«This Presence will be your companion for ever because it is a direct expression of the Intelligence itself of the Creation which is inside each cell of your body, also imperfect you believe to be.

And it is only this Presence which will have the capacity to show you the emotional disordered state in which you can return, which will be able to show you what the forces which are tapping away at your keyboard are and to produce all this release of your cells and to involve a catastrophic internal chemistry for you, and for the others.

It is only this Presence which will be able to make you perceive if you are in a movement of accompaniment to the Creation, or if you are in a movement of accompaniment to your sensations, perceptions, desires, personal disturbances etc

It is this Presence which will allow you to see and to understand if your movement, your radiation, your action in a space, a situation, an environment, is creator of tonicity, kindness or on the contrary entirely destroying, tearing, wounding.

With It you can go at the end of the Earth, of the universe.

It becomes the most intimate companion.

"When one has a companion in this intimacy, one does not remain passive. One is active.

one looks after the relation. One looks after the attention." ( recording )


It is one of the big problems, a great difficulty, a great ignorance of the relationship between the men and the women in the couples. They do not understand that it is a question of regularity and of assiduity in the attention, of permanence of the attention.

It is not from time to time. It is not, only, from time to time. This is that which does that there are getting back on friendly terms again at a given moment and wrenches at another. But deep down, time passes and one realizes that it is a play in which, finally, one is more or less good or bad. It is a play where nothing is controlled and where nothing is in a total intimacy.


Because the true relation, the true coupling with what is essential, decisive, important, is an attention, always. Far or near, it is always an attention. It is always: “But what could I do for him, for her? Of what does he need ? ” And above all it is: “But what separates me of him, of her? ”

“What separates me? ” is much more important than: “What joins us together”. If you pay attention to: what joins us together? You will finish, without realizing it, to create something of very formal, of very fixed, of very theoretical, of very sure. You will have lost the mobility, you will have lost the light dance. You will return in rules without realizing it, rules that you will make yourself. Thus they will be still worse than the rules which will be imposed to you by the others since for those, you will say: “Ah! But I am certain that it is like that! ”. No!. You are never certain that it is like that. But what you can be sure of it, this is of what separates. Do you understand?

The only certainty is not a continuity in certainty, but, a continuity in uncertainty. And if you really pay attention each time there is a gap then, naturally, settles what joins together. Even without you having decided it. It is only because you have perceived, that you have been attentive to the gap, that you have been attentive to the system of tapping away at the keyboard which produces an internal chemistry of separation inside the body, that it intensifies automatically the Presence. And it is this force of intelligence which makes automatically stop the process because you do not like it like that.


It is not an activity by the actif but it is an activity by the refusal of what separates. And by that, you do not have a direct action on what joins together.

If you pay attention to what joins together, you will make rules inside you, in relation with the other. And without realizing it, you will again be locked up in a space which will choke. As soon as you are in a space which chokes the wars are born because one needs the protective systems against the attacks of other spaces, etc


It is the same thing with this Presence. It is the companion to which one pays attention. Then, when It is there, one does not really realize it. But it is when It is absent that one realizes it. It is when It is not there any more and that one feels that there is a gap which is settling that one says: “What is occurring there? ”

You, who is beginner, or advanced, you have nothing else to do just to pay attention to the tapping away at your keyboard, to your reactions on your computer, to the release of a product of each one of your cells which will put in mobilization, in liberation, this Presence.

And with that, you can go at the end of the world» Christian



« I am the companion of the Life that you show us, my Angel ». That was these words which slipped in silence into her heart but the long monk did not hear them."

Tiger Man 41