Three fundamental laws



Since the separation, there exists 3 laws which governe the relations between humans:



« There is the nourishment by displacement, the creation of the energy object that one could also call the emotional object and the penetration by interest.....» fundamental.knowledge 1


Let us observe the working of these three laws in the movements of the daily life...




Nourishment by displacement

When a billiard ball hits another ball and deflects of its own trajectory, or makes it move if it is motionless, there is a production of energy, and between 2 people, this production of energy is a nourishment. When somebody has poured his anger on another person, this last one can feel herself drained, exhausted if she lets herself be displaced and the irritable one is in great shape: he has had his nourishment.....There is also the possibility to flee before the blow arrives, the possibility to be displaced a little bit more, and to use the energy of the other to displace him. And this displacement can also occurs inside oneself.....

In the space of separation, the aim of the displacement done on the other, is to use him, to eat him for oneself. In Dignity, the displacement will be done by love for the other who we thus be nourished. The precise observation of how we act with this law is importante.



«Thus the men nourish themselves continuously one on the other by the gap that they produce... it is the first fundamental law.


...Then your first work will be to look with attention, at the working of this first law of fundamental energy, to look at how the others practice on you to obtain the nourishment, how you, you practice on the others, to nourish you from them, but in any case you are obliged to practice with this law and it is necessary to act, if you do not act, you will die.» ECK 2



« …it is easy to do evil.

It produces an immediate contentment by the movement of the wound at the other.

There is immediate satisfaction of his force. »

Tiger Man 13





Creation of the energy objet

There exists a FACT which will be developed sometimes with no more connection with what IS, in an emotional imbroglio. It will then be used in the daily life to displace the other...This is no longer the FACT which is looked at and which is the origin of the action, this is the created emotional object which direct the action. The recognition that we want from the others comes into play in this constitution of this object.

All the work will be to SEE what IS, to return to the FACT, to be able to get rid of this manipulation.





Penetration by interest

« The third energetic law, and the last one, linked to the initial separation, is what is called the Penetration by interest. One can also call it the Penetration by concern.


The system is simple, if a person A is concerned with a person B, the person B has the possibility of reaching the energetic computer of A and of coming to deposit a quantum of energy. It is a true penetration of B on A. Once this penetration done, A is not all alone inside himself, inside the look that he has on the world. There is A, it means, what one could call « him » and there is a part of B, and this is this mixture and this balance between the two which will make the new look of A on the world.


It is an excessively perverse and dangerous process, since ultimately, when each one shouts ME, Me, me and me, being installed like a firm entity, a center of space and a center of the world, ultimately, he is only the product of the whole of the penetrations which are exerted on him by the interest that he has on the things.

When somebody wants to reduce the gap with someone else, to handle him, to be introduced inside his system, he will make so that the other is taken care of him.

To make so that the other takes care of us ..... one will use the suppleness, the gentleness or on the contrary, while going to annoy it or by breaking a leg, by creating a problem…. it is much easier, to obtain the exchange with somebody by annoying him rather than by accompanying him.

On the level of the penetration and of this third energetic law, it is exactly the same process. The one who wants to handle the other, who always wants to obtain something of the other and to be able thus to return in his electronic computer, will make so to always be an object of concern, always an object of interest..... and thus the energetic exchange is done continuously and he will be able to be nourished and he will be able to penetrate in the other and he will be able to entirely play through the energetic handling.


You need to experiment that, the physical observation through very precise exercises;for example when you receive a phone call, how you are before and after,…. when you have a sexual relation, how you are before and after, ..... to understand all the mechanism of the energetic exchange which is installed by this penetration by interest, and when you will have perfectly perceived this process, it is that you will understand the importance of the choices of interest that you will make.


It is for that I said to you, when you are with the guilt, when the culpability arrives, do not worry. You can do nothing, it is directly dependent on this association, this coupling which has settled between the flux of pleasure and the flux of Dignity. It will be always there, as long as you will not have regulated this connection.... then do not worry you, because if you worry about it, you will make coming the quanta of energy of the culpability, even more on your energetic computer, your mental computer, and you will end up being entirely controlled by this penetration and thus the brain and the spirit become like a leitmotif always coming across the same problem or the same concern.


When you will have understood the phenomenon on you, you will have to look at, in a very precise way how you, you act to worry the others in order to come in their own energetic computer and to make so that you can live in them, through their movement. Because when one talks about freedom and liberation, you must not only consider yours, it means the freedom which you have regarding the others, but you must also consider the freedom you will give to the others, the manner that you will practice not to become a load for the other, not to become a concern, not to become an interest which will mutilate them, which will prevent them from living their movement.

But it is especially by the sexual exchange that there is a possibility of very clearly perceiving this penetration and this modification of the internal chemistry, because the man, in his pride, believes that he functions with only one part.... he says « me, it is me! ; the others, it is the others! » …. but it is not true!

The others penetrate continuously in the mental and energetic computer of each one, and it is with the whole that one functions, I repeat, it is with the whole that one functions.


When one has really perceived all that, on the physical level, one starts to become a true ecologist.

Before one is only one smooth talker in theory… because at this time, you will start to look at each element compared to the whole, because it is the whole which will function and the whole, this is the association of all the elements which have penetrated inside your energetic system, and that, not only in this life but in all the lives that there has been before.» Christian


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