« In the Original Nature, there is a triangulated mouvement concerning the Creation. i.e. a being does not act directly on another being, he makes function the Original Nature which itself, sends to the others, but it happens very quickly, one has the impression that it is immediate.» Christian

(N.O.= Original Nature)



« If you are in the dimension of vibration of Dignity, the events are released from themselves since you are in triangulation and no more in a relation of duality. So, finally there is nothing which accumulates. There is an action, a fruit and the fruit is released from itself inside this cosmic space.

There are no owners of the fruit who would like to file. There is no archivist. There is only the spontaneous action, which intervenes according to the circumstance.»

karma 1


« Grid side there is an emotional impulse which does not exist Dignity side since there is an impersonal triangulation and nobody who wants to profit and capitalize the result. Whereas in the grid, it is a relation in duality and one counts the result exactly like a match of tennis.

Thus, at the beginning there is this personal action, which by dint of being repeated by the person and a multitude of others people ends up being a collective means, a collective vibration.» fundamental knowledge 5

Relation in duality


Triangulation is the love for Dignity, it is the end of «me-I», it does not have its place anymore. This is the space of Dignity which in silence, initiates the movement. «Me-I» with all its filters, is too limited to act correctly with its own will.

The tree energy laws are not the same: there is no longer the nourishment by interest for «me-I» (1rst law) and the creation of the emotional object (2nd law) cannot be done, it frees from itself, nothing is kept. The look being on Dignity, it is It which penetrates (3rd law).