«Where is your intention? This is the starting point.

Do not go around in circles.

What do you want of your life?

This is what will determine the importance of the vibration and its reality.»

walking 26



"There are two intentions of life in Universe: an Original intention, the one of Creation, registered in the cells of the body, which is the original coding.

And an intention of creation of a personal world, separated from Creation, which is becoming this movement of the Grid and which leads nowadays the body in reflex." Christian



It is the sincerity to really function again with our Original Perfection which permits to touch the original coding, and to act with its intention. Right gestures develop more and more this contact. Gentleness makes vibrate the present energy, and gains in importance. Personal intention is no longer priority and dissolves gradually. 


« You know, here too, it is a question of real intention. The vibratory system, which will be put in action will be absolutely proportional to the intention that you have to heal of the mobilization that the grid makes on you to orientate and to direct your space.

By your action in the every day life, you show your real intention to be out of troubles, it means to go out of this spider’s web, which is called the grid, or on the contrary to find a relatively nice agreement with it.» Recording




«- So, you mean that I am lying to me to believe that I am on a «spiritual» way.

- Yes, you are lying to are not on a spiritual way… You are only looking for the stopping of your suffering.

- You mean that ignoring my target, I do not give me the means to reach « my problem ».

- That’s right… You are not Master of the Space which is you… then you play, again and again… But you never have the arrow you need…

-… because I have not the Will of the Decision… continued Angel with words coming out of him as out of a dream… Shit !... Now, I understand what the Roshi always tells me: « What do you really want ! »


Silence made its slow movement in the room and birds of the day occupied it. »

Tiger Man 49