« PASSION, this is an enthusiasm being brimming over with life.»




It is a PASSION to want to find this Force in every cell of our body, it is a consuming fire, an extrem attention for the one who wants to find the PEACE of heart, the one who wants to feel Gentleness running in him.

It is a PASSION to discover again our Original Perfection and to act with IT for Creation, on this Earth.

This PASSION is a silent impatience...without haste, without excitment, because it is nourished with Gentleness, in search of Gentleness.

Some people were born passionate...and for the others, this PASSION is contagious, it can be transmitted to anyone who wants to receive it.




« PASSION... what a MAGIC word!!!!!! .... it recovers, shrouds an essential FORCE of the UNIVERSE... THE ONE which will enable you TO FIND YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!!

It is like a lover who looks for his love everywhere. He does not know where she is… but he knows that she is there, QUITE NEAR!!!!!! …. So he observes EVERYTHING WITH an EXTREME ATTENTION… He wants to find her!!!!! ….HE does not let himself be distracted from his research!!!!!

From this ATTENTION a FLAME is born which burns EVERYTHING that is not her lover… So everything becomes increasingly clear… and the uselessness is moved out of the way and does not attract with its games anymore…

There is thus a transformation of LUCIDITY… The spirit becomes new and fresh at every moment… because it is not encumbered any more by the dreams, the obviousnesses, the fears programmed by the past…


« My Passion »




« The important is not the mistake,

it is the PASSION for the LIFE. » Christian






«- Thus you see my friend… Without this Flame of attention you can nothing… And it cannot come from a reasoning… It can only be born from a PASSION

for the life to discover the reality behind each thing…

PASSION is the keyword… It is like a lover who seeks his lover everywhere…

He does not know where she is… but he knows that she is there. Somewhere!

… in each thing of the ordinary life… So he never ceases his attention!

… he never weakens… He is so much afraid to miss her without recognizing her!»

Tiger Man 19