20. The anger


Each pore of the wet skin of the young White oozed the anger.

When he returned from the temple, striding along, he took a pickaxe in the garden and bent the spine while projecting all his vigour. He released his fury in the ground. He wanted to make a very deep, very broad, hole, to plant a tree.

At least this one will be a living being!


His shirt took his sweat… the icy wind did not penetrate him… The cold ground resounded under the iron of the pickaxe… The rage in him burned everything! …

The hole increases quickly and he rejected the earth on the side with great shovelfuls.

The pickaxe hit rocks.

- Ah… Finally a work which is matched me, he eructated in a visible contentment.



The Master observed him, sitting against the dry stone wall to protect himself of the ice of the wind. He did not intervene. He did not say anything. His presence excited even more the young man!

Hiro put the head by the gate of the small garden. The Master beckoned to him to come to join him. Side by side, they fixed him, dumb, the eyes without expression.



The young man took a crowbar in the reserve and attacked the rocks. He sought the fault to insinuate the bar. He pricked with small, precise, dry blows, listening to the noise of the rock. He found it.

So he smiles.

- Real work for me!


Hiro did not understand why the body of the young man radiated now tenderness. He does not strike the rock to break it. He insinuates the bar in the fault… just to increase it…

- But he does not want to break the rock? He says.

- No… whispers the Master… he only wants to make a passage for the roots of the tree…



Hiro hollowed the forehead.

- Why to break the rock? …. if only one small hole is enough to make it possible for the root to go to seek the life in lower part….says the Master.


Hiro listened. The words were new for him… As new was the noise of the metal against the rock… a curious noise! …. as a persuasive caress… not a blow.

- He says to the rock to make space… Because each one has his place in this universe and it should not obstruct the life of the tree, whispered the Master.

- But he could make the hole elsewhere… to look for a place without rock… answered Hiro

- Holllaaaa… chuckled the Master… you have still a lot of things to learn on the man and his relation with the Life.

- I am opened to understand everything, muttered Hiro.

- Thus I will say to you: Him, the man has decided. He knows in his body that this place is right… then he makes the hole there and asks what is there to help him… Because it is “his” will and the earth is happy to accompany the will of the Real man…

A “real” man

Yes, a man who KNOWS and who does not have violence in him to make fold, to castrate, to limit the life… It is the reverse: he gives space to make it possible for the life to blossom… Here is what a Real man is…


The voice of the old man was slow. He did not want to disturb the movement of the young man. But it was necessary to channel the movements of Hiro who was confronted with a Dimension that he does not know… Then as on his insane horse in front of the tanks, he charges with drawn sword! ..... and will occur what it will occur…. But in front of this young White, he does not have any chance with this blade of the spirit so little sharpened… Thus he protects the spirit of his old friend…


The young man posed the tools in the hole… he caressed them gently, like a thanks. His caress continued by the eyes which examined each plot of land…

- He establishes the bond between his effort and the one that the earth will have to do to accompany him, whispered the Master… They must make a « couple » together.

- Couple? …

- Later… later, my old friend, says the Master.


Then the young man climbs the steps of the veranda and leant on the wall.

The Master rose. There beckoned to Hiro to remain leant on the stone wall. He climbs the steps of the veranda. The young man looked at him with the fury in his eyes.

The old man sat down on the other side of the veranda, against the balusters. The young White would not have allowed that he comes near to him!

The young man attacks direct!

- So, what have you done in this monastery!!! …. old schmuck! …. and do you know at least what is a monastery?

- I have the feeling that you will teach it to me, whispered the Master …

- Be sarcastic, old schmuck! … a monastery is a place with a unicity of intention. You know that? …. a space which has a unique intention, a unique attention… a place where only one concern motivates each one… But do you know at least what it is the third law in fundamental energy: the one of the penetration by interest!


- I have the feeling that you will teach it to me, whispered the Master …

- Old schmuck! … what is your real comprehension of the laws of the universe? …. a Master, that? …. a teller of stories for children to send them to sleep!

- So, this law? … chuckled the old man.

- What is the unicity of intention of “your” monastery? …. To learn how to control energy in his body and to be a perfect killer? …. I had heard of this place. A bredding-ground of killers! …. Ah! But of “good” Killers! … killers of State! …. It is necessary to clean up the rabble when he mess around too much! …. and you are proud of you, to be these killers of man… and your reputation goes beyond the borders… The so-called family “SHIN”!


The old man arches the eyebrows, interrogatively.

- Hold on, killers! … but of what?

- Do not make the idiot! …. You learn them how to kill the men but you cannot learn them how to kill the lie in them! …. They only know to have a body for them… nothing for the Creation! …. They do not know besides what it is “The Creation”… For them it is this state of wellbeing when you reach the higher space of this universe and that you call “Universal Love”! …. What a pity to waste his time for that!

- Can you explain that… I do not you understand very well… says the Master.

- You are idiot, or what? …. You do not even know that this space of Universal Love is the major part of the space in which you are… Yes, this space which vibrates with the sound “Bam”! …. You realized very well when you breaths these sounds in the water… You have perceived the resonance in your body with each one of its fibers which answer! …

- No… I have not realized that! … said the Master gently one word after the other as if he was looking for a truth inside him.

- Do not make too the idiot because I will catch you by the arse! …. Killers of men you make… But they are not able to catch their original lie! ….


He took again his whistling breathing.

- And you see, old man not beautiful, it is exactly what separates us! …. I am me also a killer… But I am a killer of the lie! … and it is for that you are afraid of me… You cannot support my look which penetrates in you and twist your entrails … You are afraid of me… Because you know that I can change you… and you are afraid to be changed! … What will become your securities and your landmarks that you have taken such a long time to install in your system of lie ?…


He ceased his breathing and let the wind come in him.


- And so that the lie can open out, it needs security, preservation, protection… And you have installed all that in your monastery of shit! ….You have learned them how to use their vital energy to kill the men… Thus they do no longer have enough internal pressure to attack the true enemy who is in their body… Who is themselves! … Who is their body! …. You have taken this natural impulse to be released alone away from them, without the crutches of a Master who handles their conscience and their sight… What a dreadful chap you are!


The old man has remained speechless for a long while, as shocked under the words of the young man.

- I did not believe to be so terrible for the Dignity of the man! he says

- Do not make too much the idiot or I will Knock into you! …. Look at them! … Look at the interest that you have developed in them! …. They are interested only by their perfection of the gestures which will kill… to kill the others… not them!


The Master remained interrogative, the eyes in those of the young man who continued on his impetus.

- You have not taken care of them… They do not know that they are dying and that time is not the friend of the man… They do not know the third law in fundamental energy, the one of the penetration by interest.

- I am always waiting for you to teach it to me, whispered the Master…


The young man, could not stop anymore. The words left his throat like rockets.

- Where is their interest? …. To control the energy in their body… To control the thoughts in their brain… To control their gestures to look like automats that you call “perfection”… To control visions and feelings that you call “liberation”, or contact with “God”…?

- I do not see where is the problem in this splendid training, says the Master.


The old man believed that the young man was going to jump on him, all the muscles in tension…

The young man howls from the bottom of the belly.

- Numskulls you are! …. These are the interests which radiate on you and soak you with their force… Yes, old schmuck! …. Each interest is connected to a cosmic flow which radiates on the one who looks at it! …. Funny nourishment that you give them there! …. You know this proverb? : “show me what you eat and I will say to you what you are”… And it is not for nothing that the second after you in this place of shit is the Master cook… With you two, you nourish them well so that they remain in their prison of Bam and are used as food to It… With you two, you made a beautiful pair of swindlers!


The Master hunched on himself. He was ready to jump over guardrail if the young White rushed on him…

Then he threw, like a challenge:

- But, then… What to do? …. what would you do, you?

- And me, what would I do? …. But big idiot! …. I would start by giving them air, space… I would screw this monastery up and I would put them in the ordinary life to put up with the facts of the everyday life …

- Why to push them to this destruction? … the old man was sarcastic.

- To be no longer in this preserved situation… In the security of this monastery… with the guaranteed bed and cover… In the security of their state of monk… with the respectful looks of the others… I would destroy all that because it is only the death of the natural impulse to go out of trouble all alone.


The Master jumped at this judgment.

- I am so terrible than that! … you surprise me… but I listen to you… Go on…

- You install them in a situation which cannot provoke them… They are in security here! …. You understand that, old schmuck, that you put them in a comfortable and reassuring prison … Much better than this prison is recognized like beautiful, splendid, large, spiritual by the culture in which you are!

- My culture? …. Now it is it that you criticize… But it is a culture of nobility and of thousand-year-old tradition!


- You do not understand, old schmuck! …. how it is this culture which has assembled this system of monastery, of reclusion of the ordinary life… for better preserving, it! …. for better being increased, it! …. And it does not give a damn about the becoming of these people. It makes use of it. It eats them!!!!!


The young man puts himself together one moment, breathless. The words are hustled in his body which is painful.

- Do you hear, old schmuck! …. what you call “your” culture organizes a “tradition” which becomes your genetic code… And then you run behind the satisfaction of these objects “to obtain”… And you use your life with that!!!!


He misses the breath… He shells slowly, like a man with no strength left in him.

- You are worse than an old schmuck! …. You are a harmful being! …. You give them a bone to gnaw and they waste their time with that… To waste ones time! …. what a swindle! … time is so precious! …. This life is like a snap of the fingers… You are in front of your death before having realized that you left the breast of your mother! ….

… You are a murderer! …. you are a murderer of man… Not only a destructor of body… But you murder their paramount force which would like to be again coupled with this Force which has given birth to them! ….

… And you see, it is what will always make our difference… I am a murderer of the lie… I say the truth of this Force of Creation… And perhaps this truth will awake their memory. Perhaps they will feel their fibers to vibrate. Perhaps! …. Then they will be as the hunter which follows the trace of the rabbit, foot after foot… Without knowing where he is… He will follow, step by step, because there is no other means that to follow and to be in the attention to the “trace”… And this trace, you have it in your body, you have it in each cell of your body… It is enough to awake it, then to follow it… To blow above as you will do it on an ember to awake the fire……

… But you, what do you do? …. you give them a bone to gnaw… And they follow the odor of this corpse… And they understand in front of their death that they became this corpse… but it is then too late! … there is nothing anymore to help them… there is nothing anymore which can still react and live in their body… They can do nothing anymore for them… nor nobody!

..... What a pity! …. You kill them… You are really a murderer… Go away from here! … You smell bad!


The old man rose with slowness. He did not look at the young man anymore. He wanted to hide the gleam of contentment which shone at the bottom of his pupils.

He descended the steps as an old man who carries a too heavy life for him and he curved the shoulders. The laughter developed in his belly and he had to curve even more the spine to mask it.

He passed in front of Hiro without a look… Then he pushed the door of the small garden which gave access to his own pavilion.

Hiro did not know anymore which attitude to adopt…to follow the Master or to be withdrawn in the courtyard of the ordinary monks.


The young White observed them, the almond-shaped eyelids leaving only one net gleam to pass.

“Something is wrong in all this furbished! …. but what? ”

He took the wind in the depth of his belly and went with it beyond the crests of the mountain.