«To move everything without moving anything.» Christian


Here is a REAL incandescent point. By mobilizing it, one perceives a line... which it, is VIRTUAL, it is a succession of many points.


To amplify a FACT creates a matter that one takes for reality. To come back to the FACT, it is to stop the movement, the illusion of matter is destroyed. From what IS, right GESTURE arises without effort, fluid, silent, in harmony with the space.



«It is the space which conducts the movement.» Christian




When the gesture is right, contentment is in the body....



« I say « gesture ». A movement is a gesture. But a thought, a word are also gestures of energy. Thought is “matter”. It has a vibration, therefore an action. Useless to go around in the labyrinth of actions, of thoughts, of emotions.....

.....We act as Creation has conceived us.

It only recognizes the « gestures », that is, the « movements ». It does not recognize the mental and theoretical quibbling. This is not of its creation. It will therefore naturally nourish the “gestures” which are of It. All the gestures of the Direct Way are from this Dimension. Thus Creation supports this “actor” by its Strength, its enthusiasm.» walking 1 



« I have told you that the Direct Way is an Art of Behaviour and of Action. I have explained to you what the importance of the « gesture » is, which is recognized in its « Dimension » by the Strength of Creation. So, this Strength nourishes the body with energy, and the body makes the « gesture ». Thus, from gesture to gesture, the being is supported in his action and comes more and more deeply into intimacy with this fantastic Power of action on Earth, amongst humankind.

I have said « from gesture to gesture ». A gesture is a « particular » act. It responds to a request which is present now. Gestures in « general » do not exist. The theories and all the preliminary definitions before action do not contain gestures. They are only argumentations and logics of behaviour. But not gestures!!!!!

If you understand that well, your life will be easy. Through the keen attention to what is going on, your intuitive intelligence (the one which is in the cells of your body) is put into activity and leads your action. From gesture to gesture you build a new life. There is no need to be at war with the environment, because it is of the past, which can only seek actions based on the old. This is a former construction of your space....

....But you must « dare » the right gesture. Because if it is perfect and right for you, it will certainly not be appreciated as such by your surroundings, which will make « trouble ». So you can only progress by accepting conflict." walking 2 


« This Presence has worked enormously to make you like small things. And you understand that to like small things is to pay attention to the gesture. To pay attention to the gesture and not to the goal. Not to the object which will be created, but to the movement of the gesture…» ICK 2




«- You see, my friend… Without this attention to the gesture, never you will be able to touch this Force with your body and to free you from everything… and into final from this universe… But here, I repeat my question: what do you want of your life? …

what do you wait for? …»

Tiger Man 19