18. The challenge


The Master had smiled for three weeks… since the night when the young White wanted to escape in the precipice of the torrent.

He waited for his hour to act. The warrior does not make a fuss about it because he knows that he is waiting. Only the vulgar man does not know how to hasten slowly.


The young man recovers his strength day after day. Heidi and Tong take turns, the ear stuck to the wood wall and follow each one of his breathings. They moved into a tiny room beside the principal room. They have placed a camp bed there.


Hiro does not understand how the young White finds again so quickly the force of his body. The Master smiles to his request and gently answers, the malicious eyes:


- His body takes support on the anger of his spirit.


Hiro opens wide the eyes. These interrogative eyes under these fearsome eyebrows which frighten each one, make laugh the Master and his belly is tossed about.


-His spirit has emitted true sounds of another Dimension… Now these sounds are in this universe, ours, his also as long as he has a body… So his body can make use of it to be nourished.


The contracting of the pupils testifies of the growing incomprehension of the Master killer.


- His fury blocked him in this universe that he wanted to leave… Do you understand my old friend?

- no, he admits.

- Thus I you will say it differently. ..... There exists another universe that the one that you decode with the normal tools of your body. You know already that your spirit is only one tool of your body… and that your thought is only the decoder of your memory… You know that.


The old man suspends one moment his words. His breath needs to penetrate the other Dimension to follow and carry his movement.


- but there exists a Force beyond this universe. It is an Intelligence. This is it which causes the impulse of the life… I could say that it is it the Life, the essence of the Life… the supreme creative Force… But these are still words because this Force is a Wind… an Intelligence which looks at, understands… loves.


He breathes gently in his belly which is tightened under this breath. This Intelligence vibrates in him. He lets it caress him. Because it is It which must speak. Not him. He is the vibrator of the words because he has a body. This Force needs his body to communicate in the space of the men.


- but there is nothing behind this Intelligence. Nothing which decides… Only one Intelligence, a manner of looking at, of smiling, of breathing. It is the Force of the True Life.


Hiro opens wide the eyes… Never he has heard the Master speaking thus. Always he has said « you have everything in you! …. do not seek elsewhere! … »… and now…


The old one only needs to speak, to let true words going out of his mouth. Hiro is there, in the temple, between the thighs of the Buddha. He speaks with the Buddha. He speaks with him. He speaks with all his friends of the other world… At least he does not feel alone anymore … Because this young White is there, now… and him, he is carrying this Force in his body!


Then now the old Master can speak about it because there exists near him The One which can show how to do.


- The fury is one of the movements of this Force when it is blocked on this earth of the men… But when it makes vibrate the body of the man who carries this Force, the vibration is then the property of the space of the men… you understand?


The Master cook shook the head, more by politeness than comprehension. The old man knew it, but he continued because the words were pressed behind his lips.


- This fury has nourished his body because this is the body which has vibrated… you understand? …. Thus I will say it to you still more simply and your spirit will be able to understand that… There exists a Force of Life at the origin of Everything… beyond the universal love of this universe… A Force of Love and of GIFT even more immense than the one that you can conceive with your understanding… When it vibrates in the space of this universe, the universe is nourished by it and is reinforced… You understand?



- Then it is from there that all the Great Instructors came, blows Hiro which took again possession of his brain.

- Yes, from there… far beyond all the comprehensions of the ordinary Masters of which very little of them have touched this Force of Life… The major intelligence of this universe was enough for them!

- But why you have never spoken about it! Hiro rose.


The old man let his eyelids slip on his eyes. He remained a long time thus… Hiro, suspended to his lips on standby of the sounds which can touch his brain, was surprised by the water which ran from the orbits.

Then the old man blew:


- Because you do not want any!

- But… Hiro started…

- The Force of Life cannot rape… It cannot force… It gives itself! … But it is the earth which decides the extent of the penetration. It is it which decides in its own universe and it is there the decline of the man who has forgotten why he has been created and seeks to organize his own space according to his pleasure.

- But I do not have any human pleasure, rose Hiro

- Yes… the only fact of being in this monastery testifies that you have some very human pleasures!


The old man struck the soil with his stick and the Buddha vibrated.

Hiro lowered the head… but he did not know why.

The moon penetrated by the half-opened door.

The Master waited for his hour.


A cracking of the wood of the sitting Buddha put on the alert the old man. He raised the head and he met the eyes of the statue. They had the same flame that the one of the young White. Then the Master knew that his hour to act was now.


He stood up slowly, taking again conscience of each fiber of his body. He was going to need this body like perfect and fast servant in the combat which opened in front of him. This young White is worse than the white tiger! He will know how to benefit from each imperfect breath to insinuate his blade and to tear the hope which still remains in the old body before leaving this earth: to give the supreme means of the delivery to the man… Because the man is his friend! …. he is not the friend of this young White. He has understood it yesterday, when he looked at the scene on the edge of the precipice. There had remained behind the palisades. The young man must not feel him too near to him. He would have jumped immediately! …. but he had not felt the approach of the others, even of Hiro, because they were too weak to run into the Dimension in which he was and which was his protection.


Hiro believed that the Master was going to rest in his pavilion and he prepared himself to accompany him to prepare his bed like each evening and to check that the monks had well prepared everything.

The Master raised the hand and stopped the movement of the Master cook.


- It is me who has to cook this dish alone, he says …

Hiro did not understand… He had not understand anything anymore in the attitude of the Master for several weeks! …. but he obeys to the hand which said to him to sit down again on his cushion and to wait.


The old man slipped on the parquet floor shining under the lights of the candles. The door did not squeak. The steps did not make any noise in the courtyard.

He knew he will find the young man sitting under the veranda, with a cover around him. He liked the night and his movement. His ear collected all the noises of the darkness and the smile widened under his ears when he was with this quivering life of those who do not sleep.


The old man came to sit down beside him. He has not moved. He did not frown. But the Master knows that he would not have accepted that he takes place in front of him and cut him from the universe to impose his own one.

Then he waited lengthily, attentive to the breathing of the young man. It was in his belly and he knew that he must not intervene yet. The breath would not have allowed it. It was not yet the hour.

He knew the importance of the space which leads everything and which prints its movement on the time… Thus the action is the fruit of what space allows… The old man knows that by his training at the life of the men. He knows that by his intrusion in the Dimension of the Gods who allowed it. But him, this young White, knows it because it is That! …. Also he will react immediately if the rhythm of the universe is broken!

He must wait the right moment when the door will be closed to the Dimension of this tiger… and the young man will send him back to his « furnaces » to learn to cook better the Life of Eternity.


The moon passed the crests of the assembly line in front of them. The darkness became matter. The breathing of the young man changed. The body of the old man was on the alert. The moment approached!

The wind which rose says to him that now his words will be carried by this Breath of the Creation. Then he opened the mouth.


- You are there to say the Truth, attacked he directly… As long as you have a body you are there to tell THEM the Truth! … So, do it and cease to get up on the world’s nerves with your moods!


The young man smiles.


- How you speak well this evening, senile old man.

- Senile! … me?

- Of course!!!! … to be a Master of a monastery, you can be only one senile of Heart and of Intelligence. Only one showman of fair to receive the applause of the public!

The Master knew that he had just fallen into the trap of the young man. He defended himself!


- You are right… I am only one bloody who tries to put a little order in the human mess, sighed he… But with you now…

- Nothing! …. « now! »…. Do not tell stories! …. It is not for them that you work… but for you! …. You use them to discover more deeply in what a mess you are! ….

- It is true that we help ourselves the ones the others…

- Except that you are ALSO this mess, the White cut him … And it is where the lie penetrates.

- I do not understand, recognized the Master.


That was the truth. He did not understand what the young White said. He heard the words. He could answer these words. His intelligence functioned correctly… but he knew that this young tiger did not open the lips to say ordinary sentences. He felt a depth which he did not reach… His body felt! …. His reason did not follow!

The young White perceived this real interrogation of the old man beside him. He perceived his distress. He recognized that these words came from his body and not from his reasoned intelligence.


- ah! … thus you have the other intelligence in activity! ….


He was surprised radiation of the body of the Master. This Intelligence was of his Field. It was not related to the reasoned brain of the man.

The spontaneous impulse of his body, was to take this old man in his arms and to tighten him on his Heart… To give him this Force which is in him… Because his body likes the sincere bodies.

Then he moved a little his shoulder and it touched the one of the old man who slipped gently and rested.

They remained thus, surely a long time, because the crests gave their darkness more and more.


- It is when one has forgotten why the body was created that one is concerned with the pigsty… Just a research for organization.


The old man understood. His belly was contracted.


- What an idiot I was! he howls.

- No… just a man who tries to help another one… And I believe that you did that well.

- Yes, I did that, sighed the Master… But I also sent them in a dead end!

- It is that… A dead end for the Heaven… But a splendid organization for the earth…

- Shit!

- It is thus that the spiritual man becomes a therapeutist… What a waste!


Time let spend its hours. The light came back behind the crests. The day started already, still very far from here.


- Thus, it is time that you teach them what it is to have a body for the Creation…

- Do not make shit with your silly hopes!


But the breath of the young man was now in his Heart. The old man knew that he had gained the combat.


The last challenge was going to start!