and supports, that he dances and to return fully in the happiness, very simple, to create something, without worrying more about the way in which this « something » will be used.