Look - to look at




«...May be I could have taught you how to look.

Because there exists a manner to widen the bars of the prison.

There exists one.

In a look of benevolence.»

Tiger Man 25 



"He insisted on the look which guides the action"

Tiger Man 25


To look at 



«The ART OF LOOKING is essential to orientate your spirit

in the direction which radiates happiness...

It is an inversion of the habit which always

look for the unhappiness of everything...» Christian




"On the Direct Way, the look is an essential means.

What are you looking at?"

  walking 5 



« Moreover, she does not think. No need anymore. She knows now that there is light behind the gray veil of the reality of the days and that this gray veil is only the way that she looks at it. »

Tiger Man 7 




To look at without judging...


« In fundamental energy, it is clear, the one who is in love with his emotions, the one who is in love with his sensations, does not go very far, just a small varnish at the beginning to say that he has returned in a world of spirituality, just a manner of rounding the angles of the table, in order to make displacements a little more comfortable, but of original modification, there is not any… I say « no modification ».


But what is important and very serious, if one is not in the flux of Dignity, one is automatically in the flux of the pleasure, and one enlivens it.


Your attitude of spirit, your alignment of the spirit is paramount.

Moreover, you must pay attention to your daily life in cheerfulness, in the relaxation…

It is excessively important: you must always act, you should not ban to act for the reason that you can perhaps harm or perhaps do good,… the good and the evil that does not exist, there is only the mode of the action and the system of causality which installs regarding it.


Thus you came in the world to take part, you must take part as much for you than for the others, you should not avoid taking part because perhaps you could harm. Act, always act, do not sit between two chairs, act but be entirely present in your action. Not present like a constipated person who is always looking at her acting, judging herself. On the contrary, you judge nothing, you are not separate from your action, you do not observe, you look at quite simply, and you look at what your action is making, which is your natural movement to go in such direction, what that produces.


You look at without judging.


And thus you will be able to perceive all that was grafted on your flux of pleasure since lives, lives and lives, and which continuously leads you to the same systems of actions, to the same systems of reactions, because you see, the emotional body has recorded the whole of your emotions, of your sensations, since your creation. These are lives and lives, but the emotional body does not know the time, it does not know what it is. Also when, currently, the circumstances will settle almost identical to what had occurred for you may be two hundred years, or thousand years ago, you will reproduce naturally the same pattern… so you should look at your action without judging it, to discover what are the springs which are working. You understand, this is like looking at a play: you are spectator and you look at the actors on the scene, but behind the actors, there is a curtain, and behind this curtain, there are other actors. These are them who really direct the theater, they are not the apparent actors, and thus all the work is to go to make holes in this curtain behind the apparent actors to know the real actors who pull the strings, because the apparent actors are only marionettes.


But if you start to judge and to say it is good or it is evil, or to prevent the action, you will never be able to discover which are the strings which put in action the marionettes of the apron…. and so that you can discover these wires, you need to be perfectly slackened, relaxed.

If you are tensed, if you are not simply looking at but observing who makes a separation between the subject and the object, you will not be able to perceive these wires, therefore you will not perceive what is behind the curtain, and the real actors will always escape to you. Thus it is very important to approach all this knowledge, all this liberation, in cheerfulness, enthusiasm, relaxation. Never mind if apparently, you do something which is not good, it is not that the problem, the difficulty it is that you do not realize what you are making.


Then act, for the moment, act freely, look at, and you will see that when you have perceived one of those who hold the wires of the marionettes, he cannot replay his blows afterwards. This simple observation modifies considerably all your system of behavior reflex but for that be slackened, be relaxed, while being very present to all what is happening…


Now go, and be very present at all the system of nourishment on one hand that you make on the other, and on the other hand, that the other makes on you. Be always in the Presence, there will not have any difficulty to a fast progress, but please, be deeply relaxed.» Christian



« Besides, she does not think. No need anymore.

She knows now that there is light behind the grey veil of the reality of the days

and that this grey veil is only the way that she looks at it.»

Tiger Man 7