9. What must be done!


HIRO left the Temple, concerned. But the monks have only seen one smooth forehead and the same mobile eyes of the men of the steppes beaten by the winds of the death. They waited for the orders which were going to come. Because there were going to have orders! What they had just seen from their eyes exceeded their imagination. It was hustled! Nothing in this scene was hung up again to what they knew, to what they had heard from the elders.

They were afraid of the future, suddenly.

Also, they kept the head lowered at the passage of HIRO but they tightened the rows around him.


Inevitably he was going to order and these words will be like pincers which loosen the nuts. Their heart was found locked up in the vice of the anguish.


HIRO knew what occurred in them. He did not hurry while crossing the courtyard. The monks drew aside in front of him but the hedge was closed again immediately in his back and imperceptibly they have followed the large body which moved swiftly in his homespun dresses.


HIRO went straight to the door of the monastery. The monks did not have infringed the order of ban to pass the palisades.


The packed body of the one who accompanied the Master was there, on the frozen ground, in the middle of the way. It had not moved. It was collapsed under a weight of tiredness and nothing more functioned in the conscience of that one. The Master must have seen to it, to this rupture in the head so that the suffering does not become a manner of crying over oneself. He has had to. Obliged!


Then HIRO squatted and his knees meet the stones of the road. He will take support on it when his arms slip under the burning flesh. This man has fever. This woman!

- Come here! He threw out to the monks who looked at him doing since the palisades.

The nearest three of them already rushed even before he has finished his sentence. They waited for an order. It could only be that. So, when they have seen the Master cook leaning and passing his arms under the clothing, they looked at each other and they understood themselves.

The three stronger came to the first rank and the others drew aside because that must be so.

When the head of the one who accompanied the Master has rolled on the shoulder of HIRO, this last one has blocked it from his chin in a soft gesture. The hood has slipped on the face.

A woman!

All of a sudden they have forgotten their preparation to be pressed on the carrier leg, to block the tan tien in a pincers, to make the non-carrier leg empty, to push the breath in the HARA. To be ready at the instant of the order. To be ready before the order, sensitive to the vibrations of the carrier air of the wills of HIRO. Such is the teaching of one’s presence at the present, here, in this secret monastery.


And all of a sudden they have forgotten this movement of their body and of the spirit! A woman!

The order of HIRO has surprised them. It is in disorder of their movement that they rushed. HIRO frowned and they did not dare to look at him while kneeling beside him. They were ashamed suddenly. So many years of training the body and the spirit to be destabilized thus! By a face of woman.

They are ashamed and they do not say anything. Moreover they would never have opened the mouth in the presence of the “Master killer”.

- Carry her in the kitchens, ordered HIRO.


With gestures of mother swaddling her child, he supported the head of the young woman in his broad palm to make it slip into the hollow of the elbow of the monk who took her by the armpits.

He kept an eye on the correct catch of the legs, then the sliding of the smallest monk who came under the kidneys and braced himself below. He gave a support to the unconscious body.


HIRO followed them three paces behind, watching each gesture, noticing the placing of each pace of the carriers. He was ashamed to notice the constant displacement of their tan tien which did not constitute the center of the body anymore. Such an amount of work for such a poor result!

But this one who fought against the death, between the broad thighs of the Divine Force of the compassion, in the half-light oily of the Temple…! This one was going to come and modify this world of puppets! Sure. By all the Kamis, that the Will was anchored in this body there! He had suffered of it, HIRO, to try to destabilize the old Master. He had put all his forces like the secret tradition wanted it. With each one of his throws, it is as if he received a fireball and of iron in the belly. A large ball like a cannonball. A terrible force of vitality! It is not the Master who sent it to him. Sure.

Him, the old Master, his companion since lives and lives, he had also fulfilled his role according to the Tradition. He had shown that he was able to introduce himself his successor to the Gods of the Temple, to those of the Secret Room of this so particular monastery where death lurks around behind all the palisades with the whistle of the wind of the mountain.


It is the body on the back of the Master who sent it to him, this extraordinary electric shock which pushed him back like wisp of straw.

The old Master had even grumbled “All the Gods of the Universe live in this body…Woe betide anyone who will come to touch him!”

HIRO alone had heard. May be besides that the sounds had not gone out of the lips of the old Master. They so often heard each other thinking!

- Yes, that one, he comes just at the right time to stir up all this languor of these degenerated ages.

- What do you say, master cook… We have not understood your orders.

The one who had just spoken was the supervisor of the Dojo. A large thin who checked everything over the heads of the monks. He had retaken his function, naturally, although one was in the courtyard. He walked a pace behind the body. Thus HIRO was at two paces. He had to devote himself to the transmission of the orders.

The Master cook raised his broad shoulders. “Here is still what this hideous man who sleeps in the belly of Buddha will change.”

- Nothing…. Go as fast as possible to say at the kitchens to prepare the bed next to the chimney…. that they accelerate the fire. Go! that some others deal with the wood chore!.


He had spoken. It was necessary. Those there started to wonder. Often, in front of his dumbness, the old Master told him while smiling, the evening in summer when they took some breath of fresh air on the bench of wood next to the cascade “speak more often, my old companion…. If you do not want that one fantasizes stupidly, gives food to the spirit…. the one which you will have chosen!”

- And then, tell the bursar to make prepare a bungalow against the North palisades for this woman. Tell to take care to make maintain the brazier there.

The monks scattered in the courtyard.


HIRO saw well that they were reticent to drew aside and join their work. They threw curious looks towards the doors of the Temple. These doors, HIRO had taken care to close them again behind him. They wondered. What thus the Master did all alone with this man whom he has carried on his back?

- Go…. Another bungalow also should be prepared. This one, it is against the palisades of the East that it will be. Take the one which is in the corner of the small garden of the Master, facing the highest needles of the mountain!


The Master cook threw out his orders which came to his lips without him deciding it. It has to be thus. It is good.

This one, in the arms of the old Master, it will be necessary to bring him back to life in the warmth of tenderness. Because this one does not want of the life anymore. He wanted to give up the handrail of the men. He was going to leave for the heaven, because this one, the heaven, he knows. The heaven knows him well too. It is it which defends him. It is it which has said to the old Master that there his successor was, because this one is powerful in Knowledge of the Heaven and he is blessed by the Gods. For that which he must have suffered so much. To know the pain of the men and to be able to take care of them.

But will he want? Will he accept the role which is given to him. Because the part of the man does not want to live anymore. And will the part of the Gods be able to win? In a moment, after having treated this woman, he will have to go to take care of the birth of “the other”, with the old Master.


- Come on, do not waste time.....She is filled with fever, this kid!


The old Master gently carried the head of the one who was now his son on his folded knees. Now, it is his son. The Presentation to the Gods is made and the Gods have recognized him. It is this one who will become the Supreme Master of the Family SHIN.

- By the Kamis, how you smell bad, my son!

He smiled to this so ugly face, so far from them. His fingers scanned the folds of the flesh. He has to start to learn the knowledge of the body. It is the one of his son. He has to know it in its least pieces because it is to this body that he will have to learn what he knows of the Men and their movement. It is to this body that he will have to leave his knowledge which required of him so many sufferings. By the way these sufferings besides will not cease. Almost a beginning! Because that one which weighs on his knees, he knows that it will be hard. One of those, the so rare ones however, which carry the powers of the Gods and who do not want any. Because that one on his knees, he wanted to die. He wanted to leave the life of the Men who walk.

- They must have hurt you a lot, my little one.

Here it is! He already started to call him “little one”. However, the Gods have told him a moment ago that it was not the good method with this leather there. It was a son of the Man, of course! He went out of the belly of a woman. But what is in his head is of the order of the Heaven. The Gods have looked after that. Then, the “little one”, it is better to leave it in the silence of his heart. The evening, in the tranquillity of his meditation. But him, this so ugly monster and which has this acid odor which takes at the nostrils, he should be treated some other way. By hardness. Because the kindness, he is wary about it. With good reason.

The Gods have spoken to him when HIRO left the Temple. They have spoken to him about this man whom he brought. They said to him that it was good that he had put his head between thighs of God of the Compassion. Because it will be his way of learning, to this man who does not accept himself like a God. It will be his way of pain and he will often fall again on the knees and his lips will again eat dust a long time.

But it is to him, the old Master, the ROSHI of this Time, to teach him Everything. To tell him what the men are and the manners of treating them. Because as regards the heaven, the Gods have looked after it and they have said to him in the half-light of the Temple that his knowledge were identical to his.

“Identical to the mines!”

He knew this wave at the bottom of his belly. It arose when one lied to him. The Gods dissimulated the truth!

- No, he does not have my knowledge of the Heaven! …. No.

He then curved the head on the forehead of the young man. It is at this moment that he has attracted his head on his knees. For not disturbing the lying body, he slipped between the thighs of the Divine Force. The odorous wood grated his thighs.

There, he felt overhung by larger than him. He breathed gently. He counted twelve breathings. At the thirteenth he leant the head and his forehead came in contact with the one of the young man. He adjusted the position. The two points between the eyebrows were to be superimposed.


Then he quivers. He quivers until the end of the toes and in the shoulders. The wave descended brutally in the back. The vertebras were distended and a hot fluid pushed in his sacrum. It went up to the nape of the neck in an irreversible push. This wave could kill him. HE knew it. He placed his breathing in his belly and he pushed from the head to the tan tien. It was necessary to prevent the head from bursting under the pressure!

But the old man did not leave the forehead of the young man. He would never leave it. Because the Gods have chosen a larger than him to succeed to him.

That one knows more than him about the Heaven. More than him!

- By the Kamis, why thus has he wanted to die with this extraordinary power in him? ..... he has the power of the most destructive and the most creative Gods!

He rubbed his forehead on the forehead of the other. It was still “the other”. He will need a lot of time to make him feel that the other is only himself and that it is not used to fight him. A lot of time. But he is old now. Will he have enough time? Because that one, it is not by tenderness that he could teach him. This body, so young however, has already given too much. In tenderness, he does not believe anymore.


The Gods have said to him a moment ago that the aid that he has asked to the men has never been brought to him. This body, this spirit was abused by the pride of the men and he does not believe anymore in the men. Here it is! Very simple. He wanted to die because hatred and violence were in their heart and he did not want to employ against them, these men, his powers which he felt really existing in his body.

He did not want to be like them!!!!.

- Then, it is thus that one kills oneself…

The old man spoke gently in the half-light of the oil lamps. He spoke to himself. To him. To the Gods also, above his head. It was thus since a very long time. Him also, he had only the Gods to speak with.

- It will be hard, my son, he whispered as a breath on the face of the one who rested between his thighs.

A lamp sputtered. It was the main one. The one in front of the Force of the Compassion.

- the Gods do agree, he continued to whisper to the face under him…. It will be hard. But do not fear anything, my son…. I will be equal to my task!


Then, the old Master took the head from each side by the ears. He moved back and spread the thighs.

In a blow of powerful breathing out, from the deepest of his conscience and his compassion, he slammed the skull on the floor.

That made a dull and deaf sound. The planks vibrated.

The old man raised the head and struck again the skull on the floor. The vibration in the skull went in the arms. It went back to the brain and was painful to him, at him, the old man, at the place of the shock. Just under the occiput.

Then, he started again three more times. Water was in his eyes. This water ran in drops on his thin cheeks of old man of the mountains. This water had a salt taste while entering the mouth, just by the fold which makes the lips with the cheeks.

- You see, my son…. I will be equal to my task.

He says it gently while putting delicately the head back on his knees. He caressed the skull with his palms. He would have liked so much to remove the vibrations which streaked him with pain. The folds of the face of the young man had changed. It is like a bar of suffering which crossed his mouth.

But this suffering there, the old man must not remove it from him. Because That one will not have to be handled in softness and tenderness.

He placed his right hand on the forehead. He placed the left on the nape of the neck and in a movement of the breath of his belly, he made radiate this pain in the body of the young man by accelerating it.

The old man tightened the lips on his teeth, the belly blocked by the effort.

The body of the young man moved and the lips opened lightly. There has been a breath. There has been a sound. It was a complaint. Raucous. That one came from far!

- Do not fear anything, my son, I will be equal to my task.

The main lamp sputtered.


HIRO was busy in the kitchen under the attentive eye of the monks to give satisfaction to his requirements.

- Closer to the fire.

Two monks made slip the body of the young girl near the hearth. They moved the bed with their knees while maintaining the body between their arms.

HIRO perceived their vibrations while they had the woman against their flesh. Ah! after so many years of training, they were still there!. Of course, that the old Master said to him that there was not a human valid in this monastery to succeed to him! To be made move by the body by a female!

- Go on! Do not make fuss… It is a body like the others which needs care.

The two monks curved the forehead. Their excitement did not have escaped to the “Master killer”. They almost brutally deposited the body near the flame. HIRO shrugged the shoulders. A movement which he often had. It was part of his heavy and stocky silhouette.

- You two, open her clothing of the top.

He did not turn the head, but the two monks on his right side understood that it was “them”. Such is the power of the Master cook-doctor. He speaks in the vacuum but he has made carry the message by the vibrations of the air.


Ashamed of being thus driven back, the first two monks leave the clearness of the chimney. Behind, there are other monks. They are around twenty in the kitchen. In case of bad weather they have the right to come to heat themselves in turn near the chimney. HIRO did not say to them to leave. So, they are there, available to the orders of the old “Master killer”. It is what they believe. What they want to make believe to themselves. In fact, they are there for the woman.

- What has thus had the old Master like idea to bring this female here!

- What do you say, Master cook, solicited the supervisor of the Dojo? This one had not left him from one pace since the arrival of the ROSHI.

- Nothing…. I mutter for me…. Go rather and seek warm clothing and hot covers. This kid is chilled to the bone.

The monks did not find that the breasts which were discovered under the fingers of the two monks were those of a kid. Already heavy of promises and milky, with this broad brownish aureole.


HIRO perceived the vibrations of those in the kitchen and he shrugged the shoulders. They will have to get used to it! Better now than to let them waste their time to slip behind the ivies of the low walls which surround the bungalow that he has made prepared for the young girl.

- More! he threw out to the two monks who did not dare to make slip the blouse on the shoulders of the young girl…. Come on, place these hot compresses on her chest.