Teaching is a nourishment for the whole being. It is relative to the space, to the person for whom it is given. And if it is the «little monkey», i.e. the reptilian brain which listens, it may have the humility to accept not to understand everything, to know that there is something beyond its limits and to trust the WHOLE BODY, the HEART which has also heard....

Teaching is alive and remains alive if it is put into practice....

It cannot be really received without the respect of the teacher, without the respect of the one who takes the care to provide his assistance....



«How should you look at and retain the teaching?...walking 9






«My purpose is not to give you a school teaching. I have always like orientation and objective that your body and your spirit are joined, that your entire being can fully touch the Perfection of Creation, live th, enjoy with and act with.» walking 21






«My teachings are like a poem that unfolds. One can say that it is necessary to be poet in order to act in this way. And what a stupid poet this is.

As a matter of fact, when one works in the Grid, being there with this love for the others, there is something which one does not assume: that the other one likes his suffering, that the other one likes to play on his electric wire. He is regularly electrocuted but that does not matter. Between two electrocutions it is rather enjoyable, it is rather resounding, more and more Champagne glitter.» Christian