To wake up and to stay vigilant !

The Grid drains energy towards it to be nourished from it. With noisiness and dissipation that its vibration gives, it leads us the oblivion of why we have been created. The brain is numb, and we are isolated in the dream of a personal world. Pride and search of our satisfactions make us take this Grid for master and it is him who guides the reflexes of our body. We no longer follow the True Conductor...the alive Source... of which we separated...

This false master is in us and looks for fighting when we do no longer care about him....we have to be VIGILANT in each event to breath only with our Originel Perfection.



"Sometimes the Master said :


« You sleep !... Wake up ! »…


But they did not understood. So the Master continued as follows:


« You cannot wake up while using effort and coercion… »


And if they listened to until the end the murmurs of the old man and did not close their ears while following the meanders of their spirit, they heard :


« Only the Force in You can put in vibration your natural vigilance… Nothing else ! »


And if they continued to pay an extreme attention to the murmurs which continued, they heard :


« How thus to wake up this Force which dozes in you ? »


And if their attention entered the words of the Master and followed the silences, their heart heard :


« Why thus have you put to sleep this Consciousness ? »





« Those ones have forgotten that life is a combat … and that we are permanently in enemy field…They have lost their vigilance ! »" Tiger Man 65





"It is now that he understood the tension which contracted his body during the way back. There were two intelligences in action in his body! There had been a combat, but he did not realize it in the action. It is now that he knew this combat, when the Master released the tension by his so simple words: « All is well thus ».


Then he understood what the Young Woman had told them so much during these months:


« There is a combat, but you do not know it… Then you sleep instead of being on the alert for each one of your breaths which opens the life in front of you. »


He then knew in his body that there are always two Powers in action and that each one of it tries to do its work.


He felt so good on the way back, full with confidence and without fear !

Only his body showed its heaviness and its reserve to advance against the wind cutting the face with its frozen blades."Tiger Man 75