Given to Heidi






When you see your Original Perfection, that you are introduced to It, you perceive in a very clear manner that


you came on Earth to take part in the world,

and to help the development of all this love of the flow of Dignity.


If there is not in you this physical impulse, irreversible to go and help the other, to go and help the humanity, to participate with it on all its good sides, so that the Dignity in them is fully alive, there is not any reason for us to help you to clean your karmic system, it means to make inoperative the whole of effects of the flow of pleasure since your first creation until now.

I say well, there is not any use that we help you, and even that will be a fault from us, to give you this possibility and to give you these powers.

So all those who are of the generation of « I am entitled to… », do not have any access to the Secret Teachings of Direct Way.

Not any access.

It is by the sincerity of your transformation to bring happiness and transformation on the world, that the access is done…

Happiness for the Dignity !...

Not to help the satisfaction of the emotional of the human and to take away from him his suffering which is only the result of an insufficiency of his dreams.


This is for that, it is said

« the door to God is very narrow ».


If it is to go out of trouble with the minimum of disadvantages, well, that will not function; because even if we give you the Secret Teachings, even if we introduce you to your Original Perfection, and that you do not implement this Perfection, you will still not be in conscious connection with the flow of Dignity.

And I will speak to you a little later, and even in the next days, finally I believe… of these possibilities of using the Secret Teachings and the introduction to your Original Perfection, as in a supermarket, it means, you know :

a very little, moderately or a lot.

And alas, there are many people who use these possibilities of action, of transformation only to arrange a little their minor problems, without realizing that they have between the hands, a fantastic tool to stop completely with the karmic chain for them… and at the same time to be able to help the others to stop their own chain.


And if me, I have spoken now, it is really for that.

It is so that people can reach as soon as possible

this possibility of stopping with their

own chains,

to be able to also release the others.

It is the only still current possibility for humanity

To stop its self-destruction,

it means the possibility of modification of its overall

energy system.


Hey, I have the impression that you are deeply moved. And yes, you are realizing that in the final analysis, you are a small shit.

You arrived here with : « I have my pain, I have my lack… », …As far back « I » remember. « I feel alone, isolated, always separated from something of fundamental ».

And you believe that it is enough. That this momentum is enough. And, all of a sudden, I bring you the other side, I say to you :

« Here it is , if you want to find again what you miss,

if you want to find this relation with Dignity,

and well you will have to start to worry about your shit basin »


And that, you have not at all considered it like that, isn’t it true ?

You thought « and well, me and the small birds, the so strong Mister, and well, he will send me to Heaven ; or else, he will show me marvelous things ; I will be the free seagull above the top of the waves of the sea.

The others will be rolled by the sea like a pebble ; the sea will roll their boat and will destroy them ; but me, I am the seagull far above and I will have my visions, my God, quite satisfactory ; as I will be happy and free in a short time !»…

And then there, I am saying to you, that it is not only the waves of the sea that you will have to go to look at. You will not simply deal with the pebble which will be rolled by the waves.

The waves it is the effect of the movement of the sea, it is the effect of a cause, and the cause is deep, it is really under the sea… And what I say to you, it is that one will do a scuba diving.

Ah, are you ready? Hey, are you ready ?

Well I am not sure that you appreciate my sense of humor, but that does not have any importance.

You will see, more you know, more you are the one who knows, more humor is there, since you will realize at this time that it is truly a cosmic fair, that there is neither good, nor evil, that all is led by the cause and effect…

…and that in the final analysis, if you give somebody a slap, at first sight, it is not very well because that has an implication, a reason regarding your personal energy system.

But the other cannot receive a slap if his own energy system does not allow it. That is the second sight.

Then if he will be interrogative, he will ask him the question: « well, why have I received a slap? ».

…and you ,you will ask you the question: « why have I given a slap? ».

And the one and the other, are right.

I will say that the slap is perfectly comprehensible and justified regarding the karmic system and the implications of the systems between them.


So there is neither good, nor evil,

each one must live what he has to do,

because what he lives, it is what he attracts, him.


Ah, well, curious ! … Here you begin to have difficulties to digest.

So we will stop there today and then you will go back home, or at least you will go back to your tent, since… but hey ! In your tent, you are well installed to prepare chocolate breads and to make you something to eat.

Because in this desert, we do not find a lot of things, there is the wind, the snakes, the scorpions, and then it is all. I believe that as a good small Nordic, there is also a small 4X4 well equipped which must follow you somewhere…