Lion - Energy



« Energy is neither good nor bad.

It is quite simply energy. »

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It is with fundamental energy that we work, it is with this matter, which is the support of our thoughts, emotions, sensations... Set in motion, it produces a vibration. If we let it work all alone, the vibration will automatically be that of the separated space. All the work permits to contact again this force, and to direct it again according to the original intention. It is our firm will to be in harmony with the intention of our creation which will mobilize it more and more and will « stir things up » increasing the development of Gentleness. The more we touch it, the more we must be vigilant not to let it work all alone.



« Then, there was the present like matter...»

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Energy in cage


« To turn like a lion in cage......»


Lady Nature has created this lion to evolve in vast spaces....Here, it is separated from its natural territory....its strength, non put in movement, is with less energy...It throws from time to time a roar in desperation...


Our energy is like this lion, it is trapped behind the bars of the cage that we have constituted with our dreams, our theories, our fears.....this filter which prevents its normal return to the cells of the body....Our vitality is diminished...


The practices of Direct Sight permit to free this energy from the cells of the body. The One who has created them, gives us His Force and His Passion.....Impossible to receive them without the WILL to find again our Real Nature, to dance again with It....without DOING what is shown to us.......and without RESPECT for The One who transmits.....


« Spite exists only in time and this night time is done away with. It is always done away with, in every moment, when an extraordinary interest is born in the heart. Then this energy is there, which I have spoken of: full, indivisible and it has the power to overturn everything.

So if you want to talk with me, I am telling you that you should not to stick to my words. What matters is the energy that is in motion.»

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