23. The concern


The Master has gathered them in the temple. He wanted all of them to be there. Also, all the activities of the monastery were suspended.

They are all there, held tight, well aligned on several rows, attentive, because they know that the subject of this meeting is the young White.

The Master looks at them lengthily. They do not have the habit of these silences, of these dumb interrogations. Everything, before, went very quickly. There was no room for uncertainty. No room for the comments. Everything was clear.

Now with this young White, everything became interrogation. They did not perceive the same security in this place. There was no more the same serenity. The doubt penetrated everywhere. It was palpable…

Hiro became irascible! ….

The look of the Master on them did not have the same compactness anymore. Before, his eyes were rocks. Now they are the unpredictable moons. One does not know very well anymore what occurs behind his forehead… It is as if he is himself doubtful… And that he waits for a sign “coming from elsewhere” to take an important decision… More than important! … determining for the life of those which are there.

It is exactly the interrogation of the Master in front of them. He has the role to take care of them. They trust him. They wait for him to give them the teaching and the nourishment which are appropriate to them.

“which is appropriate to them! ”…. the Master whispers these words in the silence of his heart.


He knew, before, which was appropriate to them… Before… Now there is “his son” and the space has changed. Before, he did not ask a question of the future and of the direction of the monastery. Everything has been written since such a long time by the elders, by those which had had the direction of this place before him… even more, which had had the direction of the “family SHIN”, this family of murderers of State whose reputation made tremble the thickest walls of the most remote places of Asia.

“now space has changed! …. He is there! ”…. mutter his lips in the secrecy of his heart.

He knows that he must be submitted to this Presence… His dreams which sent him to save him in this enemy territory… the eyes of the sitting Buddha which throw flames! …. The creaks of the temple giving confirmations to the presence of this young wolf of the steppes… Worse: the lion of the steppes!

“my son” can destroy everything here! …. but without him we died! …. we were dying… And he can open to us the Space which gives access to the “non-reincarnation”… continue the lips of his heart.

… Again he is there! … again! … what will it occur of us now that he is back? ...... And this is me which went to save him once again from the forest! … like the last time! …

… So the Gods have wanted it thus and we must submit ourselves to this Will! …

… Because he is again born from an Indispensability! …

… But by all the Kamis, what is this “indispensability”?”


The old man followed the movements of his heart and he forgot his monks right in front of him, waiting almost distressed for his words. They relied on him! He has to take care of them.

“But now I do not know anymore if I must take care of them… or of him, my “son”…”


But they all are there and he must tell them what can calm their growing doubt. If it develops here, this tradition…this “Family”…will be finished. There should be no uncertainty on the Destiny and the finality of the Life or else, the man does not have anymore a reference mark to lead his action.

And this young cock who comes to challenge everything! …. who can make explode all the Tradition with the pertinence of his words and the sparkle of his eyes!

He lets come the breath in his belly. He does not know the words which will coming from the Wind. He half-opens the lips and the sounds leave and he discovers them with his monks.

- We must make our submission to this young White! He throws in front of him


The sounds resound in the temple and the words make tremble their brain… Submission! …. Only once in their life in this monastery they agreed “to make their submission”. It was in front of the Master, the only authority in this place… They have agreed to be submitted to him… but they knew what that implied… because they knew the tradition, they knew the rules, they knew the future! …. they knew the promise which was made to them to reach the “Liberation”…

..... But there, now, there are no more rules, there is no more security of the knowledge of the future… There is only one great question mark which disturbs all the reference marks worked since such a long time…. They do not know very well anymore what they are, now, in this monastery… even what they do in this place!


The Master repeats… himself astonished by these first words coming from his belly.

- We must make our submission to this young White because he carries in him the Force which can open to us the door of Immortality!


They were now hanging upon his every word because their brain was aware of what “immortality” is … They had a support with their spirit.

- My monks… you know that the life is integrated in an endless wheel of reincarnations, an endless wheel of lives and of deaths. This wheel exerts its action in this universe… But there exists another universe, a universe which has given birth to the one in which we are. In this other universe there is no reincarnation because there is no body. There is only one Intelligence. And this young White comes from this universe!


The old man lets the words leaving his belly and discovers them with his monks… Then word after word, his brain understands the wire which develops and which he gives his monks as nourishment for their spirit.

- This Intelligence does not have the same references than those which exist in this universe. You know these references. They are registered in the tradition. They are also registered in the memory of your brain. You know them right and reasonable.


They shake the head. ..... They understand these words.

- Thus, as you cannot understand the actions and the movements of this young White because you do not have a reference in your memory, you are obliged to do your “submission”… do you understand?

They shake the head once again… They understand the meaning of the words.

This young White has the possibility of awaking the Force of this universe because it is in each cell of your body. Only a Being of this Dimension has this possibility.

Incredulous, they heard the limitations of the Master, from his own mouth!

- For this reason you must give all your attention to the movement that he will print in your body… because it is in the movement that this Force awakes … even if it is beforehand in each cell of your body.


He took a time and continued when he felt that they took again a base for their spirit.

- You already know what the “movement” is, its importance. This is the training that you receive in this monastery: the research of the perfect movement which releases the totality of your energy… You know that the secret techniques of the family SHIN are able to release an extraordinary energy which makes of you “invincible ones”… perfect killers.

They nod once again… They know.

- But there, it is another attention to the movement… In the teaching of our Tradition, the movement and its research of perfection have a goal, a finality: to be the strongest… But now, in this other Dimension, it is not the same…

They lifted the neck… As if they wanted to go to look very far for the words and sounds of the words which left the mouth of the Master… something that they did not know vibrated in them and what they heard there did not seem unknown to them.

-In this Dimension without reincarnation, the movement is in oneself the Intelligence of this Force…


- Let me better explain to you… because the words are imperfect to describe and to speak about this Dimension because there are no words in It… There is only one power of action which is the Intelligence itself.

That wants to say that the movement is made for itself… that there is not a research for result… One does not make the movement for a result since it is the movement itself which will create its result… and it is impossible to anticipate this result before… do you understand?


The Master pulls himself together… words came by themselves. He channeled them through his lips and his eyes to give them according to the rhythm of acceptance of his monks.

- I will say it differently to you…


They were reassured now because they perceived that the old man mastered the knowledge of this “other” Dimension….For them, “knowledge” went together with the “mastery”.

- When you do a movement for a result, this result is already chosen… Why? …. Because the choice of the result comes from a decision of your memory… of what you have learnt, either by yourselves, or through the received teachings… Also the result is the consequence of the past…


They understood that.

- But now, it is “to follow” a movement and to discover it in each one of its vibrations, in each one of its moments… And the result is done all alone without the thought and the memory playing a part in that… It is then another “quality” of energy which circulates in your body… and its movement in you brings an enormous joy… It brings you also another “knowledge”… and it is this knowledge which we can obtain by this young White…


He took his time for the final thrust… He chose his words because these did not come exclusively from his belly… He mixed with those created by his brain… by the Spirit which wants to direct everything…

He felt a little robber:

“But it is the only means of leading the men in this ordinary world, he whispered in the secrecy of his heart”.

But he perceived the presence of the lie and he had to make an effort to continue.


- For that, we must trust this young White because he has the possibility of making vibrate our movement, to give it its first impulse according to this Force… And you, you must tie you down to not put a brake coming from the references of our memory…


He finishes his explanation gently.

- And it is that “to do ones submission”… To let inject in your body the impulse of the other Dimension… and not disturb its movement by your references of this Universe… do you understand?

They understood and were relieved. They had a practice in front of them!

The Master finished by these few words which he let drop, like unimportant: he closed the lie and its handling. He put the final point at it!

- But you must give me all the information received from this young White. I look for you and I must pay attention so that each request from him does not disturb your future and this place… It will be me also which will decide information that you can communicate to the other monks and make circulate in this monastery.


They agreed vigorously, happy of this control of the old man in whom they had a full confidence.


Tong received these words like a shock in his body. They did not sound the same truth that all the explanatory-speech of the Master. Even all the “explanatory” words sounded false. The explanations were right… but the impulse which has created them did not appear clean to him. It is that… not clean!

He felt ill-at-ease in the first row of the monks. He would have preferred to let his privileged place in the order of this monastery to have a cushion at the bottom. Here, he has received head-on the words of the Master. The sounds entered his body. His heart has beaten strongly. The entrails were tied… And now he has a taste of vomit in the mouth.


The monks withdraw themselves quickly as that is the habit. It was difficult for Tong to move. His body was immobilized by the words of the Master and he felt ill-at-ease.


Hiro took this delay in the departure of Tong as a request for a particular meeting. Moreover, he was interested, like the Master, to know what had asked Heidi the young woman to him. Also when he stood up, Hiro beckoned to him to take the cushion in front of the Master, like an action natural and required by him.

Tong felt constrained to sit down and that increased his discomfort. He knew the implicit request but he did not want to speak about it now. He needed to let mature in him Heidi’s words.

Now he feels caught… Immobilized… And all of a sudden, he understood his discomfort during the explanations of the Master: immobilization! …. The Master tried to immobilize something! …. He did not know what! …. but his body told him the dishonesty, the lie and the theft.

He had wanted to flee but the Master stared at him, serious. Hiro had the eyes of the combat.

It is him which asked:

- What did Heidi ask you?


Tong let himself following the movement. In front of the Master with Hiro nearby, it is impossible to flee, nor to fight…

They had taught him this art to accompany the aggressive Force of the other and to make use of it. He had the certainty to have two adversaries opposite him. He put the breathing in his belly and let come the sounds:

- “To fill her”, he says gently.

His eyes looked at those of the Buddha sitting behind the Master. He seemed to him that the statue smiled to him nicely and he was comforted by it.

- You can say “to be coupled”! Hiro threw… Do not be thus afraid of the true words! … Do not hide you behind subtleties of language!


The Master killer was furious. Tong lowered the head, as it should be in front of an old hand to which one owes the respect.

- So, you say it… “to be coupled”! Hiro howled


He was ready to spring on the long monk. Tong did not pronounce a word, being flat on his face in front of the anger of the Master killer. He was opposite the Master who looked at him. He felt the eyes of the Buddha to support him. Suddenly he had the feeling to be in front of two madmen which wanted to control him. Everything wavered in his head. His body hurt him and blocked the breathing. He put the hand on his chest.

- This word cannot leave your body, isn't it? asked the Master with a soft voice.

- Yes… it is that… Tong breathes..


The Master left the time so that he takes his breathing back.

- Why ? he asks again.

- My body does not feel this word like true, Tong breathes.

- Well then and why, Hiro howls.


The monk was crossed with the Master to have allowed this violent interruption of the Master killer. An anger went up in him against these two men. He looked at the Buddha and the eyes of the statue supported him. Then he says clearly, looking at straight in the eyes the Master killer.

- because it is a false word, in a false thought, a false intention and a false comprehension …


Hiro remained speechless… Never somebody in this monastery had spoken to him thus without meeting death instantaneously! He is prepared to pounce on the tall monk who accepted already his death. His eyes looked at the Master killer, quiet, without provocation of the one who knows that he has just said the truth and that one cannot destroy the truth, only the body.

- only the word “to fill” has a meaning for my body and my heart, he says in only one and soft breathing.


It is as a word in love with a Dimension which he does not know but that his whole being already likes before to have met it.

Thus he bowed in front of the Master, as it should be.

Then do the same in front of Hiro and he stood up flexibly and turned the back to them. He felt their eyes on his nape of the neck which hardens. But he feels also the eyes of the sitting Buddha and these heated his belly.

The door of the temple had been closed again for a long time when the Master says simply:

- A Force entered this monastery and It will make its work in spite of and against all.

- But he was opposed to us! rose Hiro

- No, it is you who opposed you to this Force… and you have received Its answer through this monk.

- And which is this answer ? asked Hiro still full with violence.

- Contempt,… says gently the Master.