Given to Heidi


Will and Space.



In a few weeks, you will see your Original Perfection through a very precise technique of projection of energy and you will perceive your Life Plan, then all will become quiet, clear, without problem…at least it is what your reasoned brain believes.


It is true that you will be able to say a truth « yes » and a true « no », it is true that you will know how to align your life and that will be, in itself already a considerable benefit.


But will you be able to act, will you be able to put this Plan of Life, this Will for life in action? And it is where you will encounter the big problem...

You see, man in his pride, believes that his Will suffices ! He edulcorates completely the power of the Space, the power of the Environment… and it is the fact of edulcorating the state of the environment which driving him crazy, so that he has the impression that the Environment is always in opposition to him, and that he bangs his head against the walls and that he cannot act in his position!


So, you must understand well the power of the Environment compared to the power of the Will : both are always together.

One is in a hand, the other is in the other hand !


You cannot in any case dissociate your will, even the Will of the Dignity, from the Flow of Dignity, it means the Will of your Plan of Life, the energetic tools that you have taken to act in the world, you cannot dissociate them from the Environment in which you are.

I will take a very specific example:

You are on top of a mountain, you throw a cry, you throw a sound; if it is clear and luminous, the sound goes very far, and even, there may be an echo. If this is the fog, the sound is deadened very quickly, very curiously it is however the same sound, it is the same Will.

What made the difference? This is the Environment.

So you must understand well this law of fundamental energy which is unchangeable:


Your will cannot go beyond what Space agrees to carry !


Also, once you will have perceived your Original Dignity, your Life Plan, once you will have fully understood what the energetic tools with which you came, are, and what course of life you must lead on this earth according to the karmic system that you had before, is, well, you do no longer have to worry about that. You will have to worry you greatly for the Environment where you are : will this Environment be welcoming of this Life Plan ? In which kind of Environment you have put yourself until now, have you let build around you?


Is it limiter or will it help you ?


It is very rare that the Environment helps you. You will have thus to carry an extraordinary attention to the one in which you are, since this is it which will determine the possibilities of your action, of your Will, of the movement of your Life Plan.

Then useless to be in opposition with the others, useless to go to make reproaches, useless to go and shout that you cannot act ; look at if the Environment is carrier and welcoming of you, carrier and welcoming of your Will of action for the life.


Thus I will give you a very simple method, to do the verifications in case of doubt:


When you have a difficulty with an environment, when you do not really know if you must remain there, if you do not manage to perceive if it limits your action, well, go to the mountain, go and spend about ten days there. You relaxe yourself there, but you go there with a very precise attention : to analyze what there is in this environment, and to look for all the possibilities of agreement, and not to do the old story of all the dissensions. Look at what it is possible to live with it, according to you, according to what you perceive, according to all the possibilities that you record, and then when you feel strong, that you know that you have an ability to really want to live and help in this environment, so come back !

You will have your answer between thirty seconds and five minutes.

Come back in the environment without judging, without waiting for anything, and physically you will have then a dazzling noticing : you will perceive exactly what the Environment agrees to live with you : that will be physical, that will be clear, that will be a colossal insight, that will be a clear noticing.


It is true, there too, the thought, in a few seconds, will hijack the information and will say « yes may be… you do not believe... yes ok… »…

That said, knowing that the thought will hijack the information, do not worry of the thought, let it do, let the small monkey be agitated all alone…


You, you have your noticing : the Intuitive Intelligence has completely functioned because you have setting It in action during your course in the mountain, during your peace…

And why have you setting It in action? … Because you have researched the accompaniment with the Environment, you have researched which the means of being able to articulate your action with it were ; you have not aligned the reproaches, on the contrary you have researched all the agreements which could be obtained, and all the actions of generosity which could be created together. It is thus in this movement of the Dignity that you have installed spontaneously and naturally, by this manner of proceeding, that you have energetically charged your Intuitive Intelligence… and when you returned, this Intuitive Intelligence has told you immediately what is possible and what is not possible, what the other wants and what he does not want.


Thus, from there your Will intervenes, what will you do?



It is you who must look at very precisely what the other does not want to live with you, is it primordial ?

And what he wants to live with you, is it primordial for you ?


You will thus have to make a decision. What you will give up in your life plan, is it essential or not ?

If it is essential, then it will be necessary to act on the Environment or to leave it.

But before leaving it, it is necessary to act on the Environment : can you increase the space of the Environment, to allow you, yourself, to act with all your dimension, and at the same time, to increase the field of adventures of those who are this Environment, who will may be very happy of the widening that you will produce, understand that, it is very important!


The religious man, the man who wants to withdraw himself from the dimension and from the handling of the flow of pleasure, pays all his attention to the Environment, and not to his Original Dignity, since this one is not perfectible, it is already perfect from the origin.


Perfection is perfect, it is not worthwhile to work on It, since It is entirely complete by Itself.


You, your action is not to look for a so-called increase of your Perfection, because it is impossible.

It is to put in action this Perfection in the every day life, without withdrawing you from this daily life, without going to play the hermit or the monk in constant meditation.


So you, you will have to worry considerably of the Space, of the Environment in which you are, since it is this Environment which will determine, and only it, which are the possibilities of the movement of the Flow of the Dignity.


Also, very quickly, in a few days, I will start to teach you the techniques to widen the space, without provoking it, without handling it.

It is very important to know these techniques of widening of the space because when one does not know them, you can only be submitted, it means to give up a part of your Dignity and of yourself, or to break, to go away, to leave. There is in the Direct Way this extraordinary possibility of widening of the space and you can arrive to work very strongly on that.

If the widening does not function, then there, there will be breaking, but it will be done without suffering ; you will only say:

« What a shame, that could have been perhaps…, it is a shame, but the other did not want !»

And what could possibly be ?

Your Intuitive Intelligence, when you were in the mountain, has perceived what the dimension of Dignity of those which were in the Environment was. This Intuitive Intelligence has perfectly perceived what they could do, and that this is enthusiasm. It is with this enthusiasm that you came back, but when you came back, you are plunged in what ?... You are not plunged in the Flow of Dignity. I have told you that it is always the flow of pleasure which is in activity. Thus you fall down again in the flow of pleasure of this Environment and you observe what the others really want to live, whereas what you had perceived, it is what the others could really live too.



But you will not provoke them, you will not rape their consciousness. They do not want to live that, so you cannot force them.

But before leaving them, well, you try to increase their field of adventures, it means you increase their Space.


And observe the marvelous of the situation :

I told you : the space is limiter of your will of action. That is the negative side.

But the positive side exists also : the Space can be of a more important dimension than your Will and at this moment, the Space will draw your Will, to bring your Will and your Flow of Dignity to become more extensive.

Do you understand the marvelous of the situation, what I am doing with you ?

If I left you all alone, there, with your little stories, your little ideas, your small concerns, if I were satisfied with doing the mirror effect… well, you would be all alone with you, but how would you increase your Space ? How would you increase the quality of your Environment?


Also what am I doing with you?

Well, I am charging your energetic system, I increase continuously your field of adventures so that your Dignity can become more extensive : you understand and at this moment, the Space does not limit your Will, but on the contrary it produces a swelling of your Will for the Life…


And it is thus that I will be able to help you, not while telling you stories, while telling you theories. Currently I am explaining you the bases of the energetic working of the man regarding himself and regarding the cosmos, so that you know where you put the feet, where you are going. That will also reassure your small monkey, your thought which will finally know : « hold on, I do such or such practice, I go in such direction…», thus this thought, this small monkey, this reasoned intelligence will leave you temporarily quiet and that will leave place for the working of the Intuitive Intelligence.


But this is not with these words that you are recording which will modify you.


What will modify you, it is the energetic pressure and the energetic transfer that I do on you, the energetic penetration that I do in you, which will increase and which increases considerably your field of adventures, your Space ; and thus, all that is in you in the Flow of Dignity will be able to grow, to develop, even beyond what it would manage to do all alone, because the Space will draw it.

If you have understood that in your heart, in your belly, in your spirit, you have understood all the working of the Universe, and you have understood the exact manner to be able to get out of trouble, and to be able to bring happiness on earth.

Because when you will perceive, you, that you are in an limiter Environment, and you are there automatically, otherwise you would not be there in front of me, you would have already found what you are looking for, you would not be in a state of lack, instead of going to take your axe and your sword and to go and hit the others, you will start to work with very precise energetic techniques to nourish the Space, to increase it, increase it, increase it…