« Everyone wants to save the planet....

....nobody wants to take the rubbish down.....»

a humorist



Intention does not suffice...Alone, it remains a theory, a philosophy...the libraries are full with them....and that has not changed the world...

Moreover, it is so easy to dream the development, the result with a pleasure....«when the planet will be saved...biah...claptrap...»....but the rubbish will be accumulated ....and that really stinks....!



.....It is the BODY which is the KEY... is the space to prepare to have the power to exert your will, your intention coupled with the intention of your creation....


....TO SEE....

...TO UNDERSTAND....TO HEAR....TO PERCEIVE.......with the HEART....with the WHOLE BODY...

....what IS...., now, quite simply..

...and to ACT...


...It is THE ACTION which FREES....


and empties the dustbin.......!



«Truth and happiness that you are looking for are in the action. In the particuliar action and not in the generality or the contribution of knowledges, either in the contribution of information etc. It is in the action that happiness of being alive and the perception of the truth of Heaven are.

why ? because :


And this creation finds an echo, a correspondence with an initial creation: the one which makes you being born, the one which makes that you are living.

Why have you been created? Why has there been intention to your creation?

It is in order that you act. It is not in order that you stay quiet thinking of the furture of the world. It is in order that you act.

Because it is your action which will stir the gentleness up, which exists in the universe so that this gentleness heals the universe.

It is not being like a professor, a laboratory assistant dissecting inside his laboratory and under his microscope, it is not wanting to explain or simply understand : there is the necessity of the action. There is the necessity of setting in motion of all the force of the creation of which you are made.

It is not for nothing that you are made of this force because it is the movement that you make with your whole body, and the spirit is part of your body, which puts this creation in acceleration of the movement. It is for that that there is this perception of happiness, this contentment in the spirit and in your body, when the action is made.

In extrem case, one can even say that better do a bad action, an incomplete action, rather than no action at all. In others terms : be sitting or standing up but do not stay between two chairs or else you will lose all your vitality and you will not physically touch the happiness to be alive which is always in the action, which is always in the particular and which is never in the general, which is never in the informationnal theories.» Christian


« From one side, only action can provoke and produce this happiness that you are looking for when your action is a coupling of intention between your intention and the one of the force of the creation which has created you.

But in order that the action carrying this total happiness can exist, you need a welcoming field, you need an environment of action, you need a possibility of action. It is what I call the dance floor. It is when one begins to approach the dance floor that one really begins one’s walking.» Christian



" If by your present action, you do so that there is not again renewal of a system emotional and of the sensation, then, all is destroyed by itself, all the circuit which was involved with the fact which is produced at a given moment, is erased, completely erased." ECK


 «It is that the beauty of the universe, it is a beauty of the action. The one who always wants to stay motionless, sitting on his armchair to understand before starting to move will never understand anything at all because it is a means which transforms something, that is to say an internal chemistry which then allows this internal chemistry to fully understand what this means wants to say.» Recording



« Knowledge releases the energetic system

but it is the ACTION

which will bring the illumination » Christian