Given to Heidi


 To see God! the beginning...



And now, we will approach the limits of the different spaces that you will meet, it means those about which I already spoke to you yesterday: the shit basin.


The real seeker of Truth wants his complete liberation. He will not be concerned with his Dignity since this one is perfect right from the origin, and he will have perceived it.


Also, he will be concern in a very intense and very fine manner with the Space, with the Environment, since it is this Space, this Environment which will determine the possibilities of movement of the Dignity.


When you perceive your Original Dignity, when you observe It inside all the fibers of your body, you understand at the same time that your first steps of adult are beginning, it is the beginning of the True Life !


When one sees God, it is the beginning !


And thus in the Direct Way, in the Way of Self-Liberation, you must be introduced as quickly as possible to your Original Perfection.


Thus, from now, because if the movement is not in the first step, it will not be in the last, you must pay your attention to the working of the Space.

Be very attentive to the movement of the Space, and to what it is doing, to the intention and to the Will of those who are inside it. Be very attentive to what the others want and accept from you.


It is not so easy, because, there is the famous image of oneself, and then, if you tackle the image of someone else, he will have a curious reaction,…, a violent reaction.



Small precise details…


One does not catch a Master of the Direct Way with the belly or the underbelly!!!


You know, you can wear a bra when you come here, one does not catch a Master of the Direct Way with the underbelly.

And also the cakes that you bring to me, they must be very good because all the mice and the shrews of the surroundings seem to appreciate them, at such a point that, when I sleep, around me, it is really the round. One does not catch either a Master of the Direct Way with the belly.

The underbelly and the belly, that is part of the flow of pleasure. Because without the interest of the belly and the underbelly, without the interest of the emotion and of the sensation, this original separation would have never happen.


So you see, your cake should have been very good, but I have not touched it. At least, your cakes, since you arrived each time the full hands.

Why? … Because the intention is not sincere !

However you have made them with a great affection for me, completely, I am perfectly conscious, that you have tried to please me, and you told yourself :

« Well, that one is very thin, and then the place where he lives is a true desert where there is nothing, strictly nothing, not even a house, a hut, nothing, just a shelter between two rocks, then he will be pleased to have a good chocolate cake ! ».

Yes, but you see, it is not because you know how to make cakes, and that you can present a chest which is held all alone, without bra… that you can be introduced to the Direct Way and that you can interest me.


If it was that in which I was interested, if it was for that I had accepted that you settle in front of me, there, well, there would not have been an energetic transmission from one to the other ; there would not have been penetration, because my concern for you must be another thing, must come from elsewhere, and this concern that I can have for you, can come only from your Flow of Dignity.


Then cook it, this one, put it in the oven, add a little Chantilly cream if you want, put candied fruits, because it will be the development of the sincerity of your Dignity which will be the only access to me.


And here you are contrite, isn't it true? You are quite pleased with your chest, it is clear, your manner of holding you, your clothing, and then of your cakes too, and then all of a sudden, there is somebody who says to you:

« That, I am not interest in it, it is not my subject of concern! »


You feel belittled, you feel repressed… not seen at your right value. So what occurs?

Do you remember, the other day, when I spoke to you of the image that one has of oneself… you believe that it is so easy to remove ?

Look at ! Only for a bra and a chocolate, you are all contrite while I simply say to you that one does not catch a Master of the Direct Way with the belly and the underbelly.


But to set up the Flow of Dignity and to make go out and enliven your Intuitive Intelligence, the belly and the underbelly are relatively useless.

So do not hide them, live with. You must live. You have a body, and then if you are all contrite in your belly and your underbelly, you will be contracted in all your research, in all your movement, in all your relaxation of your daily life. So eat well, cook well, fuck well, but do it in full consciousness. Do it in full Presence.

Know what you are doing, but tell you that it has not any importance in the relation that can exist between you and me, not any, except that if I saw you all contrite all of a sudden, all scrawny, having lost all your vitality, well, I will be the first to tell you:

« Come on, go and have a good blowout ! Come on, go to be chatted up a little, go to the night club around, eh ! you must open out all that ! »…

I will be the first to tell you:

« Come on, go ahead, put some water on your flow of pleasure »… Because your body must be alive, and it is not by making your hardships and by refraining you, that you will be able to reach this Dimension of God, because it is with the Whole that you function. If you are contrite in your body and in your underbelly, you will be contrite on the level of the Flow of Dignity, and of your noticing of the Original Perfection.

So be relaxed, come on, smile a little. I assure you that the mice have really appreciated the chocolate cakes, they must be very good, that must be really delicious.


But you see, when you come, what I check, it is not your bust size. I check if your Dignity is starting to take precedence over the pleasure and yet, it is necessary that the pleasure lives, since for the moment, it is it which is driving the car.


Currently, Dignity is only the back passenger. One will try if you really want it, to do so that Dignity is put at the wheel and the flow of pleasure will be a little in the boot.

Because in any case, you will never be released from the flow of pleasure ; it is there, it exists there, genetically, because of the original separation. Then I do not try to play the samurai, to be the one who cuts, who slices, because the flow of pleasure will always be there, and you will always be able to appreciate chocolate cakes if you like to cook them, but you will not be handled any more by that. That will be in full consciousness. There will always have Dignity in the movement, always and you will radiate It and you will make It radiate on the others, and the others will may be have the desire for asking you one day :

« Hey, this small woman there, what has she to be so beautiful ? ».


Well, and you are all contrite, well never mind, this is not worth to bring back a new chocolate cake for me, because, taking into account the crispation that you have now, it may be a complete desaster and I would not like the mice to be sick.

You are all contracted, go, go back home, one will continue later. Come back when you have digested the pill and then, that permits you to notice that the image that one has of oneself, it is not nothing, that goes in the small details, that does not take off so easily.