Given to Heidi


Energetic caisson and relation of cause and effect.



The energy caisson has not been made all alone ; it is the cause which produces the effect.

But itself is the cause of another effect.

There exists an articulation between the cause and the effect, the effect becoming cause of another effect, it means the articulation between the karma of the human which leads then to a type of vibration, and the energy caisson, which itself leads to a reflex behavior of the energy system of the human, it means the human comes back on the human through the energy caisson that he has created or modified.

And at the same time, one can say that the energy caisson goes from itself to itself through actors, who, for the moment, are humans, since it is of humanity about which I speak to you for the moment.

I do not speak to you about birds, I do not speak to you about the dog, about the cat, about the snake, neither about minerals, nor about planets between them…I speak to you about human.

Thus one returns to the other continuously.

The human by his behavior modifies and transforms an energy caisson which is his, and this energy caisson leads then to a reflex behavior of the human, which continues then the loop of the action which comes back on the space etc…

…but at the same time, the space leads the human which leads again the space, both of them always go together, it is a constant vicious circle.

That we also call the Karmic Wheel.




Also all the work in the Direct Way and the Liberation,

it is to put an end to this circle.


But there is cleaning to do…what we call karmic debts.

Concrete examples?

You know, the expression « who does not say a word, agrees », is perfectly right on the energy fundamental level.

If you see something which occurs and which is not correct and that you do not intervene, well, you promote it, you let it go.

You have your responsibility in the play, if, of course, you have a possibility of modification; because if you do not have any possibility of modification, it is completely normal that you do not intervene. At this moment, the karmic implication does not work on you.

And I will speak to you another day about the three points which lead to the karmic implication.

Also, when somebody does you harm, do not shout « Help! he is nasty !».

Look at well your inner karmic system, and what permits the other to act like that on you. Because nothing can arrive to you which is not authorized by the energy caisson of your personal karma…Nothing ! It is absolutely impossible.

It is clear, it is obvious. The working of the karmic system has an influence on the energy caisson which, itself, has an influence back on the human.


I repeat it to you because it is essential :

The human conditioned by a karmic system,

by an environment,

will act in a certain manner.


For that reason, he puts in action the karmic system which modifies the environment, the energy caisson which, itself, has an action on those who are participating, who are integrated to it and it is the endless chain…