Yes Thanks !





"It is the same matter,

it is only the intention which makes it a

poison or a nourishment..."




After Masaru Emoto's experiences about the memory of the water, I have put some white rice in 2 glasses of water and I have covered the rice with water.

Then I have said :


to the rice 1 "Thanks a lot" while saying that, I have felt a light vibration in my body...

to the rice 2 "you are an idiot" while saying that, I have felt my body closed, heavy...


and I have repeated these words every days during 11 days...


Here are the photos for each rice at 6, 10 and 11 days:




The rice 1 starts to ferment, while diffusing a nice smell, looking alive....


The rice 2 starts to go rotten, looking not well...




"“Thank you”, she blew in her belly whereas the heat of the thick whey slipped there. Thank you!

She could not say anymore some other way. There was no more other word, of another possibility of message. When nothing anymore is possible, there is still this word."

Tiger Man 10