Ostrich - determination


«Any situation continues until the advantages outweight the inconveniences...» Christian



Unless you are spontaneously mad in love with Dignity, it is necessary that the cup begins to be quite full for wanting to go out of the space of suffering, of this nauseating marsh. We must be FED UP with always falling into the same holes...


We can then stop buring one’s head in the sand....

....hold our’s head up....

....decide to face Reality...

....and realize that we have the possibility to act, not to impede our progress, not to reproach the other or the space for being responsible for our wounds...and not to let it happen by submitting: it is possible to do otherwise...to be determined knowing what we WANT.....


«This DETERMINATION is directly linked

to the WILL to stop falling in the same holes.»



This personal decision is courageous. You end up knowing them so well these holes....!!!!!!

The determination to keep our eyes aligned on the Presence is a challenge....There are so many attractions to look away....

The situation becomes lighter by following this love for the Gentleness in matter. The disease of effort that guided our reflexes, gives way to a benevolent eye which lights the way and gives its Force.....The body is moving....


«One always arrives at the same interrogation:

where is your will of life?

What do you want to live and what are you able to live?

Which means do you give you, which determination do you give you?»

fundamental knowledges 5



«Thus, without regular practices, which reinforce the determination and

the enthusiasm of this Force inside every single cell of the body,

it is almost impossible to resist the efforts of the Grid in keeping the being in its field of action.» walking 20 





"And you, you cannot make differently than, either to continue, either to leave, since your noticing of the limits of the space has been clear, and you have not plaid the ostrich, you have not put your head in the sand while saying :

« Yes, ok, I have seen… but one will try to come to an agreement later …».


You have well seen that one cannot arrange the things thus; things are like that !

One must not judged them, they are neither well, nor bad ; they are quite simply like that, and according to the field of adventures which is offered to you, you have a possibility of action, it is all. If you want to increase your possibility of actions, you must increase your field of adventures and you know it well. "ECK 11