39. Life is a chess-board


The young woman put the Book between the hands of Tong and pushed him in the bedroom.

She settled near the empty bed.

- Read, she asked… Continue the words which are there…

The long monk sat on the other side and started to leave from his lips the sounds that she waited impatiently

- Articulate better, she let out, leaning towards him.

Her head was above where was to be the heart of the one lying on the bed.


Extracts from the Book of the Shin Family.


Do not worry for the old bloke who thought he is my father and that it is an ashamed claim, because with the toes which he already has in the grave considering his advanced age because after fifty years one is a good fossil for the refuse, you do agree with me? … Good, to say to you that he is often like that.

Me, I believe that he falls regularly into a manic-depressive delirious. Look! it is quite normal with the responsibility that he has on the back! So I am not upset about his stupidities and that does not prevent me from driving quiet as Baptiste towards Paname because I must sweat blood this evening, at least this night because when I get going from the inn it was already ten p.m.

For telling you everything, I am not very happy with me because I have the feeling that I will accelerate a movement too fast in the conclusion of this case to the detriment of its quality; that of Stéphane which is entitled to take his time. Because of this bitch of Yoko! To have rubbish « states of heart », in the Family Shin, it is not very far from one final « exit » because in this bloody Organization, one does not resign. One leaves the feet in front.

So, I am of two minds… And I wonder whether I will not reverse a little the vapor, manner of messing things up in another direction. Not to hide you anything, as promised, it is very thoughtful which I park the heap in front of José’s flat.

The bar is closed. He should be there.

One hour in the morning, a good crenel for a visit without bugle nor trumpet.

- You have taken your time!

I do not turn to the carriage entrance from where the voice emerges. I had felt. But not of malicious.

- All the night, we waited for you… whispers the voice of Marc Antoine, like a reproach.

Bébert emerges from the shade. Marc Antoine follows.

- Hey, you allow us to get into your car… Luxury. I do not know… And then, it’s chilly while waiting for you. Fortunately that this door put us safe from the rain…

I unbolt the whole and we settle. Bébert in front with me. The Marc Antoine at the back. I make turn the mill and connect the heating.

- Thank you, he makes me in the back, the voice wet by too much rain in Paname.


- What do you fuck about, all day long? … US, we got frozen… I would not like to be malicious, but I am not sure that the Stéphane he has well chosen his private. You spend your time to knock back the glass or what?

- You knew from the departure, didn’t you?

- Of course!

- What do you believe that one loaf about in our area! … Nothing, sometimes? Perhaps you believe that we do not know ALL what occurs there? Of course that we knew… We looked for locating heaps to swipe this evening…

- We saw everything… the loading of Stéph and EVERYTHING… what! Marc Antoine makes it clear to me from the back.

- Yes, EVERYTHING… confirms Bébert which makes a point of having the last word. Leader obliges.

- And why you did not say anything? I ask nicely.

- Of course! … to tip off the cops already so much idiot that they do not see their feet that they put on shits of dog… Thus! what did you believe that they do of this thing… And without evidences! Because must not count on our testimonies… We want to get Stéph out of trouble, but not to do THEIR job. They only had to seek!

- You have found, YOU… reassures me the Antoine.

- No, not them. Me? Why did you not tell anything, I ask.

- We wanted to know what you were worth, before… We have besides tried to warn you that the Tonio’s box was encircled. But we arrived too late. The dance had started…

- What a lesson you give them! congratulates me the Marc…

- There is nothing to say, that, it is hard work… Thus, you see, one waited for you to facilitate the remainder of your mission… Because it is well what the Stéph asked you, isn't this? … To smashed them up. You can go on there. You have our permission.

- Do a bit of cleaning. A little air to blow for our blokes. Become possessive, these steady pimps! All must now pass by them… Not anymore means to get the fruit of our small personal tricks.

- You have our blessing, confirms Bébert once again.

- Thank you, I make… And according to you, what will I find in the José’s pad? About ten blades to await me?

-Don’t worry you, guy. There is only José and his strumpet. They went to bed at about two a.m.

- The girl Cola?

Bébert laughs.

- No. You will see… A surprise from the chief… Normal! Do not make such a long face. You cannot know everything in so little time. Only for five days you have been in the corner. Must not think you are superman, guy!

- Hey, it’s quite hot in your car. We can stay there while you finish your job. We will guard it for you.

- Yeah… and if it is José who smashes you up, we will already have the keys for the auction… laughs the Antoine Marc who must be the one of the group in charge of humor.

After this cordial preamble, remain just to go there. By leaving them warm, in the BMW whose engine turns nicely. In any case, as you had realized there, I had not planned to sleep this night. It is a night of ninja. That of the revelations.

The black hole of entry of the building of José attracts me too much so that I think of kipping. A hole which leads to a larger hole, deeper, full of dustbins, that one calls courtyard in certain place. Paris for example.

« The sixth » made me Bébert when I left the heap without slamming the door. No lift. Good for the feet. The place where the old men must live, just to make function their varixes and to delay the wheel chair.

All is dark in this hole. The corridors hardly lit by a feeble small light. The odor is the one the big cats which often do not wash themselves because they like their odor. Walls are not conforming to acoustic standards for the communally accomodations.

I tell you while climbing, feeling, listening, becoming immersed in… make me think of unloading my clothing at the pressing while returning. The odors of rancid fried food are not my preferred perfume.

The door of José is not more complicated than that of all the crooks which believe than to sleep with a fly agaric under the pillow they are sheltered from the uncertainties of the life.

For God’s sake! How that pongs in the pad! Not possible! The window must be blocked since decades. Just a hall, with two doors. One is open. I throw an eye in it, or rather my nose. The odor is enough to inform me. The José, he must not descend his dustbin every days. With the insipid light of the reverberator of the street, I glimpse the dirty crockery piled up in the sink. Remain the other door. I stick my ear on it. Two breaths, quite regular. One rests serious at José. The sleep, it is not rubbish at the guy. Not to worry about the noise of the door. Just to retain ones breathing not to fall to the ground between the odors of sweat, of shagging and cigarettes.

Moreover, me, you start to know me, I am for the Persil cleanliness, that which washes whiter than the white. Therefore, have guessed. I go direct to the port-hole on the street. What did I say to you! Stuck, it is the espagnolette. Fortunately that I am the clever guy who knows on the end of the finger the recommendations of the « small handyman at home ».

I notice a jacket on the chair nearby. I roll it up around my elbow. The remainder is logical, no? The noise of glass falling six floors lower awakes the deep sleepers. The José, it is fast snake. His hand has quickly done to precipitate under the bolster and to come out again with the shooter. But, I am not anymore on the trajectory. Just beside him. For the morning kiss.

And the reversal of the wrist like gymnastic awakening. He is quite right the guy who said that the man thinks because he has a hand. Must also articulate it correct. To turn it over on its wrist is perhaps not what is recommended in the handbook. But, between us, must not worrying for the guy. I am certain that careful as I guess him, to never put his eggs in the same basket, he must have complementary to his Social Security, which refunds it at 150%.

- But… what is it…

That he has stopped to yell out under the pain according to the well-known principle that one cannot be concerned with two things at the same time.

Me, I light during the extase of the guy since you know that the pain makes you join God quickly made. At least it is a thing which one tells you in few idiot divine books. Moreover, must not be formalized by that. One has the readers whom one deserves.

The scene is worth the pair. Of buttocks, of course. I am not astonished. I started to suspect a work of this kind. Especially since I have realized that the Stéph, he did not say EVERYTHING in his diary. Not a true diary. But I will speak to you about it later if I think of it. And then, these guys who awaits me around the bar of Tonio. And then airs between José and Tarin WITH the sis of the kid. And then… It is a kind of intuition without which you are quickly dead in my job.

- Please do not believe, Mister the Superintendent, that I…

- Shut up, bitch! … José lets out to her while sitting up the left hand holding the right wrist which has taken a curious tilt.

But the female, she is not teacher for nothing not to understand once again where her future is.

- He has forced me! … I swear it to you on the head of my mother and…

This time, the José he wallops her one and has forgotten his wrist which dangles like an idiot, as idiot as its owner, at the end of an idiot arm. It is true that she goes over the top. Must check if her mother is not already dead, sometimes.

- It is true… TRUE… she begins to yell out.


The crisis is not far. Moreover, she is orchestrated by the manipulator brain of these people. The crisis, this « famous crisis » that one draws up in front of you like the last prohibition, like the last of handling, it belongs to the play. I have already said it to you: stay MOTIONLESS. And you will see well. Guaranteed result. And the pain as a bonus to have been taken in for such a long time.

You have realized that ME, I stay MOTIONLESS. Must say that I have heard it all before. I was not raised by a teacher for anything. One learns quickly. Or one dies. Moreover, there is only me which does not speak in this pad. However, to look at it precisely, it is all the same me who makes spot in the soup. Nobody has invited me. You see how the brain is fast. It understands direct. Be wary of the guys which play the idiots who is a bit slow, I have already said to you.

That they empty their bag. No need to direct. Especially with a teacher who, her, knows how to direct straight the discussion to go out of trouble.

By charging the guy. With the most extremely. Strongly. She will add some. I will even know that of which I do not care. That she did not like the sucking because he did not wash his prick everyday … And then, if she is there, nacked in the bed of guy him also the carcass uncovered, and that smells the fresh sex so that I needed to open the window, it is by the most extraordinary coincidence… Must not believe the obviousnesses « Mister the Superintendent »… She passed by there. And the guy was in the sorrow. Nice like her, there does not exist two. She agreed to relieve him. So that he does not make stupidities later. What do you believe « Mister the Superintendent »… She has well read her handbook of teacher.

- Me, I did not want… It is him which has insisted… Ho! how I am ashamed! What will think the superiors? … Mister the Superintendent… If I told you ALL THAT I KNOW? … you could… a little… I do not know, me… There exist arrangements for those which help you, I believe…

- You rotten bitch… Will you close your nasty tart mouth.

- OH! You hear him, Mister the Superintendent! … What a shame! … You can see that I do not have anything to do with this gloomy individual… Moreover, I would not like you to be mistaken Mister the Superintendent… If I am here, it is only to collect information on the intrigues of these nasty individuals who want to introduce drug at the school… My SCHOOL! … You realize… The poor kids! … I wanted…

- You rotten bitch… If you do not shut up this large mouth, there will have buddies who will do it… final!

- You do not frighten me, you know… Moreover, you have never frightened me… A poor guy like you! Look, you have looked at you a little? You did not wonder why I agreed to sleep with you, sometimes? … Ah! Mister the Superintendent… One can say that you time it perfectly to stop all the band. NOW. I have all the information which I sought… Beautiful work which I have done. I am entitled to receive thanks! … And initially, that I will have a good shower to wash me of the rotten swine of this… There is really no word to name him!

- Tart! It is unbelievable. But, do not listen to her! … It is her who lurked in the bar to be made shining the bottom! … It is false all that she tells… It is even her which has thought of the details for the selling and the entry of the dope in the college…

- BUT… my dear! … to know until where YOU wanted to go. An investigation which I did ME… What do you BELIEVE? … That, what you modestly call your family jewels, can constitute FOR ME a real attraction! … What check, is not it Mister the Superintendent. Ah! I guaranteed to you that after having told you MY story, he will less play the proud… I guaranteed it to you!

- And well, very dear Miss the teacher, the Services of Criminal and of the Narcotics which I represent together will be very happy of your collaboration to fill out their questionnaires… We thus will phone the central office so that you can go in all peace of spirit in our buildings without a new desire for continuing all alone your very dangerous investigation.

- But Mister the Superintendent… It is in YOU that I wish to confide. I am sure that we will know how each other’s mind works. Believe well in my pleasure of seeing YOU finishing in beauty this so dangerous case which I have well started.

- My dear teacher… I could for example question me on your silence at the time of the investigation on the Stéphane’s death … For example.

- But, it is that I did not want to defuse my research which hardly started! … And then, He was dead, wasn’t he? It is a real shame but I could do nothing for him apart from delivering one day his killers to the Justice, which I do at present between your hands.

- Of course! it is her which warned us of the passage of the kid that evening! … She was anxious because he seemed to her that he knew… He asked curious questions, it seems!

- They is FALSE… I say it CLEARLY to you, Mister the Superintendent… Stéphane did not ask me ANY question about this connection of drug which was organized at the School… I swear it on my own head!

- You bitch! … Ok, you have not said that the kid had asked you questions about that… You have said that you were anxious because there was no sense in his passage. He almost did not speak and he looked at you curiously… Here is what she said, nasty young partridge. You do what you want of it but me I swear you on my first clap that she said to be « very anxious » and that the kid « he must suspect »… and that it was « dangerous »… That’s it!

That’s it. I expected it. Logic. As I like to insert the nails, I want the confirmation.

- You have thus warned Tarin?

- Of course! … Not my job to take a similar decision.

- Listen, WHO have you warned of my probable visit to the bar?

- Hold, but her! … What do you believe, cop? She believed to be a « head », a true Boss whom she believed! … I will say to you, young partridge, now I have anything to care because I will take a maximum sentence… My family jewels, like she says it so well, it was the bonus of one part of her risks in addition to the cash!

- Bastard! … It is you who ran after me …

- Come on! to run after a chick who cannot give you a correct blow-job without biting the cock.

- Oh! It is too strong!


The juice is ready. Possible perhaps be able to put right the basic manipulation damaged by the abandonment of Yoko. Hard. Will be necessary to go hard.

But the Steph is worth the effort. I believe.

- You are not fresh poultry both of you… but it is not small game which I track… It would even be annoying for me because disordered shots can give the awakening to those which I look for.

You speak that they start to be all ears even to forget to throw each other the insults in the face. Listen, I make…

- You are in the know that the Trade union is interested in this case in a curious manner…Are you in the know, José?

- Of course… You have not seing my right hand! … You would not have had me presently if it is that one which had gone to seek the firearm.

- And well, the COLA, I will say to you, WE don’t care!

- Shit then! … But it is what your job, then?

- And well, as IT was said to you on the telly, I arrive direct from Asia to regulate this case… In fact, one needed a slightly little special guy, not very particular when it comes to the processes employed and ESPECIALLY, not known of the Police Services from here.

- I fear that WE do not understand, Mister the Superintendent, shows up the teacher which understood her interest the ears all open.

One moment of thinking is essential because I improvise directly and as Small Father tells it so well, either I fully mess around, or it is of my best juice. I hope for both of us, Stéph, that it is the second proposal which enters the lists, or else that will shit for our references.

- It is the TRADE UNION which interests US.

- WHAT! … Do not understand…. What comes to do the Colas in it?

- Nothing… A mug that we use. One needed a reason for my false nomination.

- Because YOU are not Superintendent! …

- No… Let us say it is ALSO about a kind of cleaning…

- You are a K.I.L.L.E.R.… She articulates… It is for that the odd sentences of the President on your subject…

- Exact… And the Trade union has ramifications in the Police force at the « highest levels »… Understand?

- Yes… Then… But, the Trade union?

- WE knew that he was interested in YOUR TRICK and wanted to take it again under its responsibility. For that, one needed a reason to enter the dance.

- Stéphane…

- Yes, my all beautiful… You start to understand.

- Was enough to mess things up so that it has a good reason to intervene with the reason for the cleaning-up of the situation… You have well seen that since my arrival I do nothing except messing up everywhere I go through.

- Rather!

- But Why?

- Very simple. They should be corned on a case IN PROGRESS… Obliged to be exposed and TO TAKE RISKS… Understand?

- Yes… it is simple… Then thus…?

- Yes, you have understood my beauty.

- You do not care of US.

- Exact.

- But you want that we ceased.

- No… opposite. That you take the handle more vigorously with our assistance.

- But…

- You do not want to throw Tarin on the scrape heap and to treat direct with Zaïmi?

- Well…

- And you, Martine, I propose you a huge escape ! … You love the sex, don’t you. Come on, do not make a fuss, it is very normal all that.

- What… what should I do?

- Here is the good answer.

- I do not understand.

- You go… The Trade union has put around to spy you on an Asian woman who…

- Shit then! … She is part of… All is held!

- Of course!

- Oh! , the whore… I spoke about her to you Martine. She came on to me that it was not possible so much so that she was about to fight with the Stéph’s sister …

- Therefore, she is from the Trade union… But I do not see where I intervene?

- Simple… She is there « to penetrate you ». It is her orders. She must discover the details of the operation of drug… Afterwards, THEY will have a good means of blackmail against Zaïmi… understand?

- Yes… Simple.

- No, I still do not understand my intervention and your remark on my sexuality.

- To fulfill her mission, she MUST accept ALL what you want…

It is necessary to put to you in confidence. She has well approached you in the style chick of good family which wants to rub her with the hooligans, hasn’t she?

- Yes… It is a little that.

- So, put her at work!

- Not stupid, one has currency on the way while…

- Of course! Make her enter the band but by the small door!

- Come on… Not stupid… I see you well Martine taking her in hand… You had spotted possible customers with girls who accept hard situations.

- She will not be able to refuse…

- No, nothing… It is her mission… Hey, cop… and in exchange?

- I control the contacts and trace the connection.

- While us we continue.

- Completely.

- And where we find her, this doll?

- Street Mouftard.

- She will cause a stink?

- A Little, at the beginning… Think! Must well that she plays her part of middle-class woman… for posing in, perhaps, but she will oblige you to drill her.

- Well! … I like that. And you, Martine.

The teacher passed the end of the red tongue on her lips.

- How one keeps you informed ?

- it is me which will pass.


- Taxi!

- Go towards the Marne, I will indicate to you.

All developed as he had planned it and he was happy.

- Well, you are already back!

Mr Albert had not gone to fishing alone. Bret had felt the invitation, this morning, but he was worried about this setting of yesterday evening. It is not enough to put right the tail of the chance you need not to let it slip from the hands. There was so much to make, to guess! Now, he had discharged a heaviness from his shoulders. He had returned to Steph, exclusively. He had decreased the range of his concerns and he could return in the interior knowledge of the Kensho to guide him. Now, he knew that he could let his steps go the ones after the others, as stable giants who knew the road.


Never mind for Yoko! He was no more interested in the manner of José and Martine « to take her in hands ». Surely hard, Martine…Now, the things were going to function all alone because each one was in his place according to his interior impulse, that one which he never dares to acknowledge. And he smiles because Small Father repeated to him untiringly that the Art of the Killer, that supreme of the Royal Ninja, them: the Family Shin, it is not death. It is the penetration. He would have wanted to go fishing, now.

- Too late for fishing?

Mr Albert threw a quick glance towards the kitchen where his wife was bustling in a noise of knocked pans and came closer to him quickly.

- For fishing, yes… But not for going boating…

He winked at the young man who answered him in the same way. Then Mr Albert blew to his ear with a kid voice… « Do not move, I will manage! ».

Bret went up in his room which opened on the river and get changed. Downstair the inn-keeper awaited him, him also in boots, the fishing rods in the hand.

Bret proposed to discharge him partly.

- Take rather the haversack, there! on the chair… The snack, he added with this small laughter of people content with them. Bret found the satchel of coarse linen really heavy for a simple picnic…

Mr Albert perceived his frown… « Well, you might as well do things in style! ». He signaled to him to slip away quickly with a sign of head towards the kitchen where Bret believed well to hear Mrs Germaine grumbling.

The inn-keeper grabbed on the way two raincoats on the back of a chair. He pushed Bret vigorously in the back, towards the door of the terrace. From there, they were going to go down towards the landing stage.

The boat had to be emptied… « it lets in a little water… and this small rain of this night »… The wet wood slipped. It was also cold for the buttocks.

They had hardly left the bank that Bret felt all wet. His lips slackened in this so particular smile which went up towards his ears without discovering the teeth.

Mr Albert rowed with a noise of forge in his lungs. The river appeared like a quiet mirror without letting anything to see in lower part.

He had two days « to let do ». Thus he will be and wanted to be opaque, quiet. His legs will push him in the wet countryside and he will listen to the song of the Nature which looks like so much to the heart in peace in its uninterrupted movement.

It was enough to read the newspapers, lying on the long chair that Mrs Germaine left every morning on the terrace, in the angle which takes best the sun. Or to listen to people who passed at the bar.

Chity did his work well; a perfect measurement of information and interrogations…then new developments, like this Press conference of the Minister…

- You have seen, Mrs Germaine, another kidnapping! … This time, it is a jap… Right in the center of Paris, street Mouftard.

- It is a shame, such things…

- It is quite true. One is in safety nowhere now.

The sun had returned through a sky which remained heavy with fog, perhaps also with rain, of that so fine in true spring with its showers, its winds and odors.

- You have seen, they have not found anything on the death of this woman in a bar of Clichy yet. They think of a settling of scores between bands after that the husband is already at the hospital an eye in less… Look! is not it vice, that! To throw darts! One does not cease inventing…

- You will see, soon we will return to the bow!

- Listen, I say it well to you… One do not know what to invent to play the interesting one.

- It is quite true, that.

Presently, he will go up the river by the path that he knew now well. He will be wary of the water holes. Yesterday, he slipped into one of them and Mrs Germaine exclaimed by seeing him arriving muddy until the waist.

That seemed to give pleasure to Mr Albert who looked at him malicious.

- Mr Nocquet learns our river and its treacheries… He thus likes it or he would not stay. Thus keep silent Germaine! You do not know anything to the men!


Higher, at two hours, he will join a wormeaten wood bridge. He will have to be careful because the unit is like vestige. Afterwards, he will be able to return by the other bank with on his right a country road as there does not exist a lot of them anymore, narrow and bordered with trees with a strong spoiled macadam.

- Nevertheless it is STEPHANE who is always on the front page. A bloody kid, even if I repeat myself.

- You can say it, Mr Albert! One like that, I would have really liked to have one! …

- To whom you say that!

Time passed thus, mainly walking in the afternoon and fishing in the morning. The inn-keeper has well seen that he was not a born fisherman. It is as if he did it intentionaly to badly hang the worm on the hook.

He stared at the stopper very intensely while it went deep into the water. Mr Albert, at the beginning shouted to him « to strike straight »; then he did not say anything anymore, looking at him with a shrug, wanting to understand this curious young man whom he really liked but who did not do anything like everyone.

It is the intensity of the glance of Bret which astonished him. He did not understand obviously what occurred in this almost thin body but that he however felt very vigorous.

He did not imagine one moment that this young man can be captivated by the intense life which existed down there, under this first surface layer which hides the remainder. An overflowing activity existed there! It testified it to him at each blow on the stopper. It was pleasure of seeing it going deep into the water.

Not to shock Mr Albert, he took two fishes per day. One for the midday, the other the evening.

After he estimated that he had sufficiently worked and he « attached large ». The inn-keeper did not say anything anymore to him because he had a happy smile on the lips… He shrugged, resigned.

It is Mrs Germaine who exclaimed at the beginning, when they returned and that she examined the two baskets.

- My poor Mister, you really do not have any chance… It is my Albert, perhaps, that he did not show you how to do… You know, these fishermen! … They do not like the competition at their place.

Albert said to him that she was backbiter and that it was only bad luck. Now, when they had attached the boat to the landing stage, he poured part of his basket in that of Bret which let him do without a word.

It was in the newspaper of the third day that he discovered what he waited. « A RESPECTABLE BUSINESSMAN ATTACKED WHILE COMING BACK HOME…

Mr Tarin, Principal Director of the very known Import-Export Company of the same name and legal adviser, while coming back home yesterday at the evening, around ten p.m., has endured several shots in the street at a few meters of the door of his residence.

Wounded immediately at the thigh, it is obviously this wound, according to the investigators who saved his life. Indeed, this tall and massive man collapsed immediately under the shock with the result that two other balls of strong gauge which aimed at the head, or at least the top of the body passed above him. It would seem that there are at least two gunners since the projectile of small gauge which perforated the muscle of the thigh is by no means the same one that those which one has found embedded in the massive wooden door of the building. The disparity of the weapons used questions the police officers…

The investigation continues and… »

Good, he could now close the Cola’s case.

- Chity. You can go there like the clappers.

- Finished?

- Yes.

- Good, if it is not asking too much to you, My Prince Archi-Duc, I would like to ALSO understand, because I must recognize that I am at the same point than my readers… I launch the bar of José-Tonio and the whole brood in the circuit, it is that?

- You delay, Chity, all that is now overshooted.

- Come on, you don’t say! … As shit-stirrer, I tell you that you deserve a badge. The Minister didn’t mince his words in his interview… It is simple ONE does not know what you are doing.

- Except you.

- Except me, ok… Good, your stuff, it is what?

- The whole of the relations that STEPHANE had discovered and why he died.

- Do not understand. Explain, Mister the Prince.

- Very simple… You have the newspaper with the sodomization of the kid. I have already given you that it came from the bar of Tonio-José.

- Yes… it is the information that I kept under the elbow with your request.

- And well, now, it is over… Here is the story that you will present to the public.

- One moment… I put the tape recorder on… You speak, I do not want to lose a scrap of it…

- Good… Once upon a time a kid who discovered that his sis was handle by a false gang leader, a so called JOSE. The kid, to protect his sister, pretends to enter the band; from underneath, he warns the people whom one will burglarize or steal their cars.

- I know all that, it is in the « newspaper »… not so precise, but the whole is ok.

- On top of that, the band, to be avenged makes him sodomized by a carrier of AIDS. It is Tonio, the owner of the bar which organized it because it is also the boss of José.

- I am with you. We go further than the « diary » but we still refer to it.

- But the kid has courage to resell, more especially as he had discovered a traffic of sale of drug at the school…

- Shit! … Explosive! … You do not want to say that it is in THIS band that he has learned it.

- Yes… And his sister was involved in it, because for this thing, Tonio, he was out. He would not go along with this disgusting thing, it appears. Thus JOSE, he dealt direct with Tarin, Zaïmi’s guy who controls the whole activities of the bar.

- I.e. that it is Jose and the Steph’s sister who have planned the job, alone?

- Not right… With the teacher which is ALSO Jose’s mistress … But that, Steph’s sis does not know it. I count on you to learn it to her.

- Fucking hell…!

- Then we come to the death of the child. The evening, he went to see his teacher, not to speak about the fact that one believes and which you precisely leave in vagueness in your articles… To ask her for an explanation. You understand?

- Rather… Fucking hell of shit… You will see how I will sort her out, that one! … fuck!

- The kid died this night.

- Fuck! … She warned her Jose?

- Normal… Who him, has passed on to Tarin and all this beautiful people kidnapped the kid with the assistance of the sister.

- Fuck! … Shit! … It is not true!

- As witnesses, there are kids, the same ones as those who knew for the sodomization… I gave you the names and addresses at the office… You can now use them. They will speak as soon as they know that the WHOLE of the band will be caught… And then, this story did too much noise now so that they stay silent.

- Shit… Listen, Mister the Prince Archi-Duke and take all the titles that you want because without joking you deserve them, let me breathe a little, I can’t stand it any longer… I believe that I am going to throw up.

- You are in the good mood because it is EXACTLY that which I want you communicate to the public: to throw up!

- Do not worry my Prince, it will be easy!

- It is not finished…

- What! , you still have an extension with this refuse?

- Of course… What do you believe that it occurred for the priest, the parents…

- Shit… NO… YOU will not say to me…

- Yes… You understand, as he wanted to save the situation for his sister, it was necessary well that he prevents a little so that ONE puts her out of the circuit.

- He spoke to the priest…

- In veiled terms… He insisted on a certain irresponsibility of the parents who, perhaps… You know the continuation since, if I read your articles well, the priest and the Bishop start to give information.

- Yes… THEY start to open the umbrella and what you say match perfectly « the veiled terms » as you say.

- The Priest makes pass a ticket to the parents who seize the Bishop to silence his priest. One finds the skew of the « secret of the confession ».

- Shit! … All is held…Fuck!

- During this time, the sonny hard questioned by the parents tells all the story and ONE decides to put him « on the back burner ». You think, Chity! A so well family! … Insist on that… I want it.

- From where we arrive at this story of Reformatory and the agreement of Madam the Judge… Listen! We have known why she was in the know, she felt: same political cell that the father of Steph.

- I know.

- I have already said to you that I would like to teach you one day a small something, just for the pleasure.

- But the kid has known the thing that one has prepared for him and has tried a last effort to convince his teacher that this thing was revolting… He died about this step.

- Fucking hell of Shit of Rubbish for God’s sake… I am going to throw up!

- The same night! … It is the sister who has surely given a helping hand.

- Stop! … I can’t stand it any longer.

- It is not finished, however… I have just given you the reasons of his death, not of the WHOLE of HIS FIGHT… I would like a title like that!

- Look… come on, not worth to take care of me, I have just thrown my sandwich on my shoes.

- The Jose and the teacher work also together in a thing of training of women for crazy sadists… Make a din and you will quickly find a cellar or a stuf like that not very far from the bar or of the Jose’s residence …

- And… if I make this din? …

- You will find there a young Asian woman kidnapped recently in Paris.

- You do not want to speak about the woman of the street Mouftard, sometimes!

- Yes.

- Shit… How we will take the piss out of the cops who tie themselves in knots that it is not possible! Hey, Mister the Prince… You have well said that you will make the relations, but to finish everything off like that! … All the facts which stir up present!

- Remains Tarin… It is Jose and the teacher which shot him this night … They wanted to take his place and to have a direct relationship with the big Boss Zaïmi.

- Shit… I do not talk anymore… I do not say anything anymore. Listen! You still have for a long time… I believe that I will be cracking up… It is the kid who discovered all that?

- Yes, completely… I just have to follow the trace.

- But for Tarin, he could not know!

- He had intuition, this kid… I am sure that he went at his place to check what he felt… It was his method: intuition, then logic. Afterwards, a lot of courage.

- Pointless to breathe it to me… I had understood.

- Still let suspense… I would still have a continuation.

- Shit! … Fuck! … the FRONT PAGE for several days!





- He always said to me that it is the preparation which counts. After all develops all alone, says Heidi.

- But it is not the same man, suffocated Tong… You are out of your mind! … One is not at the same time! … There is almost thirty years gap…

- But time does not exist, you know it very well! … Why do you seek to hang up again yourself to the securities of the past, the present and the future? asked the young woman by closing again the Book of « the Child ».

- I do not understand anything anymore, says the monk by oscillating his shaven cranium.

- That will not change much, she says while smiling… But what worries me more is your tenacity not to let go your « logics »…she added thoughtful by looking at the curved body of the long monk.

- I try to understand all this relation between these two men, these two spaces, these two times.

- You waste your time unnecessarily…

- But why thus? Rebels Tong submitted to the ironic look of the young woman.

- Because you settle from the departure the « certainty » that there is two men, two times, two spaces… Here is the flaw of your sick brain.

- But…

- Don’t you fell in all the fibers of your body that these « two » men are « the » same one?

… Thus there is not the Time which separates, she says half-heartedly.

She did not look at the monk anymore. She stared at the empty bed which gave its light. Her heart was cherished by it and she felt the pleasure of the loved woman.

Tong noticed the acceleration of the chest, the rise of the breasts under the dress and the lips half-opened letting pass a slow breath of satisfaction.

But he did not see the light and he continued to wonder what occurred in the body of the young woman.

When he stood up to leave the room, he received in his back these last words:

- You still do not trust me.

He did not turned over. He did not want her to see his misty eyes because he felt in his flesh that she was right but that a Force in him stood in the way of this acceptance.


She staid alone and this loneliness there, in this room, beside the bed of the one whom she loves, it is true happiness.

« It is the Time that this « Angel » cancels for Stéphane… He gives to him between the hands « his » time that he has lost… and the child can thus play again his life… and break the Time of death! »

The light which intensified on the empty bed and entered in abundance her chest told her the accuracy of this words which came from the deepest of the comprehension from her heart of Woman who loves the one who Acts. »