28. The ruse


The young White arrived like a cannonball in the courtyard of the training for the fights. About forty monks worked the stick and the wood saber.

Tong was one of them. Like Heidi. They made a couple in this action.

He arrived on them like a tiger, fluid on his thighs which propelled the feet which did not touch the ground. He did not howl. He did not release a sound by the half-open mouth whose lips were stretched like a steel blade. They did not see his eyes anymore. His eyelids let filter only one unknowable flame for them. They had never seen him with this Force of destruction contained but about to explode.


- Prick!

He tore off the wood saber of the hands of the long monk and pushed him with the elbow.

- you do not help her! … You do not give her the space that she needs… You thus do not perceive that you limit her movement? …

The monk remained dumbfounded, knocked over by the violence which irradiated from the young White.

- It is you the saber! …. It is you who must direct the space… You do not see that you block her! … She is obliged to find an adaptation of her body to “what you give her in possibilities”… You have understood that, prick ! That you control her in this manner with the smile of the guy who “helps the other”! … Manipulator you are! … Listen, you disgust me and I would only like to use my foot as a suppository in your ass…


Then he turned towards the young woman who listened without emotions. She felt these words true. She did not know the reason of it… But once again the smiling face of his brother was there, in front of her, whereas Ange hustled Tong.

- Come on, my Beauty… attack me with your stick! …

He slipped a half-foot further than Tong did it. Heidi was looking for her distance.

- Do not move the feet, blew the young man… Only the movement of your body… stare straight into my eyes and follow what they say to you…

Heidi entered the pupils of the young man… She contacted a glimmer which twisted and prickled in her sockets.

- Do not follow what happens in you… Do not be in the sensation…Be in the presence of the instant…He blew, so gently that the air was not disturbed by it.

- Yes, Angel… I come towards you… I come in you… You draw me…

- Do not speak… Acted with your body… quite simply! … Be simple, my Beauty!

Heidi’s body stretched out in a gentleness of all her muscles. She felt this lengthening like a release of a constraint. She only tried to approach this flame in the eyes of the young man, this glimmer which invited her… which said to her that she could have confidence… that he prepared to her the judicious territory of her action, of her own action … for Her.

- you will understand yourself better thus… Use your body to understand you… Do not look for the fight… that does not have any importance… except for the pretentious ones… The stick is to understand You… The saber is to give You the space allowing you that… Come on my Beauty! … Stretch yourself out and tears this too small dress for your heart…

The young woman felt the space in front of her like her own space… She could go inside according to her own impulse …

- It is as if the space invited me, she blew.

- It is that… It is the space which leads…

- I am drawn, she says … I am drawn in a movement… for an action.

- It is that… the space leads the action and determines it…

Suddenly she let her body leave. It was propelled as a spring, without muscular effort from her.

- Shit! she says…

It is her own word, a word of the countryside, to say her astonishment.

The young man smiles for the first time. His lips slackened.

- Yes… it is that… Continue… Do not analyze you… Continue… Simply continue !

He transformed her space several times. She understood its importance at each one of her actions.

- Look, now I will give you “a bad” space… You will feel that your movement is not done anymore with natural.

- Yes, she blew at the end of her displacement … It is as if I must limit myself to enter in something of too narrow.

He agreed.

- Then I make the reverse now, always a bad space, but this time I would be too tall for you.

- Shit… I am off balance… I do not reach! … It is as if I am suspended in the void…

He agreed again.

- Here! … it is thus the “Master” handles his pupils… By not giving them the space which is appropriate to them “in this moment”… Thus they fail and the Master scoffing makes them feel guilty… and make them believe that they are the “useless”.

- Thus the problem is not the pupil but the Master! the young woman exclaimed.

He laughed and it is as if the whole courtyard was relaxed.

- Exact my Beauty… What is splendid with you, it is that you understand quickly because you do not have useless dreams… preconceived ideas on each thing. You are open! … You cannot know how I like that! … You make me good!

She flushed with satisfaction… Not for her, not under the compliment in front of all those around which were listening. No, for Him… because she brought him satisfaction, and Joy slipped into his heart at Him thanks to her body at Her.

She remembered the words of the young White: “to have a body for the Creation”. The comprehension of the depth of these words entered in her.

- Yes, it is the “Master” the problem… he confirmed.

He sighed and looked at straight in the eyes the long monk.

- Then you understand now why I said to you that you are a “prick”… Because in this “very moment”, the Master, it is you, since the saber it is you!

Tong lowered the forehead towards the dust of the courtyard.

- It is the saber which helps the stick because the saber must be better than it to help it to discover its Being.

- I understand, blew the long monk.

- What do you understand in this head full with spiritual dreams!

- That I handled Heidi… under the mask to want to help her…

- So, after all you are not too idiot! … One will may be do something of him, he says while looking at Heidi…

The young woman smiled. Her body sweated. The movements were hard during one hour. The other monks observed the teaching that the young White gave her. They had stopped their own training. Hiro looked at that from his seat. He does not say anything. The half-shut eyes, he left only loopholes giving access to his soul.

The young White him also streaming with sweat felt his body to push back the magic attack against him…

“But it continues… this bitch”

But now his body had rejected the poison and all his fibers in vigilance will not leave the radiation mortal for his spirit to enter in him.

He could trust his body now that he has acted with it. Two inseparable friends!



Extract of the Book from the Shin Family


4. the rumor


He descended the steps covered with red velvet, thoughtful. Heads appeared by the half-open doors,

disappeared quickly; he heard the murmurs which

said: “It is him! … The man of the President”.

In the hall, all had become calm again. The lady did

not raise her look from her papers; the porter disappeared towards the toilets. He was shunned. Not out of malice; no one knew what to do with him. He had broken the roles of the tradition. The void existed thus around him.

He had the testimony of it in the street. They had not dared to move the jaguar; an agent in uniform saw to it that nobody turned around and gave him the keys.

- With the apologies of the House, Mister Chief Superintendent… If you want to accept them.

Bret smiled and shook the hard hand which was

held out.

- Tell the House that all is excused…One must sometimes unwind… Better to do this among ourselves! …

- I think so too, Mister Superintendent…

- Tell me, you who seem so normal with your Mongolian moustache… What do you think of this Colas case, you know, this kid who…?

- I know, Mister Superintendent Ch… he said, while stroking the hairs of his nose.

- Go to the shortest, it is least crowded!

- Well, Mister …good! As you wish … he said, while putting his middle finger in his nostril in search of… Of course I know! Like everyone. You speak about an odd case which gets you in the guts because this kid had a tremendous reputation!

- Well, this is not the case, I said, interested in what he was taking out with his nail.

- All the newspapers say it, Mister Sup… well… They cannot all lie, left and right !

- Which reputation? … Come, let us walk a bit.

- I cannot, Mis… well! I do not know what to call you

anymore. With respect, you could be my son! … I am on duty at the entrance… But we can talk as long as I keep an eye on the passage… What to say? This kid, he is said to be a very nice guy in his area: polite, ordinary, discreet… For that, it suffices to ask the tradesmen, they know immediately! They know the kids who pinch quickly. The young inspectors should take a leaf out of his book!

- I believe that you are right, I said, as he ran his finger on the metal shaft of the panel « no parking » to deposit his bogey there.

The agent looked at this young man with a prestigious title, wondering whether he had not just said too much, carried along by his own momentum.

- I would not like you believe, Mister Chief Superintendent, that I am trying to…

- No, I have understood and you are right… So, this

Stephan, a quiet boy!

- This is what really causes a scandal! It could happen to everyone!

- You do not find this inquiry very well made, do you?

- Well.… One cannot say that… Youngsters, I think… You know, the inspectors of now are trained in schools and they have a contempt of the experience of the street.

- But you do not assess that this inquiry is not succeeding!

- Of course! If ONE did not sweat blood for this kid, it is not worthwhile to speak about Justice. There it is, I will tell you straight out like the man on the street thinks! Excuse me, Mis…

- No, do not apologize. Luckily true words still exist.

- Well, Mister Chief Superintendent, you see me very astonished… It is not my practice to get heated up, one will tell you… You know, us, from the street, we are sometimes astonished by certain decisions…

- This dropping of the case?

- Among others! It will not be taken out of our heads that it is all a battle that the newspapers have obliged Him to react… Otherwise… as one says, dead and buried, the kid!

- You are talking about the EMPEROR?

- Of course! You, at least, are in the know… Not like

these greasy people who apply cosmetics to their backs in the direction of the hair! … It is believed to have buried our good Emperors! But no, here is still one of the resurrected and who spends the money of the French people to outdo the others.

- Would the Colas’ case come like a… something like a warning ?

- I do not know how to say, Mister Superintendent… Yes, something of this kind…

- And what does the street think of my mission?

- With respect… It thinks that it sounds phoney. Sorry! I am repeating myself.

- It is alright… I like the frankness… only here is the truth!

- It says that… It is difficult now that we have talked a little together… That you are a brainwashing… Nothing else. In fact, WE have never heard of you and here you are, turned up with one of the highest ranks of the House and as a bonus, the full powers!

- How do you know that?

- Well! Because our Emperor, like you say, has spoken to us for ten minutes on the subject on the telly! I cannot say that the guy of the bar where I was did not laugh!

- When?

- Two days ago! … You do not know ? …

- No, I came from Asia this morning.

- Wow, I am impressed… so, you do not as such know anything about the hullabaloo which this story has made ?

- No… If I understand correctly, the guy who lords it at the Élysée, wants to polish up his image and makes an entire fuss over my capacities to “shed the light”, right?

- Hey you, one cannot say that you turn your words seven times in your mouth before speaking! … Well, I will say to you, with respect, Mister Superintendent, to hear you like that, I am beginning to have hope for this kid. Really! Allow me to say, without adorning myself…

- Do according to your conscience, that is the main thing. Leave the rest to the fools.

- Fools sometimes rise high, Mister Superintendent!

- Hey! You should not say that to me! … Look: I am a Superintendent.

- Oh shit! … with respect…

- No, you have seen correctly… I am a phoney “superintendent”… You see, I was out of work and the guy at the Élysée agreed to adopt me so that the services offering employments would deal with me and… I am kidding.

- Mister Superintendent Chi..…

- Well , good day and say hello to your wife.

- I will not miss there, Mis…


end of the extract from the Book of the Family