« And when one speaks about the energetic flows,

one must ask the question, at each time one acts:

who is the addressee?»

fundamental knowledges 5




There are two addresses : the HEAVEN or the GRID


Such as the bee which has been created to bring back the fruit of its work to the beehive, the man is on earth to put in motion the matter of the Gentleness as medicine for the Source. But he also has the possibility to play his personal game.

From an intention, action by its movement, puts in vibration a space. And depending on the means used, the space settled in vibration will not be the same one.


The addressee of this action is the owner of the means used.


If the intention of the man is coupled with the intention which has made his creation, the matter of the Gentleness is put in movement and makes vibrate the space of the Dignity, the addressee is the Heaven.

If his intention is to make his personal game, the movement of the action makes vibrate the space of separation, the addressee is the grid.


When the movement of an action is thrown, it is impossible to stop it, but it is possible by the modification of the means used to change the orientation of it, the addressee .