36. The door


-The Gods have stopped their fight, said the old monk.

The others smiled, happy of the lull of the elements of the Heaven and of the Earth.

The sun did not give its force yet. One guessed its presence behind the veil of the thick clouds, like floating wool balls.

- But the sun is always there, says the other old man… It continues its existence on Earth to heat the men.

- Yes, continues the first old monk sitting on the wood bench in front of the refectory… The Earth returns to the ground and the Heaven will give it its force again.

- Thus the life of the men on the Earth is continued, decided the second.

It was the oldest. Now everything was said. All of them were relieved. The Earth and the Heaven were again joined together and it is the Man, between the two, who will benefit from the fruit of the meeting.

- It is thus that the Life gives life, confirmed the oldest.

The monks started to repair the monastery. The work appeared enormous, but that was appropriate for this disturbed period. They had a concern more basic than to worry about the absence of the young White that nobody could explained.

- They thus have another food for their spirit! says the Master to Hiro

- Yes, breathes the Master cook…

- Then push them in this concern… But pay attention to channel your natural violence… Do not push them too much!

Hiro looked at him without understanding. On the contrary, for him, it was necessary to push them, to exhort them to the action of work… There was so much to do!

- If you push them too much they will return in the memory awaked by the young White…

- But…

- They will then make a new comparison between the two loves, the two concerns, the two actions… And their heart will return to what the Young White was and they will compare… Give them thus the movement which seems to them the most natural… The one which does not require an effort of them… It is the normal acceptance of the ordinary man.

- But…

- No… Let the time run itself slowly for them… That they fall asleep once again in their dream of security and of progressive development to reach the Perfection.

- But… isn't it the normal development of the evolution of the soul, was astonished Hiro.

The old man smiles sadly to his old friend.

- So you did not understand anything to the message of Angel.

- But…

- Then that is well if “them” too, have not understood anything… Thus they will return more easily to the old movement.

- But the movement is right…

- But no… The movement is never right in itself… It is only a question of the vibration which gives birth to the movement! … Here is the message of “my son” who has now left again, says the old man lying on his bed, the covers on his chest.

- But why has he left? … No one has seen. No one can give an indication on this departure… I have fired the question in the villages and the plate… The answer is “I do not know”… Always and everywhere!

- When one does not like Love, Love goes away… says the Master gently… Here is your answer.

The words passed his thin lips. It seemed to Hiro that the last sounds trembled.

- I am cold said the old man.

Hiro raised the covers up to his chin.

- I put one more of them to you, he says

- That will not change anything, says the old man.

Then he added, so slowly and so weak that the monk had to place his ear against his lips.

- When Indispensability is not there anymore, the body created by Him is destroyed.

Hiro shook the head, the now usual movement to testify to his lack of comprehension. The old man repeated to him once again.

- Go in the Secret Room… Find again this Book of my son and « the Child »…. Look for everywhere… Check that the wind has not taken it with it and that it is not torn on the rocks… Go and see the river… Go! … Do not lose time with me… This book is the most important!


Heidi looked for Tong who was busy with the repair works with the other monks. She found him working to repair the roof of the temple.

-you have something better to do than that, she throws to him from the low part of the scale on which he was held in balance by the two legs.

- So what, he asks?

She showed him the book that she held tight in her belt.

- To read that, she says

- But…

- There is nothing more important than the Life which runs, she whispers, as an adult who corrects a child who was mislaid.

- But, I have to make with them! throws the long monk.

- They can remain without you… For that you are not essential…

- But…

- No! … You come with me and you read to me… The urgency is there! … Not on the roofs…

- But that can wait for this evening, pled Tong.

- You thus do not understand that it is a game of life and death! …There is urgency, she repeated.

- But which urgency? … I have an urgent work in front of me, here, if I want that water does not run anymore on the head of the Buddha.

- The Bouddha will not be cross with you… from the time man pisses on him while saying that he likes him.

The monks around, on the roof, listened to them, dumbfounded. The last remarks of the young woman opened their ears because it seemed to them to hear the rhythm of the sounds of the young White.

- So! she says impatiently… Do you come to do your real work or you will continue to waste your time in actions which can be done by the others.

- But what is my real work, at least!

- To say the words of the True Life to make Him coming back! … Here is your True work! … Have you forgotten that you are monk?

- I do not understand you anymore, he says angry.

- So go down from your apple tree and stops asking silly questions…

He looked at her dumbfounded, like the other monks around.

Thus she planted herself at the foot of the scale and shook it. Tong clung to the roof not to fall.

- Do you remember what Angel said? … When the plums do not fall all alone, the tree is shaken!

She gave kicks on the uprights. The other monks laughed. They liked these plays between woman and man.

- Wait until I shake the tree on which you are hung! … instead of laughing like simpletons! … It is not because this long monk is an ignorant of the Forces of the Life that you must make fun of him.

They did not open the mouth anymore.

- So, do you come idiotic who has forgotten your role of monk… To make return the True Life among the Men on the Earth… He! You remember it?

The long monk went down from the scale. He did not show his enthusiasm to obey. His slowness exasperated the young woman. She drew him by the sleeve.

- Hurry up! … You do not feel the urgency of the Life which advances!

- I do not understand you anymore…

- But, you do not perceive the fight that there is NOW between the Earth and the Heaven? …. It is now that it is necessary to act and call Him back!

- But “who”?

She opened the eyes like a bird wounded before giving its last breath.

- But… “Angel”!

He stopped his walk, hustled by these words.

- Come! … Do not lose time anymore! … It is necessary “to act”!

She drew him on the veranda of the pavilion of the young White and put the book between his hands.

- Say the words which are inside! … I do not ask you another thing only to say these words! … Is this too much for you? … Do you like me enough to say these words when I ask it to you! … Or are you like all the others which flee the prayer of the one they say to love?

- A prayer?

- Yes, I make you the « prayer » to tell these words and to throw them in the wind… I would know how to control them and give again life to Him.

Her imperative finger was on the first words. She put the page in front of his eyes. He did not know anymore what to make, overflowed by this fury in the heart of the young woman who expressed herself with blazing eyes.

- If you do not say these words NOW, never again in all my existence I would say a new word for you! … she says articulating each syllable as one would do it for a sentence of a final Judgment.

He was toppled by this savage will and he started to articulate the sounds between them.

The eyes half closed, in front of him, Heidi swallowed each sound and let them circulate freely in her body.

He taught her the Art to listen.


The Voice of the people


It was the morning. Angel had made meditation a good part of the night and felt rested. The night was fresh and wet but this morning promised a beautiful sunny day.

He went down without noise before the small day is dawning in still the darkness and he had walked along the silent river. Sometimes he listened to its swirl in a hole or blocked by a tree trunk that the storms had brought there and about which the men did not worry.

The ground was slipping and he has to pay attention to his steps and he liked that after these days in town.

In a moment, he will have to get back into harness but now he could still benefit from these moments that he found blessed and so rare of true peace which were not an escape.

When the sun was dawning at the top of the trees and that a gentle breeze was born with him which made fall on him the droplets of dew on the leaves, he took again the way of the inn, without sadness.

- What? … You were outside!

- Hey! … that! I will say it to my good old Albert who cannot get up in the morning! Well, a good lesson that it will be…

- You have seen the news, said the man leaning his elbows on the bar with a coffee and glass of marc.

Bret had seen him yesterday. He was there as well for midday than for the evening and he took his meals at the inn. He has believed to understand that he was retired from the S.N.C.F and that he lived a little further in a small bungalow downstream.

- One can say that the chitchats of the President, they were impressive. Here they feel a bit peculiar, these misters of the “Important Administration “, it seems.

- Hey, according to the journalists, it would seem that there is more of one of them who wonder whether they are not aimed by these declarations.

- Already a good riddance! … Exit the Director of the Police force! … Unemployed the guy.

- Too right, Mrs Germaine! … After that the Police chief of the district acknowledged that he was him which had ordered a “dropping the case”!

- Well done! … Not normal that there is only the small ones who pay the price in the shake-up.

- Must say that he needed a lot of persuading to reveal it, this superintendent, all the same!

- Of course! … They ground him down, they say the journalists… He did not want to say anything but it is the Conference of the old Fossil which has turned him upside down.

- Hey, normal! When he has known that there will have « exemplary sanctions », he told himself that he did not want that it is for his bottom!

- But nothing to say! … This is this BRET which shocks me more!

- That, it is quite true Mrs Germaine… An odd character!

- You have seen the journalists… They say that he is a killer!

- Not completely Mrs Germaine… They say that it is an eminent Dignitary as one would say from a Sect which helps the Kings… What! Now one would say the leaders of country, to hold the Order of…

- You will not remove from my head that it is a kind of killer, this guy! My Albert does really agree with me! One still spoke about it in bed yesterday evening as we do not find all that clear… Moreover, BRET! … Is it a name, that? Hey Mister… You who remain so calm whereas us, we are already warming up early in the morning.

- I could have my breakfast, please Madam…

- You!, you do not seem to be interested in all these things.

- Not too much… It is prettier to look at the water of the river running. At least, I believe.

- Well… Ok, one will not annoy you with that, but for us, I can tell you that it is important that this kid COLA he finds his killer. A courageous guy, they say even in the newspapers… They even say that HE was OBLIGED to inquire because NOBODY made it and that it is for that he was killed.

- Yes. Mister… A damn kid! … Me, I tell you! I would have liked to have one like that.

- Of course! Not only you… Me also… instead of lazy one who has an easy time at the RATP…

He had left about nine O'clock, without rushing. The inn-keeper had called a taxi and they were going to return quickly to Paris because there was no more a lot of traffic at this time.

- Hey! … You have seen… This case COLA? … A damn kid! … Courageous like that, me I say it to you, that does no longer exist! And THEY have killed him… I do not annoy you Mister?

- No.

- US, we only speaks about that… That it is at the bar… Everywhere, I say to you! … It is quite simple, one jumps on the FIGARO in the morning and all the day, one does not miss a single piece of information on the radio.



Ballet of the Truth


- Here, we arrive.

Bret looked for the first metro entrance and he had to circumvent a good part of the square. He joined a station enabling him to use the RER.


- I awaited you yesterday, my boy… Problems? asked Mrs Broussard.

- No. You have my information?

- Here it is… Not easy. In this milieu, it is « lips sealed », One can say that!

Bret red the white sheet blackened by three lines written in large print.

« BROKEN WINGS. » Reformatory. Savigny sur Oise. Application form Mr. and Mrs. Cola. Beneficiary: Stéphane Cola, child of above mentioned, twelve years. Motive: Left to the appreciation of the judge of the children. Judge: Mrs Zuton. Court of Versailles.

- A relation between Zuton and Cola?

- Only one: same political party… cell of direction.

- Nothing in actual judicial against Stéph?

- No, nothing… A putting on the sidelines quite arbitrary. It is thus you will ask for your buddies journalists to present the things, isn't it?

- It is not the truth?

- Yes…

- But?

- I find that you deviate perhaps from your mission.

- What do you know about it?

- Yoko has written in this sense to the Roshi… Passage on telex. You know that here I have a terminal connected on all the networks of the Family in France…

- And that each one is unaware of that he is not in direct connection with “Small Father “… I know.

- Well… Someone called Marc Antoine would have reported to her a curious attitude from you, before yesterday evening… A true slaughter in a dead end, around a bar of someone called Tonio…

- Well! … And then?

- Then… She reports and asks explanations because she finds your attitude curious…

- Well… It is all?

- No… Must know to read between the lines… She wonders about your mental balancing…

- And you?

- I do not understand what you made… All this circus around this kid…

- Ah!

- Yes, your mission is well to discover the killer or the persons in charge. Not to make up this circus…

- Ah!

- It is astonishing… It has if you lounge around… Not your reputation, my boy.

- And what else does she ask for, this beautiful Yoko?

- Must read between the lines, I said it to you… This is curious, I have the feeling that she looks for a revenge.

- Ah!

- I thought a lot this night…

- Ah!

- It is you who killed his father, six months ago… Oh! Through an intermediary since it is my own team which killed him… But it was the fruit of your handling… Your will!

- Ah!

- Who says that she did well after you prevented her from doing Hara Kiri…She just has a small scar on the belly.

- Ah!

- I annoy you… You know, to stay alone all the day, one does not cease asking questions.

- Ah well!

- You are a curious man, my boy…

- Ha!

-Good… The Roshi has acknowledge receipt of the message. He did not answer yet… Do you wish me to keep you informed?

- No.

- I do not understand.

- Me, yes! , and it is the main thing.

- Good… Your other request is not ready yet … I dare to hope that you know what you made… It is worse than dynamite, this thing.

- You are afraid?

- Me! … at my age! … But I must say, my boy that I believe that I will ask the « green light » to the Roshi…

- Ah!

- You understand,… the telex of Yoko…

- Well!

- I disappoint you? … I only know…

- Well!

- You understand… in her arguments… One can be questioned and I must acknowledge that some of your attitudes are at the very least interrogative… Like « this thing » that you ask me to make up!

- Ah!

- I did not know for the fight of the previous night… Seven dead people!

- Well, I did not count.

- No survivor to speak! … You did not leave anything! The Police force is questioned.

- A lot?

- Yes.

- It is very well.

- You find?

-I can phone? … No, bye-bye Mrs BROUSSARD… See you soon… Do not take cold. What do you want, with all the drafts that you have in the brain…

- I… No, nothing!

- Do not forget a small detail, Mrs Broussard…

- Yes…?

- Confidence does not redeem.

He left the living room, leaving the old woman sitting straight in her armchair. She did not make a gesture to retain him. However she had the deep certainty that this back, it was friendship which left but she was incapable to do a gesture to keep him. She was blocked and she could only release tears when the door was closed whereas she would have liked to shout to tell him that she did not think a word of what she had said but that it was stronger than her, that she wanted to do harm!

Because he had in him such a certainty! My God! Why to be thus destroying of joy.

Bret returned to Paris. He was as usual, alone. That did not worry him; what worried him, it was to hear the request for assistance whereas one does not want it ultimately. The sorrow and the load which accompany it are the result of this lie to which one lets oneself be taken. That made now such a long time that he listens to people asking, that very few really want to cease being a person of second hand, does not disturb him anymore. No more now.

He left the undergrounds at Beaubourg. He did the rest of the way on foot, quietly and he lingered on the quays.

Close to the bridge, he entered the phone box.

- Chity… Here are the news. In a jumble I give them to you. To make the front page in your rag in the next days…

- I wide open my ears, Mister the Prince. Tell me! it is TERRIFIC! … I continue to run down on the cops?

- Yes, but according to a guiding line which you will now follow for each one of your articles.

- I have wide opened Mister the Duke…

- You continue on the principle that the kid INVESTIGATED and that all his steps are in this direction. FIRST OF ALL.

SECONDLY, that there exists a LAW of SILENCE around him… A kind of that of the Maffia, you see the stuff?

- Yes… but based on what?

- Initially that the Police force drops the case…

- It is the current brothel…

-Then that the priest of the parish, someone called Dujardin has received the confidences of the kid but that he does not want to give them to the reason for the seal of confession…

- Oh shit! … Ok, I do not ask you if you are certain… After what the old fossil has said on you, I do not want to question your words… Moreover, I must recognize that until now…

- Cut the crap, Chity… Put the brothel diocese side… Let the doctors of divinity in on the act to know if this seal of confession functions when it is the VICTIM who gives the info to the priest. You see?

- Very well… I stirs things up maximum.

- I love intelligent people like you.

- Coming from you I take that like a compliment, Mister the Prince… But tell me? … No problem priest side.

- None… You will see how each one will go there from the closing of the nozzle while recognizing that YOU are really right to alarm you… Put the thing in the field of the theory OF THE TRUTH ACCORDING TO « THE LORD »… Accent on the LAW OF SILENCE! Understood?

- Ok, Mister the Archduke…

- THIRDLY, always in the heading of this LAW OF SILENCE… The parents were going to put their kid in a Reformatory TO PREVENT HIM from SPEAKING.

- Shit… It is too enormous, that will not pass!

- « BROKEN WINGS »; Savigny sur Oise. Judge: Mrs Zuton, Court of Versailles.

-!!!!!!!!! …

- Hey, you are still here, Chity?

- Yes… I am here… Easy to check, isn't this? Shit… I am impressed… Me, I will say to you what I thought until now: that you were a shit-stirrer in the pay of the prick who sits enthroned at the Elysée… Here what I thought! … Shit! … Now! … Not rubbish, your thing? come on!, it would be too serious.

- Quite as exact as the testicles in operating condition that you have between the thighs.

- Ok, Mr BRET… Not the desire for laughing… I put all that in a jumble?

- No. I will be rather occupied these next times and I will cease holding you by the hand.

- Come on… Do not make fun; I am speechless… The parents! Poor kid, he did not have any chance! The thing on which he was, that must be dynamite…

- He « was not on it anymore »; he had succeeded.

- What… Then ONE has killed him, hasn't it?

- Yes.

- Shit.

- The final… For the moment. You have heard of the attack of a bar beside the Avenue of Clichy?

- Yes… A small fight two days ago with cops raid… Then before yesterday, a true slaughter… What does that come to do here?

- Simple. It is THEM which have given the AIDS to the kid by sodomisation to prevent him from speaking… Then now, ONE gets rid of this band which knows too much about what STÉPHANE has discovered.

- Proof?

- One of the branches of ZAIMI… His « delegate » on the spot: TARIN, Paul.

- Shit! … THEM… And which are made killed now!

- Thus there is even HIGHER. You understand? … what joined the LAW OF SILENCE… OK?

- Ok! … You close the loop, if I understand well.

- Completely.

- And well… I have one's work cut out… Over several days in a row, of course. Impossible to stuff the Public of all these things in only one time.

- Correct. Besides I need two days free for this band. Do not speak about it before… Better besides: that the cops get bogged down maximum and YOU will be even more striking to bring the relation with Stéphane Cola.

- While insisting once again on this « very curious » fact that the Police force has not made the relation whereas US, simple journalists…

- Completely.




He crossed the bridge on foot to take the subway on the other side. If the teams of « Small Father » did their work well, he must find two small metal bags in a furniture depository near the station Montparnasse. One will contain spare set of clothes, the other, the equipment for making up and weapons. One always envisaged the possibility of breaking the bridges with the official teams. It is a special brigade of itinerants which deals with this intendance. He will also find other identity papers and new bank cards.

- Taxi!

He gave him the address of the inn which he had left this morning with the promise to return quickly in a so charming place. Vague promise which he did not believe to uphold.

- Hey! … The Mister who returns! … It is quite true that one says that when one loves one cannot wait!

- You are quite right, dear Madam… Could you bring my bags up, I am in a hurry and I have kept the taxi… I will be there for the dinner this evening around nineteen O’clock… Will it be ok?

-Come on, we are going to stew a small fish ragout for you which will put a bit of weight back on you! …

- See you this evening…

He went to the Champs Élysée. There, he left the taxi and entered at HERTZ. Half an hour later, he descended the avenue driving a powerful BMW. He felt well and smiled without contraction of the jaws. The destiny once again gave him a bit of help towards loneliness and he liked.

- Not too late for lunch?

- Well you… You are fast. No sooner gone, you are back… No… Albert! Aren't your furnaces yet turned off? …

The inn keeper shouted from the kitchen. Bret did not understood.

- It is good! … The same table as yesterday? … On the terrace, it is a true paradise today.

- Thank you.

- Roasted fresh fish… since you do not eat meat… I have also vegetables of yesterday if you liked… Some water?

- All that is perfect, Madam.

He gets changed after the lunch and he goes running the countryside, never moving away from the water which he liked so much.

In the evening he swallowed with good appetite the fish ragout under the tender glance of the inn keeper and his wife.

- It is good, hmm! … A speciality of the house. The receipt comes from even further that my grandmother.

- Must also say, dear Mister, that it was improved by an addition of my own mother! …

- You always bring back your mother to each corner of street, Germaine! … Let this decent woman where she is, in the cemetery!

- Hey, Albert! … You could perhaps tell me why you go up in your apple tree each time that you hear the word « mother »? … You see, Mister, it is not call upon you as a witness, but is it normal that an old one like him who is not far from his sixty, he is still very peculiar with these things ?

- I believe that psychological time does not exist.

- Ah! I see that the Mister he is well-educated… I would dare to ask him for explanations, if it is not to annoy him… A little cheese. It comes from our cousin in Morvan…

- Quite simply that time does not have any action on the deep impacts of the conscience.

- Yes, you see Albert! … It is simple! … And I ask for you forgiveness… I have always told you that it is not because your mother bugged you more than it would not have been necessary that you were to bite mine who was a nice woman like one does not make anymore! …

- And well, Germaine… Why do you ask for me forgiveness? To have made me repeat this thing all the life!

- But no, my Albert… You have not understood the Mister! … He says that you are done for life.

- You are out of your mind, really? The Mister, he did not want to say that… Isn't it, Mister?

- I only wanted to say that it is very difficult to get out of our deep emotions and that the time which runs really does not help.

- You see, Albert!

- It is not the same thing!

- Good… it's pointless… Thus go down again of your apple tree, My ALBERT… You will not annoy the Mister.

- It is you which turn around funny stories that it is better to forget.

- I wanted tell you that I have to go to Paris presently and that I will surely return very late… The cheese is a delight.

- Well… I was certain that you would like. We can see immediately that you appreciate the natural things.

No problem… Moreover, the door is never closed… You think with all the French windows without shutter! … If a robber wants, he can! Then, useless to make breakage.

- Nevertheless the insurance still made me the remark the other day!

- Let the insurance where it is… No more a life with a permanent fear…

- Speak for you, Albert! … Me, I am not quiet when you are not there… A woman alone, isn't it Mister!

The inn keeper at a half pace behind the broad back of his wife made a wink to Bret with a small laughing sign towards his wife as broad as high, holding her greasy folds under a cotton dress falling like a bag on her slippers.

- One has sometimes unjustified fears, he smiles at the woman. The man accentuated his movement of head, the smile on the lips. He looked like a large barrel.

- Thus do not wait for me… that is likely to be really very late… An evening that I could not refuse… You know, the Business world!

- We knew well my good Mister! , isn't it Albert?

- Completely Germaine.


“Now that you drive towards Paris in the peace of this luxury car, I indicate you and I seize the opportunity to draw your attention to your ashamed manners of spending the money of our Noble Family of Killers! We would need two like you in a row as Master and we would be ruined… But it was not that which I wanted to tell you. I only want to benefit from your calm and slackened mood, which is rather rare with you, that it is necessary to indicate it with a white stone… Because you know! …Without wanting in any way decreasing your merits which are large, I must say that you have accustomed me to more brothel than of serene and noble discretion. Your pranks at the monastery cannot be counted anymore and I am outraged to hear during the meditation of the morning, but especially of the evening, the nuns sighing! … On the other hand, they look better! But my son, it is not yet what I wanted to tell you! … You see, you are a being so… Thus see how you make lose the wire of the healthy thought to the best of them! Come on! perhaps you believe that your readers can follow in your gobbledegook ? … Ah! fortunately I am there!

But it was not that which I also wanted to say… Are you listening to me ? It is about the word of Yoko. What can I say to her?

You see, my son, things are sometimes mysterious for some people and we must let them so. I have often told you that one cannot take to somebody what he does not want to give… Do you remember when we spoke about that sitting on the large stone which kept still the night its heat of the day and which heated our buttocks whereas our bodies were numbed by the cold…?

I know that you remember these blessed moments where two souls can speak to each other without words, or so few… You also remember thus the continuation, what makes the matching piece for the balancing of Cosmic Energy… One cannot give somebody what he does not want to take. It is where you had problem. You who give so easily! I hope that I was able to cure you of this defect!

So, you see, what can I say to Yoko and also to this dear and old friend Mrs Broussard whom I feel curious about my answer; because I must answer, my son. It is the destiny and the responsibility of the Master, a heavy responsibility, you will know it later when you would have taken my place.

This answer will not be favorable to you, my son, because it cannot be. You will know later! The role of the Master is not nothing.

However you are right, but WE cannot make comprehensible at who cannot… You understand?

How can I explain to them the problem of « alignment »… Them, the outside and the interior, they do not know apart from the hollow words.

They have seen in you only « a psychological disorder »!!! … WE can do nothing my son and I will very largely thank you for returning alive to the monastery, near me. Also, live alone and be wary of all! Use all what you need and don't be concerned with anything. Go, my son, always ahead. Fear is for the Viles Men.

Do not be responsible for the life and the comprehension of Yoko and even of Mrs Broussard! … my very dear friend… Do not feel responsible for their destiny. Use them. Kill them if it is needed…

But remains great in front of the TRUTH. I think that you are going to José… To see Tonio later and perhaps still this Paul Tarin… It is, I believe what I would have done in your place. See you soon, my son. The one who has acted like a Grandfather for you and who adores you.





- He is right…Confidence cannot be redeemed! says Heidi.

- But, says Tong… The important thing is that…

- No… The important thing is Confidence! repeats Heidi.

- But… It was the old « future » Master of the Family! …

- That is not important, continued Heidi… Only Confidence is the Door.

- But he was killed!

- Nobody died… Death does not exist… You should know that Tong!

- Thus I do not understand anything anymore to what occurs in your head.

- That does not have importance… Because only Confidence is the Door… and I trust Him, this Angel Bret … she says the eyes in blinking of the sun which had returned.

- Tong rolled the eyes and showed his incomprehension.

- I follow the Trace that He shows me… and I will go until Him…

- But how is it possible, asked Tong… He died! … and the young White has disappeared!

- He loved this child, this Stéphane… she says

- I…

- So I just have me also to love this child and I will find Him again… It is that the Trace which he has left.

- But…

- there is no distance between this « Angel Bret » and « my Angel »… Don't you feel it Tong?

The long monk closed the eyes. He knew that she was right. He looked only at appearances.

Then he did the « zero point » and he slipped again into the Dimension that the young White had made vibrated in him all these days.

- Death does not exist, you are right…

But beyond the words, he understood in his heart what the young White said to him about Heidi.

« She will be your fulcrum to survive because she will fill you with her certainty… »