21. The handling


The Master and the cook meditated in the temple between the thighs of the sitting Buddha… The words of the young White resounded in them. Their ears continued to seize the sounds, as if they continued to be emitted… They was endless sounds… Of those which always continue because they have touched a deep fiber of the being.


Hiro was disturbed. He also had still in his body the vibration and the sense of the deep Joy when his hands hooked the ankle of the young White suspended in the void with the yell of the river below which required its food.

He knew in his body that all that was not ordinary. That another movement of life was behind, existed beyond appearances… He knew all that through his body but his spirit did not follow anymore and he was afraid.

He did not understand the movements of his Master anymore. He did not catch the vibrations of his body anymore. He did not recognize them. He did not know them… He felt lost, like when the compass is lacking in the fog of the plateau and that the wind scratches the ears which do not hear anything anymore.

He did not feel safe anymore in the monastery. This place changed and he did not know why. He felt the ground, the base even of this place collapsing under his feet.

Then he was worried for everything, for everybody. His angers became frequent and the monks were afraid to cross his look.

- Everything changes here since the arrival of this White! he says suddenly.


The Master looked at him. He followed the traces of the words of Angel on the wrinkles of his old friend. He knew him inquiring… He needed to know “everything” to be in peace.

It is true that all have changed in this monastery since his arrival. His simple presence is a radiation, his words are cannonballs, his eyes are lights which light the depths of the conscience… finally everything disturbs, questions.

- I know that the monks are afraid… like you my friend.

- They do not know what occurs here anymore … like me, acknowledges Hiro.

- Thus, what do you want to know to rest your soul, invited gently the Master.


Hiro concentrated. The fold was done between his eyes. He looked deep inside him for what provoked him the most.

- Why did you say nothing to this young cock, when he has so badly treated you on the veranda of his pavilion? …. Why have you let his arrogance be developped? … asked the furious monk while eructating the words the ones after the others as if it was necessary to take them from his entrails.


The old man smiles.

- To oblige him to stay.

- I do not understand, acknowledged Hiro, brutal, without only one silence between the received word and the one that he pronounces.


The Master took his time to look for the door to enter the blocked brain of his friend.

- I have already said you that he had taken support on his “fury” to recover his forces in his body.

- I do not see the relation… acknowledges Hiro.

- The body is Bam! …. you do not understand?

- No…

- I must oblige his body to stay with us… So I push him in his fury… and he will stay with us.

- But why? …. What does he have to bring us this young cock apart from constant hassles!

- But to teach us how functions precisely the connection between our universe and his, says the Master.

- He will teach us! … suffocated the Master cook.

_Not only to teach us… He will give us his Force.


The monk staid a moment researching the resonance of the words in his brain.

- There, I am disconnected, he says … But the Force of this monastery, it is “You”!

- No, it is “Him”. We need his Force to survive here… in this universe.

- I do not know anything anymore of what you say!


Then the old man entered in him… His words must be very precise because they touched an unhealthy essence of this Dimension in which the bodies of the Men move.

Then he says gently, as one enunciate a truth in the secrecy of the silence because the world should not be disturbed.

- This universe is a lie… It is a robber, continued slowly the Master, as one would speak with a little retarded child…

… This universe has changed the destination of its activity, but it makes believe that it continues to serve the Original Creation… This activity is now centered on itself… It takes, it uses, it handles… It eats the Force of life for itself… It does not play the game of this Force of Creation anymore … It has left the Order of the Universe beyond this universe…


The words of the Master started to resound in the body of the Master cook. He relaxed himself. He relied on the intelligence of his body.

- You want to say that we lie with each one of our breathings?


The Master spent some moments in silence. He fixed the oil lamp between the feet of the Buddha.

- Yes, one could say that like this… You see, this universe is very small in the whole cosmic play… But by the force of the lie it makes believe that it is All… That apart from “it”, nothing exists… And that the spiritual life is to always go deeper in its knowledge to find ones freedom.

- There, I am still disconnected, acknowledged Hiro.


The old man smiles to the offered face in front of him. His old friend produced an effort that he did not know. Him, he charges with drawn sword against the tanks! … He did not know this Dimension where all becomes relative… Where the absolute is colored with the imbecility and the ignorance of the ordinary world.

He took again his breath from the deepest eyes of the Buddha in front of him.

- Then I you will say it differently to you … In you there is the kitchen and the bedroom. The kitchen organizes the problems of this universe. The bedroom learns how to make a couple with this Force of life… But the kitchen with the preparation of all the emotional meals, makes so much noise and occupies so much the life of the sensation, that one has forgotten the bedroom.

- You want to say that the work in the kitchen… that you call “emotion-sensations”, masks the real work of liberation? asked the monk who heard for the first time these words from the mouth of the Master.


He intensely fixed the old man, the open mouth as before filling it with a spoon of soup. He knew already the words “emotions” and “sensations”, but he did not know them in this articulation of the word.

The old man followed the development of the thought of his friend. He pushed the life even further in the secrecy of his heart to also awake it in the memory of his cells.


- Well, you understand! … And this young White reproaches us for being the kitchen and for not showing the way of the bedroom .


- I understand now… But what is the relationship with the presence of this young White here now, asked Hiro.


The old man closed the eyes. Hiro still waited for words. It is water which ran from the eyelids together.

Then he opened the lips and sounds left his mouth. It did not seem to him that these words were from him. They emanated from a thousand-year-old past…


-It is a long story! said these sounds …

- … I must oblige him to stay here with us… We need this Force to eat… Without it we died… We will become dry, says gently the Master… and he carries this Force in his body…. Or more exactly, his body vibrates with this Force and the body radiates it.


Hiro knew him so well. He knew his enormous suffering to say these words. He had a grudge against himself to have obliged him to pronounce them, for him, because he was anxious and his old Master had still taken care of him.

- This universe, this Bam, this “Universal Love”… needs food. It pushes the men to make it by their movements… and that is normal because it is the destiny of the man to be used as food… and his greatness.

The old man slows down his words… all that was painful for him. He did not believe one day to have to enter so deeply in the explanation of this universe. Sometimes he had said “if you knew what I know about Creation, you would become insane! ”…. Then these knowledges remained in the secrecy of his heart, and he gave them back to the universe during his nocturnal meditations, when each one was slipping… In this calm, he felt Silence in him and he could give it his sufferings.


- All that is normal… natural, he says slowly… Because at the same time Bam is used as nourishment by the Source of this Universe… and the Source of this universe is used as nourishment by this Force which has obliged it to create its universe from it… do you understand you ?

- I follow your words, Master…


But the words are not enough to follow “that” and the Master has still to find another door to enter the brain of his friend.

- You see,… the great lie of this universe, of this Bam, it is that it is nourished for itself… It does not return anymore to the Force… It consumes for itself, like an egoist who eats everything without being concerned with others.

- It does not send back anymore to the Source? asked Hiro.


The Master was astonished by the question and looked at the Master cook lengthily.

- The Source? … Ah! you do not know? …. You have not perceived yet anything of that in your meditations? … Ah! perhaps then this young White is right: I am only one useless old schmuck!


Hiro stretched the hand towards the Master. He wanted to pose it on his arm. He wanted to remove this suffering to him that he caused by his silly questions. But the Master took off his sleeve. He wanted to remain alone with his words, with his pain.

- But, my friend… Bam, this “Universal Love” is only one transformed state of the Source of this universe! … It is like the father who makes a child for then sending him to work for him and to nourish him…


The silence was done between his words and he took again a slower breathing.

- I can say it differently to you, my friend….This enormous mass of energy which is the Source of this universe is the creator of Bam and Bam must nourish it… because they are only one and same entity… under separated appearances… And the two separated “appearances” are connected by a “Breath” which transmits all from the Source to Bam and from Bam to the Source…


The old man rested, the hands joined in front of the chest. Hiro knew this state of the Master and he did not make any movement not to break the quietude which invaded the body.

- Well… perhaps you understand better, my friend… when I speak about the essential lie of Bam, which retains everything for it… It was one of the possibilities contained in the Source and which is “now” at work…

- So everything is a lie? Hiro rose.

- Yes, this universe, this “Universal Love” is a liar and a robber… But it needs this Force to survive. If it remains in closed circuit it will be asphyxiated …

It needs it to survive!

Hiro was suffocated. But his body understood the truth of the words and a tremor started in his belly.

- Thus it is necessary that this universe lies to the essential Force… That it makes it believe that it needs It to progress and to be transformed into this child who could work so well for the father….if the father continued to carry it, to protect it and increase its “capital” .....


Hiro listened the closed eyes, a deep wrinkle cutting the thick eyebrows.

The old man continued and the words became even more painful, slower, heavier.

- but in fact, it is only to eat It… to be nourished… to pig! …. without any intention to become this perfect child!

- Such a lie! … but how is that possible?


The Master shrugged his shoulders… It is so simple! …. To exploit the generosity, the natural impulse to give !

Then he repeated, as for himself… as if himself had a doubt in his own comprehension.

- To make him believe that It needs It to grow and to find the way back home… It is from this request that are spontaneously created the “Great Instructors” who are this Force in a body… But the lie is that this universe, through the activity of Bam, of the Universal Love, does not have any intention to go back in this destiny which is to serve this Force, to be its nourishment… He wants to keep everything for him and to develop always a little more its personal play which does not have anything anymore to see with the Order of the universe… More and more… it is that the essential lie of this universe towards the Creation.


Then he was keep silent, pained.

- It is an abuse, rose the Master cook once again.


The old man bent the spine, as tired of so many words…

- Yes, more and more… But we would be died and dry if this Light ceased coming towards us… and it is for that I must oblige this “son” to remain with us. It is a son of the Heaven… We should “eat him”.

- Shit! … threw Hiro with the strength of his insane horse.

- Yes, we need to eat him… to cook him… and above all, to keep him in the pantry! …. Then to keep him, I must provoke his anger… It comes from the suffering of this Force which is blocked in Bam, in this Universe… blocked in the body of the men!!!! …. because this Force, we have it in each cell of our body.

- So he have said the truth in the temple in front of all the monks!

- Yes… it is the truth when he says that we have this knowledge in each cell of our body… this Intelligence is there… but it does not suffice. One needs the Force in itself, in activity in a human body to be able to eat It! … you understand that my old friend!


The Master shouted in the silence of the temple. Water ran from the opened eyes, looking at straight the face of the Buddha.

- For the future of the man, I must provoke his suffering so that we can be nourished by this Force… And when he has emitted his radiation in our space of life, our Bam, he is linked to us… as an invisible wire which attaches him to us… do you understand ? There is a trace, a wire… because he has taken care of us… because he has not ignored us!

The Master cried.

- Yes, I must weave around him a cobweb to immobilize him here… so that this Force can radiate on us and that we can eat It… Without that we died… It is a simple matter of time in the destiny of this universe of the men.

- Shit! … could only say Hiro once again.

- Yes, I must connect him with us… and the first movement is to provoke his anger… because then, he employs “words” which are the Intelligence of his suffering… Then he “emits”… and thus is constituted the first thread of his immobilization here… with us.

- By all kamis! eructated Hiro

The Master raised the hand… He wanted to say something with his flesh which trembled of suffering.


- And then his “words” will touch the heart and the brain of those which are here… They will not understand what occurs in them… Then they will ask him, to ask him questions… I will push them in this way… And he will be obliged to answer it because he will be related to their questions… since these are his words which have provoked the interrogation… … Thus he will be connected more and more with us… and from words to words he will constitute himself the cobweb in which he will be immobilized…

- Thus we will be able to eat him as we want… continued Hiro.

The Master stopped talking… Then he began again gently, as to not disturb the life moving.

- Yes, as suits us! …. because each one eats in his way… Yes, each one will choose if he will eat this Force of Life for It, to help It to live on earth… Or if he will eat it for him, to go even deeper in the knowledge of himself, his fears, his desires… of what the ordinary man calls “spirituality”.


The old man lowered the head, the body full with the suffering of his knowledge.

- So, it is the challenge about which he spoke! Says Hiro.

- Yes, the challenge will be this question that he has asked: what do you really want of the life? … Yes, it is the crucial question…


Hiro remained speechless… He needed time to digest the words, the void, the pain which were there, in this temple. The oil lamp quivered as if some water was with it in the cup.

Then he asked:

- But “You”, Master… You know how to direct this movement!


For the Master cook, it was an assertion, not a question… Just words to reassure himself.

- And me? …. Who will answer? … me… or ME… If it is “me”, I will eat his Force and will use it to perfect my teaching and what I have created on earth… as this monastery for example… if it is “ME”, I will no longer create something, but my body will create for me because my body will be the servant of the Creation.


Hiro was hanging upon the old man’s every word. He was on the brink of disaster. All his body said it to him. His attention became extreme.

- Ah! … you frown, my old friend… You do not understand… Thus I will say it differently to you… I do not really know what I like the most: men or this Force? …

- Oh!

- Yes, it is clear that to help this Force, it is to help the men… But then, when the man shows his immense refusal to the delivery… what will I help: the man or this Force? …. Because when the man refuses his delivery he becomes a danger for this Force in this universe… He becomes a nasty liar and violent adversary, against this Force… because this Force has the capacity to change him… and he does not want to change and he will invent all the “good reasons” to destroy the carrier of the Force…


The Master cook still accentuated the slit between his eyebrows.

- What do you want to say, Master?

- That he will try by all the means to destroy this Force… But as he cannot do it, because this Force is without origin, therefore indestructible, he will look for destroying and making disappear the body of the man who carries this Force in him… Thus the question is this one: what will I defend and preserve? : the man who attacks… or the man who is attacked?

- But it is clear ! rose Hiro!

- No, it is not clear because it is in front of the death that one testifies to what one is really: Who will I like more? …. the man or the Force? …


Hiro was suffocated of the answer of the Master.

- Because I am in Bam, my body is in Bam, my body is Bam… I am in this space… and if I defend the Force which could change Bam whereas Bam does not want, all the beings of Bam will be against me and will condemn me… Always I have been supported by the Beings of Bam which have done what I am… Also as long as I will not be confronted with this situation where Bam will attack this body carrier of this Force, I do not know which will be my impulse of heart…

- Terrible! …. says Hiro

- Yes, it is terrible! … Even me I do not know what will be my reflex in front of the death of the body carrier of the Force… Perhaps I will prefer the men and will seek a compromise which will be called “spiritual research”… And I will be recognized for that… for this murder!

The Master spent some moments in silence and gently let these words run in the silence of the night.

- Thus for the moment… I do not know for me… But I know for “all” that I must retain him among us… And to use his natural generosity, his natural gift to give, to immobilize him…

- And to eat him!

- Yes… and to eat him.


The silence took the night like witness.


The oil lamp ran its wick. The monk rectified himself to give it again life.

- no! the Master blew.

Hiro was surprised by the tone. A cutting breath like the steel blade of his saber.

He sat again on his cushion.

The Master did not want him to see the tears slipping so abundantly on his thin cheeks.

He did not want this old friend to see his coasts subsiding and the torso to bend itself under the pain of the life abused in his body…

… because that belonged to his own secrecy, of the Secrecy of the Masters of this monastery. His old friend would not have understood anything.

He would not have understood anything to what was already written in the Books of the Shin Family. These “facts” were kept very preciously in the secret room of the monastery, in this cave dug in the mountain and which gave on the vertiginous precipice of the abyss of the torrent, where there is this sculpture in the rock of a laughing young man overlapping a tiger and holding up a stick of a hand and a saber of the other…

Only the Masters knew this room… and also this young White… in another life!!!!!

« Thus you are back! … thank you, my son. »