19. To have a body for the Creation


They were all there…

Sitting on his cushion the Master directs the meditation. They wait for the young White who will give them a “teaching”.

The young man, in contemplation in front of the assembly line, leaning against the wood wall of his pavilion, waits for the right time… the sign of the destiny which will say to him to go in the temple and to speak to them.


The raised breeze caresses his head. He waits, attentive. The wind slips around the ears and tries to enter by the collar of the pelisse. He opens the fabric and the breeze takes possession of his chest. He still waits… The confirmation comes by the robin which settles in front of him, well fixed on the guardrail. It opens the mouth for its sound and throws its song in the fresh air.

Thus the young White stands up and reaches nimbly the temple. It is his turn now to do his “sound”.


He has made no noise and they are astonished to see him beside the Master. There is a cushion for him beside the old man who smiles to him.


- Go away, old wrinkled not beautiful, he says, by showing him with the finger the empty cushion.

- That the sounds of your heart resonate so well in mine, whispers the Master…


The monks are agitated. They have never seen that! …. and it is the Master who moves in a smile of contentment.


- Thank you, my son… Thus I will be able to take a little rest and to prepare me to go on holidays!

- Give me a break! …. The son of anybody I am! .....

- I know that… but how it is beautiful to see you in anger… At least you look alive! … still whispers the old man with his broad smile.


It is difficult for Hiro to control the monks with his frightening look of Master killer… All is a teaching! …. understood!


Then the young White settles down on the cushion of the Master and joins the hands in front of his mouth, an habit that he has to spend some moment in silence before speaking about the Essential… These are his hands which will say to him if the words are there… And the words will be there only if the space is ready to welcome them.

The Master knows that and he respects this long silence… He loves this young person mad with Truth… He waits, without impatience, but he feels in his heart the rise of the Truth which will be said and only the Truth can make space for the Life.


The lips of the young White open… A sound goes up from his belly… This sound has a vibration which puts the room in agitation… like a palpitation of the flesh of the body…




The space opens in front of him and the brains calm down… The monks are waiting… quite simply waiting…


- AH… You want to know what wants to say: « to have a body for the Creation »?


His hands join again in front of the lips… Then gently they open and he leans forwards, the elbow on a thigh, the chin coming to lean on the palm of the hand.


-You see, my friend …


He does not see them anymore… He is elsewhere… His face is relaxed. A light comes and radiates in him.


- You see, my friend… At first you must know why the body has been created… There is no chance in the Creation… Only a law of cause and effect… And from it the necessity is born … And even further, deeper the “indispensability”.


The attentive monks retain their breathing. They feel coming an astounding event.


- But for that, you must know how this universe in which you are is made up … And how this universe is connected to a Supreme Force which directs EVERYTHING… Without directing anything at all! … Because this is an Intelligence without form, without material support… Without somebody who directs, guides, chooses… judges!


The monks quiver.


- Yes, you understand well my friend … There exists neither God, nor Buddha… Nor all that was invented by the man to give himself a “father”… Because one of the bases of the man is the fear of being alone… I will say to you one day « why ».


He takes again his breathing, gently.


- Thus if you understand well, my friend… You must give up all the security measures that you have invented… You directly… or You like collective product of your culture…

You see, my friend, you already quivered in front of the great renouncement of your certainties and your protections… So, what will you do with that? … If « that » remains information, a teaching, you will not go very far in the knowledge of you and you will not be released from this universe… Because you will be retained by the dreams made by this universe… Thus your liberation will be only imaginary… Thus, my friend, you will come back still and still in this wheel of successive reincarnations… and you will always be like a pebble rolled by the waves or the leaf in the wind… to run behind a security… to run behind a certainty…


Now he hammered his words like the iron on the anvil.


- Because thus, my friend… You will never have the freedom to receive the Force of the Life and to understand it… Because from the beginning you will have stated what is true and what is false….You will have channeled this Force in your space of obviousness to obtain an obvious conclusion for your brain…


… You will only have one intellectual knowledge which will be as a lure after which you will run as a play that you will call “spiritual”… As a door that you would feel, see… but which will move back at each step that you will make towards it… But you see, my friend, this race without end is one of the pleasures of the man and he likes to run after his pleasure…


The monks… And even the Master… lift up the head again and show their incomprehension…


- Ah… you are agitated my friend… Yes, you will be at the same time obliged to go and see this Force inside your body which pushes you to the pleasure to do you harm… and this Force lives on the Force of the Creation which looks after and supports the man…

You will be obliged to go and see these two extremes… The Force of the Life out this universe… and the Force to do harm well anchored in this universe… And thus you will touch your enormous resistance to the delivery…


He keeps quiet, then he says gently:


-It is thus… The Force of the Creation has conducted the constitution of your body… To serve It… The other Force became the Master of your body through the sensations… It directs you with a firm hand which twists your belly when you deviate from it… You see, my friend, one opens your space of life… The other closes it on it. One gives… The other takes… And if you do not perceive that in your body, your body will be your worst enemy… and you will never know what it is to have a body for the Creation.


The voice ceased a long moment… then the young man smiles.


- And you see, my friend… The humor of the situation is that this Force to do harm does not exist in oneself… It is only the movement of your actions which deviate from the reason for which you have a body… And it is thus that all is linked! … And that you cannot examine each thing like an analyst, separating each thing from the Whole… You can only be in your everyday life with an extreme Flame of attention… And this Flame of attention is by itself the Force of the Creation in you.


He spent some moment in silence the joined hands.


- Thus you see my friend… Without this Flame of attention you can nothing… And it cannot come from a reasoning… It can only be born from a PASSION for the life to discover the reality behind each thing…

PASSION is the keyword… It is like a lover who seeks his lover everywhere… He does not know where she is… but he knows that she is there. Somewhere! … in each thing of the ordinary life… So he never ceases his attention! … he never weakens… He is so much afraid to miss her without recognizing her!


He stopped again. They were hanging upon his every word, the beating heart. They did not understand anything anymore, but they were carried by these sounds which came out from another universe…


- So you see, my friend… my only question is: do you have Passion in you? ..... Do not answer now, because you would be a liar…

....... Because you see my friend… The only fact that you be in this monastery testifies that you do not have this Passion which is carried by all what is the daily life… Here you are preserved… You show that you are only one timorous of the life… the one who hides his fear behind spiritual walls… And who with the age becomes a pious egoist.


He ceased to open the mouth for a long time… Then no new sound left yet.

He stood up gently and he left… He does not say anything… He left… He needed to be alone. He had said! All was said… Later perhaps… Perhaps “never” because her only friend is this Right Sight without effort.


The torrent attracted him and its howling noise was going to wash this intimacy with the man…

Again, after the meal and the meditation, they were all there tight in the temple. The young White seemed to doze, sitting on the central cushion.

Then, he opened the eyes and carried them beyond them. He smiles and they never knew what he saw so far!

The deep voice started again, this voice which twisted their entrails, even when his sound had ceased moving the air.


-You see my friend… There is a preliminary question: what do you want of your life? … What do you want to do of it? …. Which is the breath which pushes you each morning to get up? … This is this first step of your day which will lead your energy because the energy goes where your attention is… So what is your attention to the life? …. Here is the true problem!


They listened… They tried to follow the words.


-Do not follow my words, my friend… Listen to the music of the words… Silence enters the words… There is a rhythm! …. This is it which carries the Force of the Life… Do you understand? ….If you want to touch this Force which conducts everything, The One which is beyond this universe and nourishes it ….this Force which has permitted the creation of this universe which is yours now…you must be very attentive to the « movement » because it is there where It is…do you understand ?...Neither « before » the movement, nor « after » because thus, it is only the intelligence of this Universe… If you want to have in you the Intelligence of the Creation, you must be in “the gesture”… Do you understand?


They closed their eyes. They let enter the sounds by the ears and they tried not to be opposed to their movement in them.


- You see, my friend… Without this attention to the gesture, never you will be able to touch this Force with your body and to free you from everything… and into final from this universe… But here, I repeat my question: what do you want of your life? … what do you wait for? …


Hiro had said to them how to listen to this young White… He had given them the keys of “how to listen without the brain”… They tried.


-Because you see, my friend, if it is this Force which impassions you, you will serve It and you will be a body for It… But if it is your liberation or worse your simple comfort which interests you, you will consume this Force and you will ask it to serve your aspirations. Thus you will have a body for you… do you understand?


They did not understand. A deep wrinkle running right across their foreheads said it. The young White perceived the too heavy vibration which blocked the way to his words… Nothing penetrated sufficiently! …. It was necessary to wait again, again, and again!!!!! …. but he has waited already for such a long time!!!!


He had followed the Master in his desire to help them… But they did not understand because that was new for them. They had never looked at, felt and understood the body like an instrument to make it possible for the Creation to exert Its Force on the earth of the men.

For them the body was only one vehicle for their conscience to discover themselves, to go in the search of themselves.

They did not know that the thought is a “sense”, the decoder of the memory. They did not know that the conscience is also a “sense”, the decoder of the intelligence.


They had never perceived and felt that when the body is “for oneself”, it is prisoner of the sensations, perceptions, visions… and all what can be produced by the Force which leads to be separated of the natural movement of Creation.

They had never perceived the contentment, the joy, the enthusiasm of the body when it has forgotten itself and gives itself fully to the movement.


Thus he spoke in the void… for him… the elbow on his knee and the chin coming in his hand… He spoke so that the Truth be alive on the earth of the men… But the men did not understand because they were interested only by them…


Then he tried another approach and the words came on his lips. He threw them in front of him.


- You have been created to serve this Force of the Creation. It needs bodies to blossom and radiate. It needs nothing and anybody “to be”… But it needs the men to act on the earth of the men… It cannot make it all alone because it does not have a body… It is an Intelligence, a look, a manner of understanding, of appreciating each event of the life… This Force has an “Order”… It is ordered. She does not have rules because that is the field of your universe… but it has an Order… And you are created to put this Order in action in this universe… It is thus that it is!


He let the Breath going very deep in him. He needed It to stir up their conscience, to stir up the memory of the Truth that they have in each cell of their body… But they have filtered this Truth since such a long time! … They miss of sensitivity to recognize it!


- But you have also the possibility of following your own order, the one that you will create by yourself because there is another intelligence in your body. It is related to your reasoned brain… and for that you will make use of your sensations as support to decide what is good and what is bad… This other intelligence organizes each thing of your life… You then start to do harm to you because the rhythm of the Universe printed in your body is not followed anymore… You start to develop in you this Force to do harm which is a force of separation… because it is you who create it by your contrary action to the rhythm of the Creation… And you cannot control this Force because it is quite simply “you”…


Even the Master frowns. Their brains block. For them the “evil”, this is always the « others »… Something of outside to them! …. They are well there, in this monastery, in a combat against the “Evil”… It is their vocation!

Thus the deep voice repeated its sounds and a breath pushed them in their chest. They had difficulty breathing and some of them put their hand on the breast to control the beats of their heart.


- It is thus! …. You are the creator of your own misfortune… You are then the guard of your own prison! ..... Because “You” in the search of your own pleasure cannot control “You”…


Some of them started to feel a deeper respiration, as an air which nourishes… An air which is not only an air to breathe.


- You see… This is “you” by your erroneous movement who create a vibration in the air around « you » and this air becomes your prison because it presses on you and orientates your intelligence… You realize this perverse orientation of your life only in the pain, only when it holds you the entrails and the incomprehension takes possession of your intelligence… Thus you look for a means of leaving this pain. … One of the privileged means and giving you again an apparent security, is to enter in religion! … and there exists a great number of religious means! …. like « to give » you to the others! …. But they is always “You”…


They held their heart in the hand because the disordered beats told them the danger of these words which penetrated in their certainties. They were afraid and they felt it to hold their belly under a firm hand.


Thus the young White straightened his torso. The hands flat on his thighs, the eyes looking straight ahead, he says gently, as one says the words one by one for the children to let them time to understand:


- The spirit which decides to go in religion or to the brothel is the same one! …. do you understand?


No, they did not understand… So he stood up gently and his feet slipped on the wood. He did not close the door behind him.

This is as a light which went away with despair like partner.