29. The sexual codes


The Master decided that it was time to give a little respite to his son of “now”.

“He will like that! … these words transcribed by the scribes… He will be less wary! … Because he has a body again and the body is always manipulated by the initial coding of separation between the man and the woman… Perhaps he has not yet found a memory deep enough. Perhaps has he forgotten what I taught him about the sexual pleasure being submitted to the initial codes… Perhaps! … Twenty five years already… I hope!”

He muttered into his goatee, lone in the Secret Room. He felt alone in this play of life and death.

“ Hiro does not understand anything anymore! …”

The old man lets himself be led by the Forces of the Earth because the universe of men needs his son of “now” to survive.

“… Because it is good and right to let oneself be led by Them… The body is in its space… The body was creates by It to serve It…

… It is right and good to make ones submission to the Earth…” he added… perhaps to convince himself! ….

His “previous” son was murdered by this woman in whom he had put such hope to be as great as Him… He helped her up to the offering of his body…

But she was only great in the lie of the Earth when the Earth speaks to the Heaven and begs it to help it…

Now perhaps it will be him, who will kill his son “of now” to make his “previous” son return, The one who loved Men.


Extract from the Book of the Shin Family.


5. Yoko


Now, he can go to reach the Mouftard Street. She will be there; he knows that.

He is filled with a little bit of Stephan; now, he can also be filled with her.

The sea will be like a wave which rolls on the sand. He will make it glittering.

- I was waiting for you.

He did not knock on the wooden door, at the very top, on the third floor without a lift. She opened, observing him on the screen of the security circuit while he was going up. She remained a moment behind the door, her hand on the interior latch, the only one which exists. Suddenly, she did not know anything anymore. He was there, on the other side. That is all. That is all!

She does not know how she has opened.

He was not on the other side anymore; now, in front of warm flesh.

- I was waiting for you… Are you hungry?

Why did he always say that he got pins and needles in his hands when he put them on the buttocks of a woman? A child-like reflex perhaps, one of these words which make one laugh and which follow you all your life without you really knowing why, apart from this moment of laughter.

YOKO had firm ones, chubby and slim, a difficult mixture to find. He also liked the grain of skin of Oriental people, a little granular on a supple base, one where one does not feel resistance below, this reproach for the movement, for the deep invitation so present among women of the same color as him, of the same stock of education.


We, the scribes of the Shin Family, we announce our deep annoyance to our Dignified Master. The provocation is too serious, the contempt too deep to sigh in silence. Therefore we allowed ourselves to disturb the Master during his nap, which he has the delicacy to call “relaxing”… Because a Master does not rest: he is always working! At the most he will lie his body down to detetanize his muscles for which he has a great need to help us with our daily meditation. What would he be without this massive possibility to seize his stick and to break our neck…

It is necessary to understand the obligations of each one to develop a real compassion!


- He has disconnected the circuit of communication! … the monks choked in front of the Roshi.

- What is HE doing at this moment, asks the Master.

- He is with Yoko…

- What is he doing with her? … asked the Master again, with annoyance in his voice.

- Precisely, this is what we do not know anymore! … He has disconnected the circuit of transmission by the body. Our computers are dark! … Nothing …

- Then I will ask you my question differently, sighed the Master: what was he doing with her just before the disconnection? he repeated


- Well, he took her in his arms… began one of them.

- He passed a hand under her cardigan whereas it seemed to us that her breasts were free underneath, added another one.

- The other hand took her buttocks from underneath… continued a third one.

- I think that their mouths were going to meet concludes a fourth one…

- And it was then that our computers were put “out of order”… they said all together in the same choked voice.

The Master closed his eyes. He did not know anymore if he was going to laugh or to bite, or to howl like a lion from the mountains and to break his stick on their spine…

- Remember your attitude and comments at the time of his former mission in France… for the Dupond’s case…

The monks looked at him, surprised by this return to the past.

- Remember when in this great restaurant, when this young woman slipped under the tablecloth and masked from the surprised looks, was busy with what is the largest between a woman and a man of a Good Background.

- But it was fellatio! … said the second monk, shocked.

- No, I have already told you at the time that you analyze this situation badly… It was an oral training! … And my son, in the Greatness of his soul which knows that Time is not a friend of Man and even less of Woman, always tries to do at least two things at the same time… do you understand?

They had this movement like the heads of cows who are looking at passing a train and who wonder why there are so many calves in such a small space.

Then the Master took on the softest voice, the one that one uses to speak about serious things to children and where one does not want to scare them.


- He ate… And he gave her to eat! …. Do you understand this Noble Art of connecting vessels ? … Without letting Time reduce the spontaneous surges.

The monks closed their mouths because they knew that the Master did not like to see them like bleating calves.

- In his extreme Compassion, he has let this young woman from a Good Family to follow her spontaneous impulse in front of the so extraordinary radiation of your future Master. She has testified of her comprehension of the Beauty of the Universe, what am I saying, of the Force of the Universe, and as a true courageous Woman rushed to touch It, eat It and drink It! …

… He did not push her aside with a foot with the reason that the head waiter was swallowing his dentures to the point that… in short! …. My son has accepted with Greatness and Distinction the impulse of this beautiful woman and has in no circumstance tried to limit her courage to live fully…. do you understand?

They continued to understand that they did not understand anything to the point that they did not even know anymore if the Master used this so particular humor that he brought back from his long voyages in the barbaric countries.

Then the Master continued with these unctuous words of delicacy while one speaks about sublime things.

- And in his Great Compassion, he has refused to be the only one to be nourished and he has also nourished her with the best of himself…

- But…

- You thus do not know that this precious liquid is charged with the best of the man, the condensed of his Divine Force! … and that a regular consumption is a guarantee of a permanent youth… without counting on the harmonious development of the soul… Do you know that, my monks?

- But…

- There is no “but”… and when I asked my “son”, at the time of his return to the monastery, why he had accepted this with dignity, in spite of the disapproving looks from everybody, he answered me full of kindness, with this smile which stretches the lips when one speaks with a gorilla while offering it a banana : “because it is possible to consume it as much as a starter as a dessert, it is easier! ”

…As for me, I understood why he always took women with a large mouth.


The Master pulled himself together for a moment, then declared straightforwardly while staring straight into their eyes to the point that they felt themselves being scanned as far as their testicles.

- So be astonished after your shameful comments testifying to your complete ignorance of the laws of conviviality and of nourishment between true Men and true Women, which makes my son vibrate his body in a way to close the communication with you!

- But…

- No, he is right… because he has already opened this beautiful woman Yoko in a sense last year, from the front… He is not a man to waste his time to repeat the same actions, because he is always working… and never in pleasure! …


The Master took some time in silence to be sure that his words were true.

- Also, it is now from behind that he will open this beautiful Japanese woman… To touch the secrecy of her force… and to open for her in her body this splendid human construction that one has copied pitifully to make an object of decoration in Paris and which one calls the “Eiffel Tower”

- But…

- Yes, “but”… and you are not ready to receive this so particular knowledge… how the Dignified man can help the woman to build herself…

- But…

- So now it is time for you to leave this resting place of mine or I will make the message known to you by my stick!



End of the extract from the Book of the Family.