Energetic flows.



The energetic flows are spaces. If you enter inside, you are submitted to their system of vibrations. You have two principal flows. On the one hand the one of the Dignity, the general vibration of the Creation, the second the one of the separation, the space constituted by the grid.

The flow of separation is inside the flow of Creation and it is by its movements that there is creation, in the flow of Dignity, of all the forces of compensation.


In fact, there is that only one principal flow: the one of the Creation, the one of the Dignity. Then, there is a secondary flow, an interference, a virus, which has settled inside it, the flow of separation.


You, where are you? You believe to have the capacity to choose your space? But no, because you are automatically in the flow of separation because it is the humankind which has helped for the constitution of this flow. Then in any case you are inside.

In this secondary flow there are many minor flows which are means of action which have automatically a repercussion on the principal flow of the Dignity.

One can discuss a long time on the methods of creation and of working of the flows. But in the final analysis, when one goes to the heart of our liberation, it is not our problem, it is not our interrogation. Our interrogation is quite simply that knowing that one is completely in the flow of separation, how to withdraw itself from its action?

It is possible because our body is not made by the grid, but by the Dignity. So, each one of our particles has all the qualities of the Original Creation. You have the possibility of making them live, of making them move so that these are their vibrations which occupy your body and not those of the flow of the grid.


One always arrives at the same interrogation:

where is your will of life?

What do you want to live and what are you able to live?

Which means do you give you, which determination do you give you?


The rest it is phraseology, that does not have much importance. In finality, you will pass continuously from the flow of the grid to a vibration of the Dignity for then making you be caught again by the grid and thus you will still find a means for you to go out of it and to go back to the Dignity. And you constantly make this to and from until the moment when the vibrations of Dignity are principal inside you.

Thus, let us be practical: what do you want?

What do you really want to live and which means do you give you?


According to the means there will be a type of vibration, which will be put in action since the vibration has like origin an intention.


All the most thorough knowledge that you can have and that I can give you are only secondary. They have utility only when you do not know how to make decisions and that it is necessary to explain in great detail etc…But, if you have the vitality to go out of this trouble yourself and that you say no to all the vibratory system of the grid, you do not need of all this phraseology, you do not need all these explanations. You go directly to the heart.


And the heart it is the everyday life. It is the event which is there, now.


But as you can need these complementary « explanations » to make comprehensible for your reptilian, I give you some more piece of information:



The energetic flows refer automatically to the karma, to the three fundamental laws and the installation of the energetic structure of the being in the karmic system which surrounds it.


The energetic flow, it is very simple. It is a vibratory system which, repeated so often and continuously improved, causes a mobilization of energy inside the space in which it is built and becomes a general tool in it.


At the beginning there is a personal, individual intervention. There is a quantum of basic energy which is put in vibration in a certain manner and which creates an energetic object. That is done as much dignity side or grid side. Grid side there is an emotional impulse which does not exist dignity side since there is an impersonal triangulation and nobody who wants to profit and capitalize the result. Whereas in the grid, it is a relation in duality and one counts the result exactly like a match of tennis.

Thus, at the beginning there is this personal action, which by dint of being repeated by the person and a multitude of others people ends up being a collective means, a collective vibration.

It is that an energetic flow.


It is also a space of action. The means being put in vibration on itself, according to the intention which it has inside it, automatically creates a movement which determines a space. Ultimately, an energetic flow is as much donor as receiver. It is as much an action as space. There is a vibration, which makes that this object is there. But each time you use it you put in vibratory increase all the space, which is constituted from there.

Ultimately, to enter the flow, to use it, you must generate your energy to also help the energy of the flow. Once the mechanism of ‘to give-to receive’ is installed with a flow, it also goes on. There is a constant to give and to receive. It is for this that one does not become free so easily from a flow. There is continuously an increase in an internal chemistry, which returns one to the other. It is also excessively important to perceive and understand the flows with which you will work.


Pay carefully your attention on that. The choice of your friends has much importance. « The friends of my friends are my friends » as I said it in the chapter about the karma.

It is also another manner of explaining you the karma. Because all is reduced to the same question: what are you? Which is the vibratory wire which makes you enjoy? From there you circulate on a fabric. But you do not make only to circulate on it. You invigorate it at the same time as it invigorates you. One is returned to the other, constantly. You give and you receive with the Heaven or you give and you receive with the devil. That this be clear.


Then, when you are dressed by the suffering do not believe that you will release yourself quite simply by saying that you want to give up this flow. No. It does not give up like that because you are glued to it. There is a return ticket, there is a constant to give-to receive with it. You will be able to go out of trouble only if at a given time, you really love the other dimension for what it is it, and not only what you like you. You will not say to other dimension: « I love you. Come to help me because I am in the shit. But in the final analysis, do not help me too much because when you arrange a little my business with your dimension where I should have, a priori, given up all my small personal desires I do not like that too much. But, the Heaven is there to help the Earth, it is an obligation ». They are the prayers of obligations that you meet everywhere in all the systems of religion: « Lord, I pray you but come to help me because if you do not come, I do not pray you anymore and I kick you ». No, it is a sincere question of love for the Dignity: to love, it, for itself. At this time, she strips you of the clothing of the suffering, or else you will have to manage all alone.


The intention of the energetic flow, its manufacture and its use is not a small matter.

Pay an enormous attention to it.

Pay attention to the means that you use.

It is very clear.


The man who really wants to release himself is somebody who pays attention to the means that he uses. The ordinary man, him, pays attention to the achieved results. Never mind for the means used. Thus, never mind for him, also, because there is an owner of the means. And when one speaks about the energetic flows, one must ask the question, at each time one acts: who is the addressee? And that refers to the notion of karma, to the three fundamental laws and to what one can call your energetic structure.