« Gentleness is the only force.....which can bring you back to this original state, to this original perfection...»

« The practice, this is, already, this gentleness in matter. And it is for that, that the practices work.» Christian


« And what it is this matter?


"It is not easy to answer in accordance with your present understanding if you are a beginner or an advanced one. In the universe, at the very top, there is an enormous fundamental wound. It is this wound which has self-created the medecine to treat itself and heal itself. And this medecine is Gentleness. This is a medecine, this is a matter....

...The day when you perceive it around you, where you touch it, where it runs into your body, you will understand what I want to say. It is totaly different from all what you can suppose of the gentleness such as you know it among men.

...Because of its birth, Gentleness has an extraordinary power, unique in the universe.

Its first movement is an act of healing, it is a medicine.

It is the only one which has the capacity of healing the universe of its pain, of its suffering, of its wounds.

It is a medicine self-created by the Source to be able to heal its own wound....". (recording)


« The man is on earth to put in movement a force, a very particular matter : Gentleness. Because this Gentleness has been created and self-created by the Source as medecine for its own suffering.

Certainly, this Gentleness will be, also, used as medecine for the man because only this Gentleness is capable to undress the body of the suffering because suffering is this dress which sticks and shrinks.

This Gentleness present on earth has like aim, not the little comfort of the human, although one obtains it in surplus, but to enliven this wonderful force, to stir this Gentleness up, so that the Source can be nourrished by it.

It is the nourrishment of the Source......


« When you are touched by this Gentleness : you are undressed of your suffering.

The suffering is a too small dress for the perfection and for the original dignity of which you are made. And Gentleness is the only force which can undress you of this dress and bring you back to this original state, to this original perfection...


And when you touch this Gentleness, you have a perception, an immediate and spontaneous knowledge of your raison d’être. Of the reason of your creation and why your are here, created on earth and what your role is.

Not only your role regarding the human, your plan of life. But your role regarding the fundamental Creation. Regarding the Creation itself.

And when you percieve why the human has been created, and why humanity has been created, and not only you, there is no more doubt on the indispensability of your existence, of your role.

At this moment, all the personal claims disappear like a too narrow dress. It is this too narrow dress which has lead you in the mechanism of the suffering because the mechanism of the suffering always limits your movement to what it allows.

Suffering always limits its territory to its own space. » Christian



"Then, the labor of the day and of the night is at each step,

each movement of the body because this life is matter

and it is useless to want to mask it."

Tiger Man 3 
 the Bridge......that LOVE is


« You will not be able to contact this Gentleness without the real passion to discover it, to discover your origine and the reason of your presence on earth....


What will do that one will be able to touch it ?

It is quite simply passion. A passion, installed at the beginning in the being or that will settle gradually by the opening and the progressive intimacy of what he is.

It is this passion which will lead towards this Gentleness, and also which will attract it. It is a mechanism wich is done in both directions : the Earth goes towards the Heaven and the Heaven holds out its hand to the Earth. It is only the passion.

This Gentleness will not be met by chance, except if there is very simply, one day, « an insight » it means a spontaneous opening over the Heaven, like one opens abruptly a curtain and equally abruptly one closes it. In a couple of fraction of a second, one has the perception of what could be, that there is something else. One has no means to open one of the shutters, to open the window again. But one knows that it exists.

It is one of the means employed by the Creation to reveal that it exists something else that our ordinary sight and give us the desire, the passion, to go and see, to go and reach this something, to go and touch it.

It is very physical. When you are touched by this Gentleness, all of a sudden your suffering goes away. And when you have the possibility of touching it, then you have the complete consciousness of what you are and that you are a strong man. » Christian


«This Gentleness has created a wonderful bridge between itself and the human being. And this bridge, this is love. If you walk on this bridge, this way of love, you are encountering gentleness. This bridge of love is already gentleness in matter..»

walking 16




The passion for this bridge becomes

a loving attention to the gesture...........



« It is the Gentleness of the word, it is the Gentleness of the gesture, it is the Gentleness of the «no», it is the Gentleness of the «yes», it is Gentleness, simply Gentleness. The life is the accompaniment at this Gentleness. »

ICK 3 





« It is research of what cures which makes it possible to meet gentleness.

The one who will require initially the gentleness for acting only afterwards, is an idiot and a pretentious who wants initially to possess the others for, then, being the one who puts the mechanisms in action and becomes master of the others. One does not become master of the others.

It is this commitment for the other, this attention to the movement, in this will to heal a situation, to help somebody who allows this meeting with gentleness, which causes this enormous satisfaction which is established in the body, the spirit.

It is for that I always say not to be separated from the others because it is the others who are carriers of your happiness. If you have the claim to find gentleness, the beauty of life while being withdrawn in a place, a cave, a monastery and not to let you polluted by the feeling and the agitation of the world, you will not meet, then, only the caves of your spirit, the stories and disturbances of your spirit.» Christian