Space - Will


Space and will are inseparable





« Everything is always space. Everything comes down to the space. Space determines what can be carried, attracted by it and also what it misses. Space conditions everything in the information at the level of its attraction as at the level of its diffusion. » Christian


« It is to realize that the space has two functions: one passive, which is called the function of welcome, and the other very active, which sets up a pressure onto those who are inside it.

You have often realized the passive action, the function of welcome. It is, for example, when you send out a sound on top of a mountain. It is very light, it is very clear, the sound goes very far. If there is fog, the sound is muffled very quickly.

Yet it is the same sound, it is the same will for action, it is the same will for life. What makes the difference? It is the space, it is the welcoming of the space for the sound. Your will, meaning your hope for life, your pleasure for life, your impulse, your desire, your enthusiasm, cannot go beyond what the space accepts to carry. This is the first perception.


You can also understand the second perception through some natural elements of your life. The space imposes its vibration onto those who are inside it.

When you come into a house where there has been war, a stormy discussion, and although all is over, you feel oppressed. This system of vibration is acting upon you. If you stay in this space, you are going to mobilize thoughts, words, and discussions in accordance with the movement of war, of reproach. It is the second perception that one realizes least. The space acts on the energetic system of the people who are inside it. This is its more important action. » walking 30


.......listen to the sound of this bell which goes far when the space is open, and which is retained when the space is closing.........


...what is more, when the space is welcoming, open, and that the sound goes very far, you have also the desire to throw your sound, whereas when it is closed, you have even no more the desire to throw your even does not come to your mind....

Space is limited as well by the exterior than by the interior, and if it is not always possible to change the external space, but it is possible to give again space inside your body, this is what the practices will do.



« The energetic flows are spaces. If you enter inside, you are submitted to their system of vibrations. You have two principal flows. On the one hand the one of the Dignity, the general vibration of the Creation, the second the one of the separation, the space constituted by the grid........


......In fact, there is only one principal flow: the one of the Creation, the one of the Dignity. Then, there is a secondary flow, an interference, a virus, which has settled inside it, the flow of separation. » Fundamental.knowledge 5 



These two spaces do not have the same intention.......


In the space of Creation, according to the intention of Dignity, there is a setting in motion of this matter that the Gentleness is, there is an expansion of this movement, an opening, an extension of the space, attention is carried on the means used, the Intuitive Intelligence develops, a fulfillment settles. The Force which is inside the cells can develop and make grow the intimacy with Creation.


The space of Separation is also called flux of enjoyment because it intention is its pleasure before all, its personal interest. The movement is limited, the space is closing. The reasoned Intelligence is continually but vainly looking for filling in a lack, the research is in the result: the pleasure of the fruit.


In fact, only one MATTER exists that of Dignity whose the setting in motion is orientated towards the intention of Creation or towards the intention of Separation. Vibration in the space will not be the same.


« The body is the space in which all is playing. »

walking 29 



"The loyalty is to the space. Understand this well,

because it is excessively important for the organization of your life."

walking 11 



"The religious man, the man who wants to withdraw himself from the dimension and from the handling of the flow of pleasure, pays all his attention to the Environment, and not to his Original Dignity, since this one is not perfectible, it is already perfect from the origin.


Perfection is perfect, it is not worthwhile to work on It, since It is entirely complete by Itself.


You, your action is not to look for a so-called increase of your Perfection, because it is impossible.

It is to put in action this Perfection in the every day life, without withdrawing you from this daily life, without going to play the hermit or the monk in constant meditation.


So you, you will have to worry considerably of the Space, of the Environment in which you are, since it is this Environment which will determine, and only it, which are the possibilities of the movement of the Flow of the Dignity." ECK 10 



« She feels this space of silence in the four steps which separate her

from the old man on his chair. »

Tiger Man 4 






« Space is the place where the will will be expressed...


.....The Will cannot go beyond what space accepts to carry ....


.....Will without space is like a madman who hits his head against the walls... without will is like an ignorant who looks for help everywhere...» Christian


«...Thus it is to you in an act of WILL to show that you arrange the house and supervise the environment.

Because this small ball of energy is the representation and a condensation of another enormous ball which is the Vital Energy. It is the small one which will lead you to the big one. It is as a child whom one has in his arms and on which it is necessary to blow to heat it. There is always an ember ready to return to the Source. It is enough TO WANT. The remainder is done easily because the small ball knows the ways to join the Source, the Big one....

...One never should let energy work only; it is you who must order. This is why I divide the two stages to oblige you to very precisely make the exercise of the will.» walking 8 


"So you have the will in one hand and

you have the environment in the other,

you make them being deeply suitable

so that there is an atomic bomb which is created :

an energetic bomb of happiness and of enthusiasm for life."Christian


«By all the Kamis, that the Will was anchored

in this body there! . »

Tiger Man 9