« Only Nature can be your guide.

Nature is the showed side of the Cosmic Energy.

Without It, you will never, NEVER be able togo back to the Creator Source.

Without It, your body will NEVER be able to find its just place between Earth and Heaven »



«He said:


Never lose the contact with Nature… It will be your safeguard. Out of Nature everything is dead, everything is only one intellectual construction, with an apparent frame but without marrow. The difficulty of the current world, stress and suicide in your countries that you believed evolved, is only the result of this cut. You make an intellectual hypertrophied world. You seek to create a work of art on only one basis of thought. Silly fool! You give your entire life between the hands of the thought. You do not know what the thought is!

You accept it such as it is, like mistress, without having seen and even without you being interested only once in knowing what it is really in the general cosmic order.

And this thought which remembers it for having tasted it, tries to make you believe that it will lead you to the supreme satisfactions, to the cosmic pleasure… But as despite all its promises, it is long in showing you this realization, it has created you substitutes, an imagery… As one gives sweetened candies to children to force them to be quiet… And you called that God, Allah, Vishnou, Bouddha…

But there is nothing in all that if not a slow death. Thought is unable to lead you to the pleasure of the cosmic order and that for a very simple fact: it is only one ELEMENT. It is the WHOLE which includes the PARTICULAR. The PARTICULAR cannot include the WHOLE… You have understood me?

Then, please… My young man… do not give importance to your thought. Let it run as it wishes to do it, do not oppose you to it, let it go. Do not ill-treat anything… But above all do not feed anything. Let your thought die out itself for lack of combustible. To be opposed to the thought is still thought… Let it die out as a fire in which one does not put any more wood… Do not be concerned with it… And never in a month of Sundays! do not feel guilty in any way, of all its movements which besides will become increasingly disordered and aggressive like the animal becoming quarrelsome, when one does not give it food any more… Let it be agitated as the small monkey that it is…

And you will see that the thought is able to see itself. Try its miracle! If it is able to mislead the others, it cannot lie to itself and it is ITS chance to come in its true place: the one of a splendid tool of shaping, of a unique and priceless material… Please… My young man… Do not try to destroy or break your thought as so many religious orders do it. It is incredible how the access to God passes by the destruction! … They are still believing that hardships, afflictions of any kind, all that, in fact, the spirit and the thought can invent to do oneself harm and to be destroyed, is a way for the cosmic order. These madmen create only artificial visions, results of hardships and frustrations, by attacking the first of the human brains, the original one, the one which in your countries of White you call, I think, reptilian.

He sighed then, astonished by the foolishness which he observed. He has to stretch his ear to continue to hear him, he muttered almost:

This is incredible… Completely incredible… None of them never asked the question, was never concerned with knowing why, when they were Christians, they had visions of Jesus or the Virgin Mary, or of another Saint…, that when they were Hindu, it was Vishnou or another… my God! … How men like to be deluded!

What sadness… What sadness…

After a long moment of contemplation, he shifted his look on this young White in front of him, sitted in the lotus position, the buttocks on a large flat stone. This small White, which listened to him with a lot of attention, a true attention… but above all, above all with an emotional intelligence.

From time to time, he stretched the hand out as to caress his cheek or his shoulder, but invariably, his arm fell down inert, along his body. There was a mystery with that. The young White had accepted it once and for all, telling him that it would appear in its right place, at the good moment.

You see, he continued, Nature can only be your only guide. Nature is the expressed side of the Cosmic Energy. To destroy it, as I believe that is the result of your disordered actions in your White countries, is in fact your own destruction. Because without It, you will never be able, NEVER to go up to the Creative Source. Without IT, your body will NEVER be able to find its right place between Earth and Heaven; and without your body perfectly placed, this splendid tool will be lost forever, to go from the Earth to the Heaven and from the Heaven to the Earth. TEN and CHI will not have anymore consciously perceptible relations because the beauty of the man, you see, my young man, is that he is the only living being on this Earth, being able to have CONSCIOUSLY access to the beauty of the Heaven, it means to join together consciously TEN and CHI, the Earth and the Heaven, and to come back from TEN to radiate the love on CHI.

In my young age… a small malicious smile in his very wrinkled face of old man… I took notice of some of your religious texts. One speaks a lot of mountains in them, I think! He raises himself up on his two crossed legs and such as an old monkey, mimes on four legs the man climbing the hillside of a steep mountain, shoulders curved under the load, streaming under the effort, dazed by this last one… And who, if he did not die on the way of exhaustion, or if worse, his spirit was not desiccated, arrives on top of the mountain. The old man then takes the right attitude of the Lord looking at his grounds, hands in visors above his eyebrows, turning in all the directions, the sovereign look… and then goes down again of the mountain, all cheerful… “It is well that? ” asks the old man to the young White who is hilarious.

- Exactly, small Father!

And the old man becomes again concerned. The White, once more, stretches his ear to collect its muttered words:

“How can they write such things? … To go up and go down from the mountain like symbol of realization and of perception of God… how can they say such things? … While destroying the rhythm of the Earth! ”

He knelt in front of the young White, their faces at ten centimeters one of the other. The eyes of the Asian old man were riveted then on those of the young White.

- Listen attentively to me, my young man,… understand that well Ange…

His look was done pressing. Ange felt hustled, all of a sudden ceased the double vision; the observer disappeared. There was not thus an observed anymore, only one moment present, of an enormous intensity.

… It is that they lie…»

Tiger Man 30