Heaven orientation


Master of Heaven



I now will talk to you about the structure of master. I say well of master and not of the Master. There is an important variation, a very large distance to traverse between the fact of having this structure of master and of being a Master.


What does that means: to be master? It is to have a control. It is to control something, to be able well to direct it, to understand it. It is quite obvious that you can control a lot of subjects, you can control the dialectical one, the fact of playing the violin, the piano or a sport, but it is not for that that you have the structure of master. You can be very strong somewhere and be regarded as somebody of exceptional but it is ever only craft industry in which you become a virtuoso, that it is as much in the physical, intellectual, cultural or spiritual field.


The energetic structures are used to make progress somebody in his voyage from the Heaven towards the Heaven, it means in his return voyage to his house. The structure of master is the one which helps this possibility. It has this capacity of dipping again in the memories of each one of your cells and to find back the teachings which is integrated in them.


Therefore, the structure of master is the structure which finds back, understands, teaches its personal knowledge. It knows how to return to its own memory and to make it come out again. Then to logify its own comprehension and to communicate it. It is thus a being, who has a very great intuitive sensitivity, an attention to the space and the events. It is interested by the discovery. It is the sense of the one who likes to teach, to show, to make discover, to put on the way.


But not any teaching: the one of the way to go back home. Then, it is completely obvious that his assistance will be related to the quality and depth of the piece of information which he is able to make going out his own cells and memories. What is not simple because this person comes from somewhere, she belongs to a social world, to a culture, to a whole of the humanity which, to him as to the others, has tried to inculcate its own reference marks, its own manner of thinking, its own information. Also he is very attentive to make the difference between what he rediscovers of this truth which is really in his cells and of information which arise in his brain and which are only information brought by the cultural memory.

Therefore, it is a being that very naturally is serious in his attention to the events and to the information that he captures at the others, in the event inside him, especially inside him.


The structure master is not somebody who has arrived, he is in way. It is in front. And progressively of his rambling, it is a little as if he had a cellphone and that he was saying to the others, behind him: « Attention! You will find such junction, such stone, such pillar, such brook and you must pass over there because on the other side that does not go. » .


There is the greatness and the difficulty of the structure of the master.

The greatness is to have this possibility of reaching and of updating his memories and by that, there is his inner chemistry which changes. But alas, he can become super pretentious. It is a structure of the Heaven but not a structure eminently of the Heaven. This structure of master is, finally, almost more related to the piece of information that it will give to the Earth, it means to the other men, than to his relation with the Heaven.

The structure of master can settle in a form of state of rigidity. It can easily transform a structure of training into a rigid structure which loses its mobility. It loses the instability of the hiker, in the sense that the hiker is never in the same place, he is always moving.


Differently say because it is very important, it is the structure which is enthusiastic when the space changes, when the innovation changes, when finally, which exists-there bursts on itself continuously, it means that what exists-there is self-destroyed and that there is another thing which is built. Therefore, the structure of master is this enthusiastic structure with the permanent discovery and has an almost physical pleasure to perceive that the preceding fulcrum, that he believed so sure, is destroyed and changes.

On the other hand, if straightway, he is let catch by other trees of the karmic forest in which he is and who reassures him on his quality, on what he is, if he is let catch by the congratulations that the others give him, the pupils, and that he loses this pleasure at that all is constantly destroyed, regularly, that he loses this pleasure at this constant mobilization, he will start by establishing a stability of teaching. One will say of him that now he is a Master. No. He is an imbecile who has only just stopped on the road. And then he can speak so well and show so well that he will stop the progression on the way of those who would have gone further.


As the structure of the master is not a structure eminently of the Heaven, he can stop and alas, he often stops. Then, when one works with a structure of master, to educate him, it is necessary to pay much attention to maintain his mobility, to prevent him from being locked up in his perceptions, in his feelings.

In other words, when one is with the structure of master, that one helps him, it is necessary to be super disturbing, super provoking, super annoying. In fact, he should not be left quiet on his rocking chair with his perception, his feeling, because he, in essence of structure, always seeks to organize the piece of information to retransmit it. In other words, it is a structure which is capable of retransmitting, two minutes later, the innovation that he has just learned. Therefore, he has this mechanism of spontaneous search for making the piece of information taking shape, to throw it again and make it rebound. Then, it is necessary to pay great attention to that when one works with him. It is necessary systematically to break the machine to him, who spontaneously puts the piece of information in form to reproduce it so that the piece of information remains free, remains moving and that it can strike other fields of comprehension.


The one who is eminently Heaven could say: « I do not know who I am ». On the other hand, the structure of master could easily say: « I know who I am ». To help a structure of master it is already necessary to be very strong, it means to be a structure eminently of the Heaven, or else he will always involve you in an informational system, more or less rigid with its reference points always in the past and it is what does that after, the master is a Master, because there is all the social and reptilian system, all the world of the separation, which is in the search of this immobilization as a piece of information that one can control.